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Anti-Telus Web Sites

Somebody commented on an old post, pointing to It, as you might imagine, is a site where ‘the future is fugly’.

This site is a mockery of Telus, showing you the real side of who they are and what they are up to (yes, they really are blood-sucking vampire chameleons!). Here you will always find factual and accessible information on Telus as well as a healthy space to voice comments and opinions (and, if required) frustrations about experiences with Telus customer hate representatives (CHRs).

Check out that design. I sense a cease and desist letter jetting its way to as I write this.

This is kind of the antithesis of my recent entry about fan songs. You know you’ve really arrived when people make hate sites dedicated to your corporation.

Here’s another anti-Telus site, entitled TELUS, the present is hostile. The goal here is to “show you how blatantly disrespectful the Telus company is to its customers”.

71 Responses to “Anti-Telus Web Sites”

  1. laur

    i hate telus so much. i have never hated a company as much as i have hated telus. i HATE telus (…actually tearing up right now)…i can’t believe a company can get away with being so overtly greedy, we need to stop supporting this company.

  2. joe

    Bloody vultures!!! Told them to stick there 3 year contract up there asses!!! Sue me fuckers youll never get another dime from me you FAT FUCKS. SCREW YOU TELUS.

  3. john roe

    fuck telus… a bunch of losers….
    worst company in canada…
    with any luck they will go belly up rogers will buy them out and then we will have a real company and not some pansy ass bitches like telus…


  4. Drew

    Oh OH OH

    Let me in on this.

    I have had my own problems with Telus for quite some time, BS every time I call in. From my phone bill being far more than it should be, to unnecessary charges, to waiting 3 weeks for a maintenance guy to show up….after simply not showing up the first time they promised.

    Today however was the last straw. I have paid my mom’s bill for 3 months now to help her out, no problems.

    I called Telus Mobility and got to do the automated payment option, and all went smoothly.

    Then I called in to pay her internet and immediately the girl working the phone was a stuck up and rude you know what.

    She didnt understand why I was calling in to pay someone else’s bill(none of her damn business) and then told me she could not find the phone number. Then proceeded to tell me that the number I gave her was NOT a telus number…although I had just paid the bill 5 minutes ago.

    She then told me she couldnt look up the bill and that I must have the wrong info. I asked if she could just look up my mother by name, to which she scoffed and said yes.

    She then came back on the line and proceeded to tell me that all my information was wrong, and that I had given her the wrong address. And that next time I call I should have the information correct.

    I was looking at my mom;s driver’s licence at the time…and she still proceeded to tell me that I had the wrong address.

    Its obvious they had the wrong address AND the wrong phone number…even though they had just called her to tell her to pay her bill, and sent her a bill in the mail.

    Im losing it over here…yet Im stuck on a contract with nowhere to go….thanks to the fact taht they sunk their vampire teeth into me before I was even out of high school.

    arf Reply:

    Hey tell me about Telus. I have had a pay and talk phone for 3 years with automatic top up. I don’t use the phone much so my balance was around $300. I had planned to get a better phone and use the excess funds at some point. Then about 3 months ago i switched my landline from telus to shaw. Strangely about the same time my pay and talk balance “disappeared”. Assholes or what. I suppose i could call and complain but i guess its just as good at time as any to move on and never use “TELUS” for anything every again. FU#K Y*O!!!!!

  5. ThatGUY

    Fuck telus. some bastard in the company clearly stole my iPhone 4s and they did nothing about it. I get an informal email telling me my pre order was cancelled and that my money would be sent back to my account for no reason what so ever. i call in and they say they have no idea about the email and that my order will be here soon. never showed up. so i search store by store until i finally found 1 LAST PHONE. they wouldn’t let me have it since apparently telus activated my account and were charging me for a phone i never got. WHT DA FUCK.

  6. The Twins

    I hate Telus.

    However since I’ve found Google Blogger shadier I’ve been foarced to use Telus webspace.

    It’s not finished but…

    daniel Reply:

    i have had a few problems with telus so far but none to major till today … the minor problems in the past is i moved and i called them and notified them of my address change for my mobile phone and have yet to recieve a paper bill since …but today i went to call home to inform my girlfriend that we were invited to dinner over at a friends place and i called and got one ring and voice mail
    i figured ok she’s on the phone left a voice msg and she would call back or i’d try again in an hour or so … i tried like 4 times after same thing ,got home from work and i akes my girlfriend if anyone called today and she said no the phone isn’t workin (i pay my bills up to date ),so i checked it for my self i picked up the phone and put it to my ear and there was no dial tone it sounded like
    there was another phone off the hook in my apartment but we only have one phone and it’s a cheap one and she also told me the internet had shut off twice while i was at work.we went out for supper told my friend what happened and he said it was because my phone is a cheap one that’s why he gave me his 3 cordless panisonic land lines (like the good 80 dollar set ) we came home i plugged them bad
    boys in and sure as shit the same thing happened and the internet was not connecting i reset the router and it’s seems to be working for the moment but when i logged onto telus’s website and their live chat i got put on hold (no problem )i was tod i’d be waiting for 4 mins which end up bein 15 mins the help /support personel on the other end asked me what was the issue so i told him he said i
    don’t deal with those issues i will transfer you to an agent who can and was once again put on hold this time was suposed to be for 5 mins but turned out to be an hour and a half and no respons so finally the other personel comes back on and says there is no one available and i will have to wait till tuseday after the long weekend to get help …. i’m giving these fuckers one last chance and if
    they don’t fix my situation soon i’m taking every peice of telus shit i have and bringing it into their building here in red deer and throwining the fucking junk in a managers face and booting it right through his/her’s fucking skull

  7. M

    Everyone who has all these horrifying problems are just pissed off because they don’t have patience. Venting on an Internet website is really going to do somethin about your home phone and Internet. Wow…

  8. Talon

    You would not believe the hell I’ve been through with Telus in the past week. You see, I’m getting a new phone. At first, I was going to get the new Samsung Galaxy S3. After looking through all the plans available in the Telus store, I couldn’t find the one I wanted. My friend has it, it offers 1GB of data for browsing the internet, unlimited texting, 5 free numbers, and a bunch of other awesome stuff — but the plan simply wasn’t there. I got on the phone with Telus and tried to set myself up with the plan I wanted. After explaining it to a CSR, she said that she new exactly the plan I was talking about, and gave me a bunch of information on the purchase and contract stuff. After 10 to 15 minutes of listening, I decided that I wanted the plan — but,

    “Sorry, it looks like I will have to contact another
    department that’s closed right now. Call back tomorrow.”

    Okay, not so bad, right? Just call back tomorrow and everything will be fine. So, I call back the next day, and they had absolutely no idea what I am talking about. I told them the name of the CSR that made the deal with me, they typed some stuff on their computer, and said that they couldn’t find any plan that matched what I was saying. Getting annoyed that I waited an entire day to tell this to them, I asked to speak to a supervisor. Instead, they gave me about a million different options that I didn’t want and had already looked through at the Telus store. After about 5 to 10 minutes, they finally put me on hold for a supervisor. I waited and waited and waited and waited. Fifteen minutes passed. Then thirty. Then forty-five. I think it was about an hour before they finally picked up.

    “Are you a supervisor?” I asked.

    “No,” they replied.

    That’s when I really got mad.

    “I’ve been on hold for an hour waiting for a supervisor, so I’d better speak with a supervisor right away, or I’m done with this Telus crap!”

    “Okay, let me put you on hold.”

    Another hour of waiting.

    “Are you a supervisor?”


    I immediately hung up the phone and said several curse words out loud before deciding just to go with a more expensive plan from the store. I went straight to the front desk, picked the most inexpensive and appealing plan from the list. Remember the first CSR I spoke to the day before? She had made it clear that it was a 0 dollar phone. The lady at the front desk had the phone out of the box when she told me that the phone itself would cost me $100. FTW! The plan itself was $50 a month, and there was no way in hell I was going to spend my grocery money on an extra fee that I was led to believe didn’t exist. The next day, I looked up some 0 dollar phones, and found the HTC One S. I looked it over, and it was by far the best phone I had ever seen. Plus, the phone itself was free. Perfect! I went to the Telus store, and they were out of stock. I was told to try another mall across town, so I went there, and they were out of stock.

    “How long until you get more?” I asked.

    “A couple of weeks,” the guy at the front desk replied.

    I must say that at that point, I felt like slamming my head in the door. And Telus’s, for that matter. Desperate and eager to get a phone NOW, I asked about the Samsung Galaxy S2, the generation before the phone I originally wanted. The phone itself was 0 dollars, thank the lord! Everything was looking perfect, until I found out that I had to make a $200 dollar deposit due to that time I bought myself out of a contract a couple of years ago. That’s it! I picked up a courtesy phone, called Telus, and demanded to speak to a supervisor within the next 5 minutes or I was switching to Bell. They put me through to a supervisor. I told them the story, and asked them to remove the $200 dollar deposit.

    “I won’t cancel the contract, I need you to wave the $200 right now, please.”

    “I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to do that.”

    “If you don’t wave the $200 dollars RIGHT NOW, I am hanging up, walking out of this Telus store, my business elsewhere! Understand?”

    I heard her say something to somebody in the background, and she finally said,

    “Fine, I will see what I can do.”

    She does some typing on her computer. and says,

    “It looks like I am going to have to call another department that’s closed right now, so you are going to have to call back tomorrow.”

    That rings a bell. She gave me a number to call the next day, and I stayed up all night that night imagining every single CSR, supervisor and manager dying in every single way possible. The next day, before breakfast, I called the number I was given, and it led straight to a CSR. I told them the entire story right from the beginning, and they said,

    “Sorry, there’s nothing I can do.”

    So I screamed out loud, hung up, Google-searched “FUCK TELUS!!!!” and wound up here. So now here I am an hour later, still no phone, finishing this comment. I am planning on switching to bell, but before I do that, I think I am going to take a nap. Bye, and remember this: Fuck Telus.

    Apple Reply:

    fuck Telus, for the sake of hating it

    Robert Reply:

    Spoke to 8 different fucking people from india in the last 48 hrs to unlock my phone…
    They tell me apple problem….

    Apple told me … we dont unlock we provide software and codes…
    after that up to telus… they are giving me the gears…. Shameless bunch of assholes…

    Would never recommend to anybody even for free…

    Treated me like a Dog….

    Canadianchica Reply:

    Well I didn’t bother to read all 70 comments here, but I did read this one.
    Just so any readers know, that 200$ deposit he mentioned is a security deposit based off of CREDIT history from the credit bureau, or poor payment history (I.e. suspension for nonpayment etc).

    Buying out of your contract has nada to do with it.

    Maybe be more reliable with your finances buddy and you won’t run into that problem again :S
    Also, asking for specific grandfathered plans does take a bit of negotiating via loyalty dept. Asking for favours and then being impatient about it sounds a bit ignorant if you ask me.
    And yes, I work for telus, and yes, I am a normal, kind caring and compassionate person. I just don’t like seeing things skewed like that.

    To all u guys with legitimate qualms, I feel ya. I am a consumer too!
    That’s all guys

  9. Georgiann Rosete

    *It’s hard to locate knowledgeable men and women on this topic, but you sound like you know what you are talking about! Thanks

  10. Robert

    Anybony who owns Telus shit in a hand bag Stocks that is should sell it….

    and short sell the fuck out of it and drive it to the ground where it belongs….

    Fucking cavemans

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