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Remove Your Cuff Labels

I rarely don the spiked helmet and navy blues of the Fashion Police. After all, I’m hardly a clothes horse, and I’m generally ignorant of trend. That said, I’m moved to point out a small but easily fixed faux pas that I’ve repeatedly observed around Vancouver: the cuff label.

Fall is well upon us, and men are buying new jackets. Many of these jackets (such as this one) are made of heavy, natural fabrics like wool and go over the hip. Does anybody know the correct term for this type of coat?

These jackets often have the makers’ label stitched loosely near the cuff of the left arm (I’m guessing, that it’s probably to make them easier to locate in a rack). The label is only attached loosely because it’s meant to be removed as soon as you get it home. Yet if I wander around downtown Vancouver for any length of time, I’ll spot a jacket forearm complete with label. Men of Canada, remove your labels.

8 Responses to “Remove Your Cuff Labels”

  1. donna

    women, too. My ever-so-awesome calf-length black wool coat had one of those. Yes, I removed it. :)

  2. gillian

    Man, I’m never looking at that body part on a guy. Just so long as they pull the cardboard label off the behinds of their jeans.

  3. Rob Barac

    People. Tune into TLCs “What Not to Wear”.

    They have a marathon every Friday night for the especially fashion challenged.

    What is even worse are the morons that leave the label on their sunglasses.

  4. Arieanna

    Ok, I cannot find the exact name of the coat. I think it might be either a city coat or a car coat. The features are “welt pockets” and “button front placket” if that helps ;)

  5. James

    We always called coats like the one pictured – which isn’t really to my taste, and neither is wearing something from Tiger Woods’ label – Pea Coats. I think the style is derivative of the coats that seamen used to wear in cold weather, though this one seems to have lost its buttons and character.

  6. Paolo

    I was channel surfing when I came across Martha Stewart’s show. She was pouring a ‘splash’ of wine into a glass and said something to the effect that she never fills a wine glass because when she sees others drinking from a full glass it seems a bit ‘pedestrian’.

    Surely you aren’t pulling a Martha!

  7. Gwen

    If it’s not double breasted with buttons, you can’t really call it a pea coat. I would call the one he showed a car-length coat but I don’t know if it has an actual name beyond that.

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