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The Million Pixel Page

I’m very late getting onto this story, but Alex Tew has raised over CAN $300,000 by selling pixels on a web page. Yes, you read that correctly:

His website displays a grid, divided into 10,000 squares, each containing 100 pixels. He sells each square for $100.

So far firms from around the world have been buying.

Alex, from Cricklade in Wiltshire, said: “I’m in a state of disbelief. I thought I’d make some cash but not this much and not this quickly.”

Gimmicks, man, that’s where the money is. This is even more absurd than Save Karyn or that site (which I can’t correctly find) where a woman was raising money for her breast implants. Let us invent a more absurd web gimmick, and make zillions.

12 Responses to “The Million Pixel Page”

  1. Dean

    Ugh. That savekaryn site made me ill. She’s better at self-promotion than Madonna.

  2. tom

    I do not believe that he really had earned so much!

    I also have an set up an pixel page! Donate for my hair transplantation!
    And no one donated any money until jet!

  3. david


    Launching in next few days the Worlds Most Expensive Homepage is a twist on the pixel selling phenomenon.

    Advertisers buy space on the pixel mountain. When the space is full they can up their bid or new advertisers can join for a higher fee. The higher the payment, the higher they are on the mountain!
    Note – Any adverts knocked off the bottom of the site get a partial refund! So their advertising costs stay low!
    And we could get a world record if the prices get high enough!

    Site being raised for an MA in art and to fund some arts projects and music projects I am working on


  4. Brian

    I think Alex Tew’s idea is marketing genius. I also believe that there is plenty to go around so Alex won’t be the only one getting rich. My experiment is It is a copy and a fast prototype, but I give Alex full credit and link to his site.

  5. Brian

    My twist on this is I am giving away 50 4GB Apple Nanos for every entry 10,000 pixels sold. The amount of entries depends on the number of blocks you buy. This site is to help my family which is in debt beause of my health problems. I give Alex Tew full credit as well.Thanks!

  6. hoff

    well.. to shed a bit of humour onto this stupid phenomenon… introducing..

    1 pixel = $1 comedy gold.

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