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A Little of How Google Sees You

I can’t find the post at the moment, but a few months ago I mused about whether one could use the Google API to find all the keywords which delivered your site in the top ten results. People way smarter than me told me that it wasn’t possible from outside Google, and I’ve no reason to expect that they’re not correct.

This clearly isn’t the same thing, but it’s vaguely related. Steve Rubel points to a little feature inside Google Sitemaps that shows you the top five most popular queries to Google that return pages from your site. Why only five? Here are my results:

Top search queries
1. beautiful
2. wikipeda
3. craigslist
4. google
5. flowers
Top search query clicks
1. hot
tub ranking
2. beautiful
3. cibc
4. tattoos
5. online
sex games

These are a reflection not so much of my site’s PageRank, but more of the sheer volume of people searching. For example, I’m ranked a meagre 21st for ‘online sex games’, but I assume that that search is executed roughly 37 zillion times a day. The same goes for the amusing misspelling of ‘wikipedia’. Should I correct that or not? Hard to say.

On a related boring site note, I finally got around to using this Movable Type template to generate a sitemap for this site. It’s not entirely complete, as I didn’t include all the static pages (outside of MT’s view), but I suppose it’s sufficient.