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How Are You Recording Your Skype Calls?

Quick question. I’ve done some research into recording Skype calls, and the options are manifold. From the altar of Google:

What do you recommend? I’m sorry Macophiles, but this has to happen on my Windows desktop machine, so keep your fracking Audio Hijack to yourself.

UPDATE: I eventually followed a link somewhere and happened upon Pamela, which works like a charm.

12 Responses to “How Are You Recording Your Skype Calls?”

  1. Matt

    I’m going to be so happy when the Mac is ported over to the Intel chip. It’s going to make cross platform applications much easier, methinks. It’ll become more about which interface, backend, support and integration works best for any particular user. Of course, the Mac will still be the best. But at least you won’t have to ask us to keep our “fracking Audio Hijack” to ourselves. BTW, fracking? Cute.

  2. roland tanglao

    if you are using a mac, use WireTap Pro unless you really like hard to use software (i own both but WireTap Pro is good enough for most people and far cheaper!)

  3. Nicole Simon

    I use an external routing for my Skype interviews as I have found none of the others sofware solutions working yet.

    Any recording device with monitoring function will work, just uncheck “mic out” in the settings.

    (Mail me if this works for you and you would like more information how to set this up.)

  4. Cameron Reilly

    Skylook works great but requires Outlook. Powergramo is new and is great when it works, but a couple of times it has failed to produce a recording for me, which is mighty unfortunate. Keep an eye on it though. They might get it right.

  5. Mike K.

    Sorry Matt,

    But Apple switching to Intel isn’t going to help apps like Audio Hijack appear on anything but OS X.

    Audio Hijack and its cousins are written in Objective C, targetted for the OS X Cocoa application platform. Unfortunately, this doesn’t port to Windows very easily. So yeah, you’ll be able to run AudioHijack on OS X for x86 … on an Apple Mac.

    Not much different than today. :)

  6. roland tanglao

    i know u are not on a mac but i would recommend WireTap Pro unless you like figuring out harder to use software like AudioHijackPro (i own both but vastly prefer WireTap Pro)

  7. koko

    I use SkypeCap too)
    Its simple, small, and easy to use.

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