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Anti-Telus Web Sites

Somebody commented on an old post, pointing to It, as you might imagine, is a site where ‘the future is fugly’.

This site is a mockery of Telus, showing you the real side of who they are and what they are up to (yes, they really are blood-sucking vampire chameleons!). Here you will always find factual and accessible information on Telus as well as a healthy space to voice comments and opinions (and, if required) frustrations about experiences with Telus customer hate representatives (CHRs).

Check out that design. I sense a cease and desist letter jetting its way to as I write this.

This is kind of the antithesis of my recent entry about fan songs. You know you’ve really arrived when people make hate sites dedicated to your corporation.

Here’s another anti-Telus site, entitled TELUS, the present is hostile. The goal here is to “show you how blatantly disrespectful the Telus company is to its customers”.

71 Responses to “Anti-Telus Web Sites”

  1. Nico

    Am I the ONLY human to ever have a good experience with Telus?

    It was Rogers ATT that sent me over the screaming deep end with crap service, not sending bills, wierd cut offs of service, you name it. Dealing with telus has been blissfully painless.

    Tom Reply:

    You are an acception and a very rare lucky person.
    No disrespect to you, but I can never get anything telus related to work. maybe you paid for a phone, had a real expensive plan, and never missed a payment so they held you at high priority. OR you had a nothing phone and plan so they didnt bother to make your life a living hell. they constantly push out dated handsets on unsuspecting people, my phone did not exist AT ALL the day after i bought it. it was a good phone, but after a defect made it impossible to use, i am stuch with a $22 payment every month for 2 more years. for nothing! even managers tell me i cant get out of it. I switched to bell, everything is peachy.

    Robert Reply:

    Never had any companies….
    Treating me like a Dog as they did….

    Keeping me prisoner of their network after I paid ti unlock….

    They are at the Caveman age…. in terms of service…

  2. Damian

    At least you guys don’t have to deal with a south american ISP, for example which is the worst ISP in the world.

    Telus? I’ll sign up if I could, there is no way it’s better than what I already have.

  3. Todd Sieling

    Funny you should post this today – I had to make two calls to Telus tech support for an outgoing email issue. The first rep was fine, the second lectured my on how crappy SMTP was, and got positively crusty with me when I pointed out that something that works tens of millions of times a day isn’t exactly crappy. Then, after the problem was fixed, he went on to blame my router, which was completely incorrect, and further lectured me on the diagnosis process, asking if I understood logic. I hung up on him.

    I tried switching to Shaw last week. They sent a person out whom they promised would ‘get me all set up’. This dork only knew how to plug in a cable modem and insisted he had to take my dsl modem with him, which I wouldn’t let him do until he got me online. He said, and I quote precisely, “I know nothing about networking.”

    So for the time being I’m stuck with Telus, which I utterly despise, and Shaw which I can’t possibly respect. This is the telecom business in the 21st century: mouthy, incompetent and half-assed. The future had better be friendly, because the present with these two companies is shit.

  4. Anonymous

    If you want to see an interesting telus movie check out this URL, but definitely NSFW

    ” TELUS had a “Team Building” training seminar in Montreal. TELUS Management were forced to sit through skits where a woman was bound to a chair by tape and gagged. The TELUS Idol segment of the seminar was a spoof on the Canadian Idol series where employees would sing TELUS friendly lyrics to various pop songs while intoxicated management would make rude comments.”

    Public sexual harassment and humiliation to the women who sang telus rah rah songs.

    Darren Entwistle was dancing on stage during it. Unbelievable, it looks like it was from the 50s. more on the site

  5. Brian Jones

    I can’t believe TBayTEL was looking to form an alliance with them. The board even fired the CEO who knew how bad of an idea it was.

    Of course it was all a plot to mess up the company so they could buy it at a cheap price.


  6. Declan

    I don’t think Telus is too internet savvy. I made a few Telus-critical posts a few months ago, and I’m still the number one search result for ‘Telus blog’ even though I haven’t written about them for a while now.

    You’d think Telus might have their own blog, trying to get out their side of the story. Oh well, the more they suffer the better, as far as I’m concerned.

    Love that lizard on the IHateTelus site.

  7. Ray

    The one absolute advantage that Telus has over Shaw Digital Phone is that if the power should fail, with Telus you can still pick up the phone and call your power corp and tell them the power is out.

    With Shaw Digital Phone you’re up shit creek.

    Does Telus advertise this? Nope. Instead we get ads with colorful lizards and girls singing the virtues of ‘hippopotamuses’.

    Doesn’t anybody sell product anymore? Or are we to cheerily consume the pablum the branding gurus keep feeding us?

  8. Murray Fisher

    Re Shaw Digital Phone during power failures. No problem, Shaw installs the power supply for the phone’s cable modem with a battery UPS, so it will continue to operate during a power failure. In other respects, I am delighted with the service, now in my fourth week.

    Kevin Reply:

    I have Shaw Digital phone…last year we had a big storm and we lost power but our shaw phone didnt work. I thought there was back up power?

  9. John Fletcher

    Re:Dork from Shaw saying, “I know nothing about networking.” Why would you expect him to know something about networking since Shaw does not support networking and the Shaw technicians are not trained in networking? He probably does know something about networking but he is probably a pieceworker and doesn’t want to waste his time dealing with your networking quetions. It sounds like you rejected the Shaw internet simply because he wouldn’t set up your network? You probably would have been happy with it and since you are so well versed in networking compared to the Shaw guy you would have had no problem setting up your network on your own. Right?

  10. Julie

    I hate having to deal with telus.. I lived in Edmonton and as soon as shaw came out with phone service i jumped on the opertunity…but I moved to the sticks of Alberta… no shaw here… no competition here!!Now my phone bills are always insainly high!

  11. Brad

    After reading some of these comments, and comparing the troubles and absolute rip off charges and service I have had with with TELL US, I have come to the conclusion that fish in a barrel are the best customers because they have no options, PERIOD. They are entirely dependant on what happens to them, and after a few days of good treatment and warm and fuzzy animal ads they’d come to think maybe TELL US do like animals, I’ll be allright….if they keep feeding me…

    The whole lack of infrastructure and service of it for the price you are paying is OUR biggest problem. As a corporation when THEY have fish in a barrel customers, when YOU cant get through to dial up internet help for an estimated 30 minutes, and YOU have to use your cell phone to make that call so you dont tie up your phone line, and YOU cant keep from dropping the call to telus immobility to find out why YOU paid 20 minutes of air time while on hold to internet help, and then dropped the call to telus internet help. It will go on like that until they have some competition. Unfortunately, that means smaller communities and rural like me and many of you, get crapped on until the 2007 deregulation walks up to TELL US and bites them in the ass. I suspect that only then will things start to repair, because its going to have to get alot worse, or have any stiff competition before they hit the bottom to get better. Competition will fix TELL US in the end. I look forward to it. Lastly, isn’t it kind of weird when people wonder about the cost of insuring their homes and cars etc, people think thats a rip off, and it is….until you compare your telus bill to it.

  12. Troy Angrignon

    Hey Darren, the site has been turned into a fake ad-gen site that is just a collector for clicks. You may want to take out the link. I’m sure you send them lots of traffic. I found them when looking for Shaw vs. Telus digital phone comparisons and found your post here.

  13. Judy Nuualiitia

    I am a new dissatisfied customer of TELUS. When making a move from one house to the next, I got talked into switching from Shaw to Telus for Internet service, and I changed my mind a few days after and cancelled the service. They say I never cancelled the service, even after I mailed the modem back to them (which I received in the mail). I have been in dialogue over email for the past two months now and they insist that I hooked up my computer to the telus line, which I didn’t. After I moved into my new house, I had Shaw Cable install all new cable lines to hook me back up with them as I have been very happy with their service. Telus has been charging me for months and months of Internet service which I have never used or hooked up and they INSIST that I used their internet service. Telus sucks! They don’t listen to customer’s complaints and I just got an email saying that they will not take that portion off my bill because I used their service when I have been using Shaw Cable all along. I refuse to pay for something I never received services for. I cancelled my landline as a result, and am waiting for Shaw Cable to get their phone lines set up because I have always had great customer service from them when I do have issues with their cable line. (When I do call there, I am usually with a CSR within 5 minutes and they are ALWAYS helpful, unlike TELUS.) Who else can I complain to? I am at a loss for what to do, because I am not going to pay for a service I never received and they insist on charging me for internet service. TELUS SUCKS! (Sorry, I need to vent, I just wrote a lengthy email to telus before I found this site, and I am feeling totally frustrated with their loyalty to loyal customers, of which I was since 1984.)

  14. David

    I really hate telus. They are really a a bunch of screw ups! When I found out that I had a virus in my computer courtesy of Telus, I told them to take their internet and SHOVE IT UP THEIR ASS! They are still trying to collect the cancellation fee to this day from me which I have told them off since. Their supervisors’ were told to muzzle it which I do also find it very rude and disgusting. When I went to have my landline transfered to Rogers, TELUS blocked it costing me a portable DVD player. I also told TELUS to get out of my place. My internet is now with shaw cablesystems and landline is now with Rogers. I find both Rogers and Shaw very pleasant. As for Telus, They lost my business for the rest of my life and they can GO TO HELL.

  15. George Falconer

    Telus is full of a bunch of clerks and jerks,,, I am cancelling my HTC4000 PDA account, my Sierra Wireless Aircard, and my V-710 cell phone,,, I guess I may as well cancel the house phone too. I think Shaw has the better product,, and now that the Canadian Dollar is at par with the US, I can get a better deal with a US carrier

  16. Pat

    I HATE TELUS! I have been trying to cancel my service since the beginning of July. It is now November and they still haven’t figured it out -AAAAARGH! Each time I speak with someone who swears that they will fix it, and it isn’t fixed. The last call I was told that they had not set up a verification, so they could not verify who I was and therefore, they could not cancel my account. I pointed out that it was Telus’ fault that there was no verification, as I set one up last time, and it is their job to actually set it up. Mute point. So I sent a nasty email, and will send a nastier letter. But really it is the crappiest service EVER!

  17. L&R

    First off,

    I don’t represent TELUS, just giving my personal opinion. I’ll let you know that I used to work for Telus, in the Loyalty and Retention for land-line and internet. I understand that sometimes some of our reps (esp. offshore) can be frustrating to speak to. trust me we aren’t a fan either sometimes(most of the time they cant get our names right, let alone the issues the client is having). I personally put myself in customers shoes everyday, and to be honest sometimes I think I would be more frustrated than they are. I know that legally if we cant verify someone on the account we can not make changes. Whether tha be by SIN, DL or your acct number. So in someone like “pat’s” case i would completely understand. So you know just because you send the modem back does not mean its cancelled. many people already have dsl modems and they do not feel like they should be responsible for a new one so they send it back. It does not automatically cancel the account, nor after a promotion for example, 3 mos free cancel immediately after without you calling in to cancel.

    In davids case though, I have no sympathy for you. TELUS gave you a virus? no, they didnt. You managed to get that all on your own. Viruses have NOTHING to do with your ISP. I’m not entirely sure what you meant by saying we cost you a portable DVD player by blocking a number from porting over? makes no sense to me. And by law we have to make that available, however there are some circumstances where it isnt possible.

    I’m not saying TELUS or any other telecommunications company doesnt have its flaws. I’m an employee and I still have issues with my bill being double charged etc. Like a normal human being I call in inquiring, not screaming about the charges.

    My point here is I understand telecommunication companies have flaws and sometimes seem like they are ‘out to get you’ with outlandish charges and fees. You should be aware with (at least TELUS) there are ways around those fees by going into specific bundles etc. that 90% save money in the first place. We try to be proactive about this but we have an extremely large client base and when we try to contact to save money on your billing or update it to make sure you’re happy where you are at, I’d say 70% either hang up on us or scream at us, Then end up calling a week later because its too expensive to cancel all services etc.

    IDK, I’m just trying to put this in my perspective and like I said there are some situations where I can completely relate to the client because of their issues. Its people like ‘TELUS gave me a virus’ that are just ignorant and are looking to blame anyone but themselves. If you have any questions for me and can ask in a decent manner I will try my best to answer them for you as best I can.

  18. Bob

    well another night of dial-up with telus I have no choice in this because telus thinks the developer of the subdivision I built in should give them the money ot pay for the DSL switch which the cheap crooked SOB wont do and shaw will not provide service ether as for the developer he is nothing more than a slimy Alberta carpet bagger oh wait a minute isn’t Telus head office in Alberta can’t evan get the local paper to publish a letter on this for me I think telus threatened to suspend there advertising if they did GOD I HATE TELUS

  19. Michael D

    Tel US or telus as some call it , has kept Cherryville B.C. in the dark ages with the worst phone line and internet service Ive ever seen .A couple days away from 2008 and we are lucky to get third world dial-up speeds. 26.4 kps is usally 28.8 is the best ive everseen in connect at.
    Telus has given us the runaround for 10 years,saying it was are lines ,our modem our computer.After spending thousands of dollars to upgrade everything all we get is 26.4 or 28.8 kps when we connect.Cherryville is not on any waiting list to upgrade our lines or get the town hi-speed.
    Atleast they could have told us that spending all that cash to upgrade our lines ,computers,modems etc. was useless. Now I know how corupt and uncareing that company will always be.
    And the c.r.t.c. is as useful as a little girl sobbing in the corner.
    Class action law suit maybe the only way to get what we pay for.

    biggerbrain Reply:

    Outlying areas used to have 14.4 dialup until CRTC forced Telus to “upgrade” to 28.8
    Outlying areas wll not get 56k in our lifetime.
    We still have to pay the same price as 56k tho.

  20. Laura Westgate

    My nightmare with Telus began years ago.
    I use to be a shaw internet customer, then one day telus called me with this wonderful DSL rate of only 19.99 a month! So I took it. They were a month late in sending my modem. I had to call again to get my modem sent, apparently the first person I signed up with forgot to send it. Then they started to bill me 29.99 for my internet instead of the 19.99 they telemarketed to me. It took me 6 months to final get some action over this mistake, they gave me 3 months free internet in return, I took it because I basically had given up at this point and it came as a surprise when they called me with this news. This wasn’t too bad compared to the other things telus has done.

    A couple years later I decided to disconnect because I was moving and I wanted to buy a new computer before hooking up with telus again. After moving telus ran the IPod promo so I took the 3 year contract. No problem right? A month later they debited 600 dollars from my bank account causing my insurance payment to bounce. I called to ask them WTF was happening. They said I cancelled my internet and that was my cancellation free. I had never cancelled. I explained this to them and told them I was using my internet right then to look at my bank account. They said they were sorry and that I was going to have to fill out a claim to get my 600 dollars back! This was not my fault, it was complete and utter negligence on their part. After pointing this out and getting a supervisor to talk to me they promised to return the money within a week, which they did, but I was still out my 30 dollar overdraft fee that should have never happened.

    2.5 years pass and I move. I called Telus on Oct 24th to have my internet moved to my new place for Oct 29th. they said it was no problem, but it didn’t happen. I called on Oct 31st and was told my internet would be on within 24 hours, it didn’t happen. I called on Nov 3rd and spoke to a supervisor who gave me a discounted rate over my trouble and told me it would be on for the 4th and I didn’t have to worry. Of course it didn’t happen. I called them at 5:50pm on the 4th to only be told my new hook up date would be Nov 20th. How can they treat people like this. I could have already been connected with Shaw.

    Telus treats you like crap if you sign a contract. they don’t care about customer service because they have you locked in.

    I am changing my internet to shaw in 6 months when my contract runs out. I am changing my cell phone from Telus too. I dont own a land line and I won’t because the only choice is telus.

  21. oopioiiop

    Telus is now running ads in Victoria BC for new subscribers for $19.95 a month. So I went down there to talk to them and was surprized to hear they wanted my Social Insurrance Number. Well, that sounded kind of suspicious to me. Why? I asked myself. Now, I think I know… they’re selling it to a third party offering free credit checks. Their sneaky and best not dealing with them.

  22. labbats

    My problems with Tell Us started last month when i got my bill.
    The bill is over $1000.00, so of course i called Tell Us about this .
    I should mention that i have 4 cell phones through them.
    Tell Us informed me that half of the charges are due to ring tone downloads,web browsing and music downloads,and of course my monthly charges.
    These charges are being billed from two phones on my account whom belong to my 2 daughters.

    About six months ago when i first noticed these charges on my account i called telus to see if i could put a block on these types of downloads and was told that yes they could do this and at no charge mind you.
    So 2 months go by ,and again ,same charges on my account.
    So again i call telus,and ask what is going on.
    They informed me that these blocks can be circumvented if the user knows how.
    So again i ask for a block .
    And again they say they will accommodate.
    And yes i have had some major talks about this with my daughters but kids are kids.
    So now i get this bill at over 1000 big bucks.
    i call telus ,they tell me that some of these charges are from ring tones and web browsing AGAIN.FUCK THIS SHIT.
    They tell me that the will cut the download charges by half,big woop.
    So now i have to make payment arraignments.
    My payment arraignments are not acceptable at 150 by weekly for a 1000.00 bill.
    That’s 300 bucks a month.
    So if i can’t make more than this which according to them the payments should be 325 by weekly they will cancel my account and i’d be stuck with a 1600.00 cancellation fee above and beyond the charges on my account.
    i have since made 2 payment of 150.00 which bring my balance down to about 700 or 800 buck .
    I have always kept my account with telus in good standing,then this happens and they are after my money like the vultures that they are.
    Once this is paid and my contract is over with these dick heads i will be looking for another provider.
    If anyone is looking for which cell provider NOT TO GO WITH ,telus is it.


    I never really had a problem with telus, but recently they ahav been getting on m last nerves. The bill came in and it costed me about a 1000 bucks. i freaked out. i didnt know how this happened. before hey always state that the payments were late ad such, so i went talk to them about it and showed them the bills with the date stamp on it. and all they said was a simple sorry. simple sorry that been going on since this year and its pissing me off. I’m seriously thinking that someone is hacking into the acount right now and adding to unnecessary charges to my fliping phone bill. I mean…seriously who flicking browse on their site and partner sites with a total event of over 7000. thats just a piece of crap. i have internet service at my house, so we dot even use the internet provided my th phone. like the above person typed, i asked for it blocked and they said they’ll do it…free of charge…oh…but it wasnt free they hacked it up and charge us with more site browing….how fun is that..and what sucks is that once the contract ends, it renew itself. even if after a couple of days of reactivation, they said i hav to pay for the rest of the year n i dont even know when the contract is really over. I HATE TELUS.

  24. Isotope

    Telus ripped me off to the tune of over $900.00. While traveling in China I had my telus phone and turned it on once a day to see if my kids had texted me. I had a phone in my apartment and bought calling cards to call Canada. I never used the cell phone, but a Chinese cell phone company picked up the signal and I was billed over $900 for calls I allegedly made while in China. Who would be that stupid? Including a 30 minute call made FROM my cell phone TO my cell phone. My cell phone number is listed in my directory in case I lose my phone, along with my home number.

    Telus said I must have been calling voice mail, WHO would be on voice mail for half an hour? And I cancelled the voice mail before I went to China. Telus then said well obviously you called yourself, somehow.

    This Chinese company went through my directory and billed calls to the numbers listed.

    Had I made the calls I was billed for I would have, for example, been calling my lawyer at his office, at 3 AM Cdn time. I was billed for a dozen calls to this number at 3 AM Cdn time.

    Telus flatly refused to remove the charges, most were billed during the hours I was actually teaching ESL at a local school.

    They told me pay the bill or it goes on your credit report and you still have 2 yrs left in your contract, unless you want to buy it out but you still have to pay the bill. I am living on a fixed income, disability pension, this is my ENTIRE pension cheque for one month.

    The CRTC has to put a stop to Telus ripping off people, they are just criminals victimizing innocent people. I am switching to Shaw phone for the house phone.

  25. BitemeTELUS

    Oh Telus pull your head out of your asses and get some real phone tech support. I will do everything in my power to make sure that anyone that is on telus be converted to anyone else but them… TELUS I HATE EVERYTHING THAT YOU ARE ….

  26. okay?

    nice post Darren. Now why would they send that site a cease-and-desist? Are you perchance an employee of Telus and just trying to make them look bad?

  27. Teresa

    Ohhh, I could so rant forever. But will just factually comment.

    -I repeatedly get ridiculous cell phone bills despite promises to “fix” it to match my usage. I mean – to the tune of 1200.00/month. I am a busy busy person and dont have time to be on the phone. I have a palm pilot and thought I paid for a good package and the package is like 300/month.

    -Everytime I call and complain, I get “oh you are just not on the right PACKAGE” well, its been two damn years and they cant seem to get me on a package that wont get my bills to 300 a month. I guess it isnt in their interest to get me to that level when they have me over a barrel at 1200/month.

    I hate tell us. I hate them. I tell everyone I know to not use tell us.

    Broke and mad.

  28. John

    I have telus tv and internet for over two years. On average tv is down every two weeks and internet is down every week. Iam so mad at them and I can’t wait till my contract is over. Fuck telus. I have never seen anyone in mylife being happy with telus.they got me into so much trouble that it’s gonna take me hours to write them up. But I’ll start writing as soon as they fix my internet cause I can’t type fast on my phone.

  29. iphone user

    So I am back in BC for a few months, I have and iphone and telus can (finally) support such a device. Easy right? Unlock the sim on the iphone, buy an sim card and start it up. Its not that simple, its telus!

    The phone worked right away however my internet connection did not (the APN settings are suppose to be on the sim THEY ARE NOT!). I could not find the APN settings on the telus web site either. When I called customer support the said they could not give me the APN settings as my phone is a “grey market” phone. what kind of bull is that? I paid (a lot) for a data package but can’t use it because I didn’t by a phone from telus. Its a BIG scam!

    I searched for a long time on the WWW to find the right APN settings. My phone is now up and running and since these settings are not on the telus web site as they should be I am publishing them in a variety of places to make sure no one else has the same problems as I did.

    Here are the APN settings for Telus

    No username/password
    MMS APN:
    MMS Proxy:
    Tethering APN:

  30. Anand

    I just had a question about a project i am doing on Telus!. Does any one have any idea about enviromental harm by Telus.

    Michael D Reply:

    Hey Anand I have thought about the enviromental harm Telus is helping to cause ,I have to keep my computer powered up almost fulltime just to download updates and and patches that take way to long to download (if they finish) .
    The power the computer consumes to stay on just to download small files is a waste ,if Telus had proper service in my area my computers would use alot less power.



  32. Rolly Shinbine

    My fight with Tell us ur troubles has gone on for 4 years. I purchased a mic phone I later found out barely worked anywhere. When I finally got hold of a rep she said I would have to “upgrade” for $300 more and resign my contract. I left the phone there of course. When I finally got a call from the Tell us lawyer, he listened and in the end said he would and did close the file and return it to Tell us but they stabbed my credit. I would like to think there is enough support out there to gather enough names to launch a global class action suit against these thugs. Anyone ever been able to make contact with Darren Entwhistle. Go Wind Go.

  33. Don

    The reality of the telecommunications game is that it is entirely stacked in favour of the corporation. The worst offender by far is Telus Communications.

    To describe Telus as hostile, parasitic, predatory, fraudulent, coersive and borderline criminal would be not only putting it mildly but a gross understatement.

    The system of payments as detailed through Telebanking and through payment at the financial institution you deal with is where the fraud begins, and when one examines the actions of Telus that is what they are doing, fraudulently billing amounts of money not owed and charging interest not only not owed but charging interest on monies not owed. Once your payment is made through telebanking or in person at the bank there is less than 48 hours elapsed before Telus receives its funds through the bank it deals with, the Royal Bank. At this point, once Telus has the funds the Royal bank sometimes takes 3 to 10 days additionally to apply the funds to your account. Any questions raised aboout the whereabouts of your money and Telus simply points its finger at your bank as the party responsible for the delay. Then,as a result you the customer is not given the benefit of interest paid and owed on your money in addition you are then charged interest and fees on your outstanding balance. The reality is that few people know about this manipulation and Telus has been running this policy for years. It has made Telus millions and millions of dollars, defrauded from its customers.

    More dangerously and to the detriment of its customers safety and financial security Telus has sold all your personal information to call centers in the Phillipines. Every time you call directory assistance or customer service with Telus you are directed, 97 percent of the times called, to a foreign call center where non- Canadians have access to all of your personal information including all your banking information and your address. In recent months and years since this outsourcing has taken place hundreds of Telus customers have had their bank accounts and credit cards looted by employees of these foreign call centers. This is done with virtual impunity as none of the Canadian laws regarding theft, fraud and the theft of personal information applies to foreign Telus workers. The senior corporate echelons of Telus are well aware of the criminal acts commited against its customers as a result of its outsourcing and negligence but have taken a “hush-hush” “don’t ask don’t tell” policy. The numbers reflect that thousands of Telus customers have been defrauded with no recourse against Telus.

    In short the service at Telus has gotten worse and worse. The Telus corporation has now embarked on one of the most grievious acts of censureship possible. When a website appears that is highly critical of the fraudulaent and negligent actions of Telus, the internet ip address of that website is placed on a “no show” list. This means that when you try to access it or do a Google search using Telus as your ISP the website will not be listed. This is Big Brother in action and is commonmplace at Telus daily.

    In short, your best interests are not served by Telus. They rountinely place your safety in danger by selling your personal information. Telus has covered up and continues to cover up the thousands of customers harmed by its negligence.

    Do not do business with Telus. It is something you will regret

  34. darci

    I just found out that Telus charged me a cancellation fee after I closed my account and had informed them I moved 4 years ago. I just went in to apply for a loan and this $500 bill apparenlty has been in collections for 2 years. They knew I was canceling my account because I was moving and they didn’t ask for a forwarding address for the next bill I would receive. They just smiled and said “Thank you for choosing Telus.”

    Because they are money hungry…. My 3 months of internet service not only cost me money which is replaceable but it also cost me 3 years bad credit….

    Time I’ll never get back.

  35. WTF TEL US?

    I just got telus internet.
    At first it was dail up speed, then i called them and complained. The speed went up to 2.8 mb/s, slowly over a few weeks it has dropped back to 30ish kb/s.
    Anyone else want to destroy them with pikes and torches in hand?

  36. JACK


  37. ken

    i had the same shit to rolly,i am going to take them to small claims court .i was told they wont show up.maby i will make the court date open to everyone who hates telus.just jam up the court room with witness for character witness could go on for years

  38. David Anderson

    Another reason not to do business with telus because there moving call centre jobs overseas. They should be employing canadians not moving jobs offshore.

  39. Barb

    Re : Telus trying to charge you for something you didn’t have or do or use?? My experience with telus was…
    #1…they put a long distance charge on my phone for fifty some dollars.
    #2… I tried to call the number that they put on my bill to find out who’s number it was.
    #3… I was told that the number did not exist anywhere in the world.
    #4..I brought this up with telus and was told that these numbers are put through the internet by hackers ,then they cut off the phone service so no one can trace it…how convenient!!!!!
    #5…They also told me that this was happening to literally thousands of people that were on Telus dial up.
    #6…I told them that I didn’t believe this took place through my computor…their responce that was…we can prove this with access to your computor.
    #7… I invited them to come by and prove this and I would then consider paying this bill…they declined saying they didn’t do that.
    #8… I refused to pay this bill… stating to them that the only proof that they had that this really happened was the fact that they put it on my bill.
    #9… I didn’t pay so they kept adding this to my bill each month ( with accumulating interest) and this continued for 5 1/2 years. They even separated the old from the new charges.
    #10… After this time period I got to thinking….why would they keep doing this and If as they said ” this has happened to literally 1000″s of Telus customers? where was the advantage
    #11… when I thought I had the answer…I called Telus customer service and asked to speak to a
    manager……a manager was put on the line and i questioned him about these charges and he acknowledged them.
    #12… once he did that ,I asked him “The Question”…..Has or does Telus ever eventually write off these charges as lost revenue against their earning???
    #13…BINGO!!!!…the guy got really excited and asked how long these charges were going on with me …I said almost 6 years, he said that he would make sure they were removed immediately….which he did.
    #14…. I got a hold of Revenue Canada and reported what had taken place and asked them to let me know the results of their investigation, considering this was happening to 1000’s of Telus customers. They said that they don’t give out that info to the public.
    # that’s it..I kept using this crooked, arrogant, company…only till competition move in ..I’ve been with Shaw ever since.

    FYI….Darren Entwhistle and Rogers( formerly Rogers Cable) now Rogers Communication both
    were on the board of Directors of TD Bank. Now both of these people being anti union and laying off Canadians and hiring offshore people ( and I would guess paying them substandard wages), it doesn’t surprise me that if your a TD Bank customer ( which I was ) and you called TD Customer service 99% of the time you will get someone from INDIA. Let other people know these things and get after our government for allow these things to take place. Also we really should feel sorry for Darren Entwhistle whose reported yearly wage package as Telus CEO..has been 5 million dollars a year since 2002.

  40. Saima

    I have always hated telus thats why we went with shaw as soon as they came out with their phone. Unfortunately my husband got swayed by the Telus low rate of 29/month for the bundle which includes tv, phone and internet, so we switched. Let me tell you it is worth keeping Shaw than switching to Telus. We get daily telemarketer calls, tv sucks, Telus PVR is exactly like having one VCR. Programs cannot be recorded by name but by time only, and there is only one tuner which has so many flaws. I heard that they tested it for 3 yrs?? where and how is another question. Anyways we called them and told them that we want to cancel, but are told we will have to pay 120 cancellation fee because we have a contract. Mind you we never signed anything or met with anyone. My husband is too nice but I am fuming, I dont know what to do to get out of this. I dotn want to give them 120 for something they are not entitled to. Sometimes I just dont want to use phone or even watch the tv because I HATE TELUS SO MUCH!!!

  41. Christine Hartley

    Last year I signed up for yet another three year contract with Telus, actually renewing my old one because my daughter’s phone went funky (it would not work at all)
    “the dot is pink, that means she got it wet”, well the sweat from the palm of your hand can turn that dot pink, without ruining the phone. Cheap POS.
    Thought nothing further of it, have been a telus client for 12 years, always paid my bills on time.
    Infuriatingly, my phone bill was on a regular basis $150 per month or more. I approached them to see what I could do, well the service in English option is not necessarily ‘english’.
    I got yelled at by this ESL person, to the point where all I could do was hang up.
    Recently I decided to email them, cos I can’t afford these fees, I am a single Mom in nursing school. I ‘resolved’ the issues, getting a response only after sending a nasty email.
    Read these first few lines on their email to me today….
    “Hello Christine,

    I regret that you are dissatisfied with the cost of the service provided.

    Wireless service is still a luxury, and though TELUS makes every attempt to make it financially available to more and more people, if one can not afford the service they should consider not renewing long term agreements for it.”

    I told them repeatedly that in my current financial situation I would not have a cell phone AT ALL if I was not locked into their contract for another two years. I can’t afford to buy out at this time.
    So sad, because although I know it’s like the candy aisle, and yes cell phones to some extent are mainly luxury, it tears apart family relationships. I had the most awful argument with my daughter the other day, because of their outrageous charges.

  42. Drew

    Having a pretty annoying experience with them right now…. Purchased an Iphone 3Gs off their mobility store because my cousin got it for me for free, I placed the order last Tuesday and told them several times I needed it by Wednesday the next week. It’s Tuesday and they haven’t even SHIPPED the fucking phone. The best I’ve gotten is a few emails telling me it is submitted for shipment. I can’t even cancel and just get the phone at the store either, the 32 GB are no longer being sold because the 4 is so close…. I’ve tried calling to speed it up and after getting through there automated system, I ended up in the sales department, the guy wouldn’t transfer me to the right place, he told me he doesn’t know anything about it and that I can go fuck myself. It’s Tuesday afternoon and I need the phone tomorrow, assuming it even ships today, they better have some fucking fast shipping.

  43. Rusty

    I’m writing this to warn any Telus land line users that your phone could be tapped. The clicking you hear on your line when talking to anyone isn’t just something on the phone line, it is someone picking up their phone to listen in on your conversations. They are hoping you are talking to your bank or anywhere you have to give personal information or just wanting a free phone, internet access and T.V.. How do I know this, when I lived in Calgary, I had my phone line tapped at 3 different residences. The residences were miles apart form each other. I would pick up my land line phone and hear someone talking on my line. At one of the residences I heard a Chinese guy talking on my line in Chinese. At another residence I interrupted some guys probation officer calling him. Who ever is on your line tries to use the line when you are not at home or are asleep. When I called Telus to complain about that someone on my phone line, they would try to tell me that that cannot happen. When I told called again and said that my call display said parallel line. Which meant that someone was on my phone line at the same time I was talking on my phone line. The guy from Telus said “you see that”. After that call I never saw parallel line on my call display again but, I still had some on my phone line. I then would see on my call display “ext. in use” but, I was the only one on the phone.
    So how are people able to tap your land phone line, Telus repair workers connect them at the control boxes on the streets. It is quite simple to connect someone to another phone line in that box. That was explained to me by one law biding Telus repair guy. But just a week later, the guy that was on my line was back on my line again. Calling the police in Calgary is a joke also, they say I have to prove that someone is on my line. So I call Telus to get proof, same circle calling talking to someone that says that doesn’t or can’t happen.
    So does is your internet connection really slow for “HIGH SPEED”, is your T.V. freezing cutting in and out, do you hear clicking on your phone line, if so, you’ll just have to live with it as Telus will deny that anyone is on your phone line or do anything to remove them.
    Here is a thought, if you are a criminal and you want to talk to your criminal buddy but, don’t want the call traced back to your house, just call Telus and one of their repair guys will come out to your house and for a nominal fee they’ll connect you to someone in your neighbourhood and your calls will be traced to them. Of course Telus doesn’t know that their repair guys has a sideline business, “phone line tapping.” Think about it???

  44. Tricia

    I am pretty ticked off that Telus would have the audacity to force everyone to change over to an email bill or suffer with a payment for the paper one ($2/month).

    Telus claims it is for the environment, however it is just a clever and dishonest way to save some money; save the bucks it costs to purchase and print our paper bills and now charge people on top of that if they wish to continue to receive them, increasing revenues. This is ridiculous and has nothing to do with the environment.

    tears Reply:

    For the record, so does EVERY OTHER PROVIDER

    telus actually has a customer service department unlike bell, and doesnt gouge for everything like a bullshit government regulatory recovery fee that rogers does

  45. David

    Anyone heard of getting free My5 for a year with Telus? I thought I was paying for it, but apparently it was free. Without them notifying me they discontinued it and I owe them $1000 in long distance charges. I switched to Rogers now, but I still cant get out of paying for it. I’m pretty sure I asked for My5 as a feature. Not a free one that is discontinued without notice.

  46. ReadiReadi

    How about this one. I cancelled my Telus email about two years ago because the Customer Service was atrociously inadequate. About three months ago a friend told me that he had mistakenly sent an email to my old Telus address, but didn’t receive a bounce-back…cue the foreboding music. I called up Telus to ensure that they had shut the address down and was told that the address was still up and running AND the bill had reached over $200. I asked how they could have allowed me to continue receiving service if I wasn’t paying and more importantly why didn’t Telus contact me? They’re answer? Yup! They had been sending notices to the email address I had cancelled. They have my home address, three phone numbers, and an alternate email address, but figured the address I was no longer using was the best way to keep in touch. When I complained I was told there was nothing the phone-jockey I was dealing with could do about it. I asked to have the issue escalated. He told me to expect a call from Mike in Customer Service. Nice I said. Thanks I said. What’s Mike’s last name I asked…. Nope can’t tell you that. How about his phone number? Uh uh. Email address? Not a chance… Still waiting for Mike to call. Three months later. Thanks Telus. Good work.

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