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How Much Do CFL Players Make?

Julie asked me that question as I sit here watching some of the Grey Cup, the championship game of the Canadian Football League. I knew that their salaries were meagre compared to bigger professional leagues, but I wasn’t sure of specifics. TSN Magazine (it looks like that link is broken–TSN ought to know better) to the rescue:

Minimum salaries in the CFL this year are $30,000 for rookies and $32,000 for veterans. The minimum increases to $35,000 next year as a result of the CFL’s new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The average CFL salary is about $45,000 Canadian.

Starters, excluding quarterbacks, can command anywhere between $60,000 and $120,000, depending on their position. Quarterbacks are generally the highest-paid players, making between $150,000 and $300,000.

Later, the article discusses other jobs many CFL players take:

The effect of low salaries donned [sic] on me while I was interviewing Edmonton kicker Sean Fleming during practice at Commonwealth Stadium Wednesday. “I work full-time year-round at Price Waterhouse Coopers. I’ve done that for a year and a half. Before that, I was an investment advisor with National Bank Financial. So basically I’ve got one full-time job and this is my part-time job,” he said…

Before joining the CFL, Edmonton quarterback Ricky Ray was delivering Frito Lay potato chips for $43,000 U.S. a year – more than he’s made in Edmonton this year. That’s just plain sad.

I don’t think it’s sad. I think it’s probably fair. These guys are being reasonably reimbursed for doing something that they love. The only sad part is that they couldn’t stick in a league that paid them more. I’m guessing the owners aren’t shafting them or anything–the league is simply small, and small-time.

On a related note, I see that the Black Eyed Peas’ corporate whoredom continues.

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  1. Jen

    I remember a couple years ago the CFL had a really clever ad campaign going (in the days when I still watched commercials). Players were decked out in their full uniforms, performing tasks like mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, car-pooling, etc. The catch line was “these guys are just like you” or something like that… It was a nice appeal to the everyman .

  2. Mel

    If only we could get NHL players to agree to salaries like that, I could actually go see a hockey game once in a while.

  3. Case

    Ricky Ray is the highest paid player in the CFL this year with a salary of over $400,000. The article you cite is three years old.

  4. Lisa J

    I may be the only person under 70 who feels this way, but I’m embarrassed by the Black Eyed Peas every time I hear “My Humps.”


  5. Kavinay

    To be honest, $60,000 to $120,000 is a pretty low figure when you consider that the majority of these players will spend their post-football years suffering from a multitude of severe and chronic injuries.

    Basically, how much is worth the cost of a hip replacement and daily regime of pain killers by the time you’re 35?

    chris Reply:

    in canada…nothing

  6. JR

    They’re having fun playing Football to entertain a few peoples a few times a year and having free steroids.
    60,000$ to 120,000$ a year is way enough.
    Considering how the NFL and NHL players are paid this is a real joke and such a darn waste of money, they should invest this money in military purposes, and wherever needed in Canada.

    Shawn Reply:

    To everyone who thinks these guys making $120,000 is enough I have to totally disagree. I played in the NFL for 5 years before I just decided it wasn’t worth it anymore. I was signed to 5 year 6 million dollar contract. To me being a young kid fresh out of college that was an amazing amount of money to do something I loved. Then it got real! In college we practice from 3pm till 6pm. Spring camp would start in March and run till May. Then we’ll come back in the summer from July until the season was over. NFL was a big difference! We would report to camp just the same in March and then again in July. But we go to work (yes work) at 7am till 3pm and after that meethings. For any of you who doesn’t know what a pro or even college level football practice is like…you have no idea what pain is, what sweat is, what being tired feels like! 8 hours of lifting wieghts, running, throwing your body into anothers all while wearing about 25-35lbs of equipment on. Your body is ALWAYS in pain ALL year long. Your away from your family and REAL friends for more than half the year, you can never just eat what you want when you want because not only do you have to make specific wieghts you have to be soooo careful about whats in food that might come up on a drug test. You HAVE to appear at certian events ahhh just thinking about how much control over my life they had upsets me. all for $1.2 million a year. yes its a lot of money, but trust me it spends really fast…especially when you have to pay 20% to your agent which was $240,000 which left me with 960,000. Oh and 10% to my manager and that wasn’t 10% of$960,000 it was of $1.2 million so she got $120,000 which left me with $840,000 a year. Then I had to pay taxes on $840,000 which was 29% which left me with $596,400. now Im from PA and I didnt have a house in Denver so I had to pay rent on an small apartment, pay for food, Pay a mortgage back home in PA 2 car notes (mines and my wifes) in PA, a rental car in Denver. Travel expenses during the season and so on and so on. I would be lucky if I got to keep $200,000 in the bank at the end of the year. none of that if counting if I want to take a family vacation during the off season. So for these guys to have to go trough the same thing I had to go trough ( and they do) for only 60 to 80k a year canadian which transfer to less in the U.S. when they come home. Its sad. some of my college team mates that played in the CFL had to work waiting tables DURING THE SEASON! could you imagine being a profesional football player, playing in front of fans on TV every week and after a game signing autographs then you go to red lobster to wait tables most time in crazy pain until 3am and then have to be at practice at 7am? people your bringing food out to are telling you how great your touchdown was?? its sad and i think these guys desirve more respect, they are not NFL rejects a lot of these guys could do great in the NFL but some just couldnt make the 53 man roster. There are a couple guys in the CFL that have won NFL super bowls but the next year there was a guy who was just a little bit younger, a littler bit stronger, and a little bit faster and they just didnt have enough room for you on that 53. thats why i always preached to the canadian people when im up there support your football teams. the more games you go to, the more money the team makes, the more money they can start paying the players, who really desirve it guys.

    db Reply:

    Boo Hoo. Even with your implied pitance of $200.000 a year (which I doubt), you’re still making 10 tens what the average American makes in a year. In five years (given what you’re claiming to have left over) your making what an average American makes in their lifetime. Excuse me if I don’t feel sympathy for your situation. And all this is assuming that you do nothing but sit on your ass the rest of your life after playing. Quit bitching about how pitiful your life is.

    Evan Reply:

    db I think you missed the point of his story. A. What sounds like a big contract isn’t nearly its size at the end of the day. B. He’s enlightenting people on how tough a 24hr day is in the CFL where there aren’t the big contracts.

    Aries Reply:

    Man what are you crying about foreal, I am at training camp now for the Washington Redskins and let me tell you i dont care how much they pay me, I love this game alot. Coming from the military, being deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq 3 times, getting paid like $35,000 dollars to get shot at, walking in a hot desert, and up mountains with 60-80 pounds of weight on my back carrying a 10 pound weapon, eating nasty MREs, dirty all the time, bloody, sweat, tears, PAIN, for a fraction of what a player makes in the NFL is true pain. I think its funny walking around seeing the players talk about money and all, I dont care what i get paid, i know whatever the Redskins give me, its going to be more that what i make in the military.

    Nick Reply:

    Yeahj, I want to inform you that I make more than some CFL guys literally sitting on my ass playing on my laptop doing night security at various vacant buildings and construction sites with some overtime. This year, I earned around $48,000. You don’t have to be a star to make $45,000 a year, even someone like me with no college education can make this just playing warcraft III on my computer.

    scott Reply:

    clearly you need to get your probably fat ass from behind your computer which you sit for 7 hours with your half hour lunch and two coffee breaks and than go home to play x bob or online gaming of some sort. you probably don’t have a family which the football player does and when he gets home has kids wanting to see him and play. let me guess you probably watch the super bowl every year. go find a real mans job that actually takes some dedication

    dewayne Reply:

    brother can’t even spell weights…take the cash and go to school…

    kelven Reply:

    cfl player are good, just as good as nfl players, its just a diffrent type of players get paid more because there is 300 000 million people in the us, so more money is getting put into there game, canada has 30 000 million so its not as much. But cfl is greater

    david Reply:

    not only are cfl players greater the game is better in every aspect. football was invented in canada and the game is the real game with the real rules and the real players. in life the truth about what is the best is lost in who has the most money in their pockets. the facts are that the nfl gets by on numbers in population and incredible marketing. the nfl has to keep up their bogus image by slamming the cfl and everything and everyone else around them. they have been very succesful at this. hopefully the people of canada will realize that listening to all of this negative baloney about the nfl being better than cfl is nonsense and that the cfl has always been much better and always will be. be proud canada .we are the kings of hockey and the kings of football. well done kelven you the truth

    Kenneth Perrone Reply:

    I love how real you made it. That is the truth people need to hear. This is also why agents pushed players to play in the USFL in the 80’s they were paying players higher than NFL salaries thus getting larger commisson’s. That is why players should learn how to be their own agent. But you have showed what the business end of the gun is like in the NFL. The CFL guys deserve more maybe their league cant generate NFL or may never generate NFL type revenue but if they can become a league one day paying comprable to the low end of NFL salaries

    Jared Reply:

    you said your an ex nfler, you also said that you had to do all that in practice while wearing 25-35 lbs of gear, any football player would know that you dont wear even close to that

    random guy Reply:

    he is talking about weight vests/suits when doing workouts! not the pads you wear. when nfl guys are training they put weights on to improve and make the workout tougher

    Matthew Reply:

    Shawn how about you try basic training, then go fight in Iraq. Away from your family for 18 months, working 14-16 hours a day every day, in 120 degree heat. Your wife and kids have to shop at the clearance rack and can barely make a car payment because you only make 25k a year. You complain about only putting back 200k and dealing with pain, how about pain and PTSD and the VA were you have to wait for weeks to be seen. But hey you have one leg left so you can be a greeter at Walmart. You are an ASSHOLE. Go to any VA hospital and tell one of those guys that your back hurts and you only have a million in the bank.

    random guy Reply:

    its simple economics, if u have a problem with nfl players making so much, make a big effort to stop people watching and attending games. people pay big money to watch these and the players are compensated for those efforts. and shawn is lying about playing in the nfl. agents can only get paid 3% NOW MAX. but good luck getting the world to turn againist the nfl

    Cl Reply:

    Oh for the love of god, don’t use your damn military background.

    W’re talking about football not military. Go to some damn military forum

    Marc Reply:

    Hard to fell for you Shawn!! You and I both know that you are playing football because you love football… and to get paid for it, and very nicely is awesome. Certainly no one was making you stay in the NFL, you could have gone to work somewhere else. Many people in the “real” world make sacrifice and are away from their families, don’t get all the “benefits” of being a pro athlete.

    You forgot to mention you play in many events for free, even get paid for them. I know I do a charity golf event and the NHL players all expect to play for free, but the people earning 10% of what they do, have to pay for themselves. Likely have people buy you things (like dinners, etc..). Really living the life… and the same is true for CFL players (even retired ones), they expect the same treatment and get it most of the time.

    Really I think some of the pro athletes are so removed from the real world they forget what it means. Join the army and get stationed in some distant land for 6 months and do that for $35,000/yr and then write and I’ll feel bad for you.

    I played hockey with a couple of NHLers over the summer some years ago and they knew how good they had it. They paid to play with us (to stay in shape), never complained about the tough times cashing those yearly cheques (1 was making in excess of $5M per yr) and were thankful to play a game they loved for an insane amount of money.

    I think all pro sports should have a cap (not on salaries) but on ticket prices… because at the end of the day, the fans are the most important and they should be the ones protected from millionaire athletes and billionaire owners. If owners only had so munch money from ticket sales and wanted to spend on salaries… I would not care that would be their choice, but in the way things are today, they just download their stupid spending to the fans and the fans are the ones that suffer. The owners and players hold the fans hostage because they know that fans love the game more than anything else.

    Really the athlete is not the true star, the game is. Once big stars retire (Barry Sanders, Wayne Gretzky, Joe Montana, etc…) the fans are not empty, they are still full and that is because the fans love the game… the players are replaceable.. The love for the game stays way past the players playing career and that the owners understand and take advantage. The players gets paid very handsomely as their careers are (in real term) very short, and certainly most payers are set for life after a couple of years of professional sports (or should be)… with the exception of the CFL. Those players play because they love the game, and that is the way it should be.

    If the CFL was more popular,the players and owners would increase prices, they just understand supply and demand… if they increase the prices too much, they would not have fans and then no one would be making any $$.

    Canada is hockey, and likely will never be a football country and unfortunately for the CFL players that’s the way it will always be.

    Shane Reply:

    Wow sounds like the military,just not anywhere near that amount of money or recognition, no sympathy from me. Complaining about being a pro athlete? Give me a break

    kyle Reply:

    military purposes?! are you kidding spend it on school systems and hostpitals

    ghgfhg Reply:

    Stupid all i have to ssay

  7. Rod

    The bottom line is that we need people to support the league!
    Watch the games, go to the games and show it.
    Look at Sask. They continue to show support to a team that has not given them a lot to be happy about, but the entertainment value is extraordinary and they are true fans of the game.
    If they had a bigger stadium they probably would gain more support.
    We as Canadians need to recognize that this league needs more from us to prosper.
    I am in a town in northern BC and the CFL fans a few and far between. They do not even care. I never realized how lame a lot of people can be. It is all Hockey.

  8. gary

    I was just trying to have a nice cheeseburger picnic here until you guys friged it all up you apple loving basketball fans

  9. chris

    I love the CFL… yeah they don’t get nearly as much $$$ as other PROFESSIONAL teams, but the game tickets also aren’t nearly as much… I am a big CFL fan… I have this saying: An NFL game is like watching a CFL game in slow motion.

    P.S I captitalized PROFESSIONAL, because I strongly believe that is just what the CFL is… the game and players (well the core group), is just as good as any other professional sports league out there.

    John Reply:

    if an NFL game was like watching a CFL game in slow motion, the NFL would have an influx of CFL rejects instead of the other way around

    Dave Reply:

    not true you can have smaller more agile guys playing a quicker game that would just get squished by bigger stronger nfl players. Don’t try to compare game speed to other elements of the game.

    Argos Reply:

    Not at all true, John. CFL guys are typically smaller, faster, more agile. Our field is larger so it requires smaller more athletic (for lack of a better word.) And CFL game speed is way faster then the NFLs approximate 1 play every 5 minutes.

    tyrone Reply:

    yes all true john, not faster or more agile, just smaller. no one would work for that kind of money if they could cut it with the big boys.

  10. dan

    60-120 sounds reasonable… but 35 sounds a bit low to me. Then again, sports do rely on fans to be successful. I don’t know too many people who go to Argos games… even when free tickets are offered. Football just isn’t as big as it is in the states. Not sure how hard it is to make it to the CFL but I wouldn’t think it would be easy hence they should get paid more. Although the league does consist of some NFL rejects.

    Anyways what it comes down to is… there aren’t enough CFL fans.

    Argos Reply:

    Thats debatable. i mean i heard Sask. RR made a profit last season of $43 Million, thats impressive considering they have a population of just over 1 million people.

    I’m an avid Argos fan, I still see around 18-30 000 people at rogers centre depending who we are playing.

    You have to understand US has a pop. of 310 million people, we have 35 million. So if a quarter of the country enjoys football, its something like 8 million in Canada versus 75+ million Americans,
    More people = more money. for what the CFL is working with they are all pretty profitable, I think Toronto is the least profitable but unlike every else in Canada we have to many other pro sports.

    Saskatchewan only has CFL, ditto for Hamilton.
    Calgary and Edmonton only have NHL and CFL
    BC has NHL and CFL
    Montreal has NHL and CFL
    Winterpeg has CFL
    Toronto has NHL, NBA, CFL, MLS, MLB and twice a year NFL, we have too many options and too many immigrants that struggle to understand hockey let alone CFL.

    Gerry Reply:

    Hello what planet are you from Thats $4.3 million

    tyrone Reply:

    not faster or more agile, just smaller

  11. Patrick Randall

    The problem I have with the CFL is how shabby the league treats Canadian players. A large number of great Canadian athletes are wasting their abilities playing football. The Americans which really run the teams will never give Canadians players their fair due. My advise to parents raising atheletic kids in Canada have the duty to direct them into hockey. It is the only spot that they will be given a decent appraisal. We should quit putting money and effort in high school and university football but replace with more opportunity for hockey.

    Alex Reply:


    Argos Reply:

    Your an idiot, its ideologies like that, that keeps putting football back in canada. hockey gets enough exposure with Junior hockey

    ghgfhg Reply:

    do the math look at how much Americans there and Funding is given to them.10 000 Americans/1 Canadian….

    kelven Reply:

    dude hockey is too damn boring cfl football is a real sport!!!!!!!!

  12. CFLman

    I Am french, so please excuse my english.

    Money is in the NFL but the show is in the CFL!

    It’s as simple as that. Even John Madden in 2005 said that they are to many borring games in the NFL. Not a surprise that the NFL Europe closed. They played the same type of football then the NFL.

    I see more and more americans sites awsking questions about the CFL. When they’re been asked about rhe CFL the fist thing that many comes to mind is: ‘it’s a more open game, more exiting’.

    So Go alouettes go!

    Et vive la CFL! Bonjours!

  13. CFLman

    (L’argent se trouve dans la NFL mais le spectacle se trouve dans la CFL)

    I’ve been saying that for years. It’s time that my english friends knowns about that truth. Don’t you thing so ? End I’m not the only one…

    «I am American and I moved to Toronto about 6 years ago, from Florida.
    I have found a real love for the CFL and for the Argos. Personally I think that NFL is way overhyped and when you watch it you think to yourself “That’s IT???”. Always expecting more and waiting for something spectacular, which never actually happens. The CFL is exciting football with exciting players.

    In Toronto, there seems to be a lot of NFL fans. Their rationale is “Toronto is a world-class city, we deserve a world-class league.”

    The fact is that the American media has over-hyped the NFL so much that even now Canadians think its a world-class league. They’re just wannabees who want to have something in common with Americans. Its ‘cool’ in Toronto to talk about the NFL, because there are no domestic teams and it shows that you’re “in” if you are knowledgable about the NFL. They wear NFL jerseys over CFL jerseys to show off. »

    «- Think its pretty harsh to say that Canadians are unpatriotic because of the people who are NFL fans. The CFL is very popular in Canada, its 2nd to hockey. In Macleans magazine there was an article about how hockey is #1 in Canada, about 30% of canadians say that the CFL is their favourite sport with 13% being MLB and NFL. And i’m sure you’d get people who like the CFL and the NFL.

    The fact is that the NFL is more accessable to watch. With there being so few teams in the CFL if you want to watch football, chances are you’ll have to watch the NFL since there are more options. I love the CFL, I think the game is much better then the NFL, its faster, its more fan friendly, and I prefer it to the NFL. But its not always on TV while the NFL is.

    I say F U to those people, the CFL is a better league, with different, more exciting kinds of players. Too bad some Canadians are too stuck up to realize it. It puzzles me that Canadians would be so un-patriotic, as well. The CFL is the best professional league you have, and a damn good one.

    If I were Canadian, I would much rather watch Toronto vs. Montreal, then Houston vs. Arizona, for example. And even though I am not, I still do prefer the former. Maybe a Canadian NFL fan would like to fill me in?» – USA/Canadian blog.

    I’m not perfectly bilingual put if a french canadien can hunderstand what americans fans say about our football you should understand it too !

    Go als Go !

    VIVE la CFL !

    Signed : CFLman

    USA Reply:

    I would have to disagree with you on some things, like how the NFL is boring. First off there is a reason the NFL is a multi billion dollar league, and the CFL is a multi million dollar league. The NFL has alot of exciting games just like the CFL does, and as far as being unpatriotic i think there being patriotic because who do u think ur economy, and freedoms rely on. Yes the USA!

    RIDERFAN Reply:

    That is quite interesting. I would like thank you, as an American, for the economic situation that we find ourselves in. Giving mortgages to people with poor credit and no money in the bank really turned out well for the USA. I think it would be poor judgement on your part to brag about the USA’s effect on the world economy as we grind along in the worst recession since the Dirty Thirties. I am intested to see how well the NFL does this coming season in ticket sales. My guess would be way down. So, express your patriotic passion and your sharp economic solutions. GO RIDERS GO!

    TheTruthHurts Reply:

    Interesting that you’d resort to cheap shots. The US still leads the world in innovation – so we’ll be back.
    Back to football: I enjoy the faster paced CFL games – at least during the summer when compared to baseball games that drag on forever. But the skill level isn’t anywhere near the NFL – don’t delude yourself. Just count the dropped balls and poor tackling technique.
    One month to hockey training camps opening!

    Matt Reply:

    I have counted the dropped passes and poor tackling. I have done so with NFL fans – all of whom were forced to eat there words when confronted with facts. Bottom line, CFL runs several more plays per game with a lot more variables in place. In the NFL – improvisation – is a bad word. Hey, NFL players are great but don’t delude yourself that CFL guys are less skilled. That is a cliche view and does not stand up to reality.

    You count the drops and piss poor throws next NFL game -it will open your eyes, man. especially when you compare it to the number of plays run. CFL players have tons of skill but perhaps don’t fit the measurables. Look at Cam Wake, it took over a year for an NFL trained coach to wrap his tiny mind around the fact that a guy who didn’t fit the narrow prototype, he has been trained to idealize, could play. Now wake is making a joke of NFL linemen on a weekly basis. Look at the comments of anyone who has played in both leagues if you are interested in being factual. Darren’s site is full of coffee shop cliche and trend – Im giving some truth here.

    no Reply:

    okay well first of all americans dont understand fairness. they dont understand how not to be greedy and they are always self centered. if you think that the us does anything to help us out other than the fact they the us has a very big military force your wrong.

    Paul Reply:

    My ass. Are freedom does not rely on the USA! Who does Canada have to worry about. I hate to say this but are closes friend is also are close enemy. Most Canadians know this. The states would not have the problems they do if they would back off a little and learn to pick their fights.

  14. Jerry Kocjowsky

    To the CFLman, you are okay with me. You are right too much hype about the NFL, I have seen too many Super Bores. And beside CFL’ers do not kill dogs. lol

  15. Bryn

    As a Canadian NFL fan, here’s why I prefer the NFL to an obscene amount over the CFL.

    I don’t understand this talk about CFL being faster. Because of the lack of skill (i.e. every good player being an NFL reject), and only three downs. What you have is a game of special teams, which is outrageously boring.

    I live in Calgary, and have been to a few games. Each game, I’ve seen 6 running plays, 10 interceptions, and 80 punts.

    I can’t stand Canadian rules. I hate that you can miss a field goal, yet still get a point.

    Why would you ever punt?

    Field goals can generally be kicked longer, and if they have to return it anyways, then what is the point of punting? You can a) still get a point out of it, and b) still give the other team bad field position, even though it was your team that wasn’t able to produce a fresh set of downs.

    It’s exactly like the NHL (as much as I love hockey too) rewarding a team that loses 1 point, so long as they don’t lose throughout the normal 60 minutes of the game. It totally defeats the purpose, and the core idea of the game.

    It’s not a question of patriotism, it’s a question of entertainment. I’ll loudly sing the national anthem, and say something to those that talk through it. I’ll drink my litres upon litres of beer. I’ll listen to Canadian music such as The Hip, The Guess Who, Rush, Bare Naked Ladies etc. I’ll tell people I’m Canadian and be proud of it when on a trip. I’ll watch hockey and root hard for the Canadian team. What I won’t do is watch punt after punt after punt after punt, purely because I’m supporting my country’s league.

    I once was renting out my house, and a CFL player came to look at it. He asked if I get traded, what are the cancellation fees like? I thought that it was very sad that they have to think about that.

    This is their choice, and I shouldn’t have to be called un-patriotic just because I don’t like watching a lesser league, with lesser rules, and lesser players.

    Matt Reply:

    Dude, I wouldn’t call you unpatriotic but I will call you oblivious. You are exactly like every other CFL basher right down to your cliche criticisms of “rewarding failure”. Come on, bud!! You have spent too much time with geniuses with barbed wire tattoos sitting in sports bars after their weekly “ultimate” game! Seriously, a missed field goal resulting in a dead play is a better outcome?!?!? get real! A missed field goal in the CFL is just the beginning of a myriad of possibilities. Maybe you run out of the end zone, maybe that single point will become contentious. That’s the CFL – 65% bigger, 2 extra players and unique rules lead to way more variables. I like variables. I like uncertainty. I like improvisation. The NFL features a very rehearsed game with prototype players who are executing what they have drilled much like an actor who learns his lines.

    Better game played by the best, most versatile and most improvisational athletes in the world. That’s not even an argument. Just ask anyone who has played in both leagues! No matter how many times a player who has played both bursts the cliche ideas, people remain oblivious. Sportscasters remain oblivious. Never allowing any idea to challenge their narrow, moronic views. Different players at different positions playing different games. Why do people have a hard time with this and impose a mysterious need for heirarchy on the CFL? darren?

  16. CFLman

    Jarett Payton whom played in the NFL was surprise how fast was the CFL and finds it hard to adapt to the league. It is a much wider field but it is hard to have success in rushing. Why, because of the defense mobility, ask Ricky Williams. «Because of the lack of skill (i.e. every good player being an NFL reject» You forget that many former NFL players don’t make it in the CFL. If it was the lack of skill, former NFL players would have been stars in the CFL but it is not the case. It is more the lack of high or weigh. That’s why a very talented player like Charles Roberts plays in the CFL; because he is too small, he never had a chance in the NFL. Keton Keith a former CFL player now plays in the NFL, lack of skill???

    Many can’t stand the NFL rules in the tiny football field.

    « I live in Calgary, and have been to a few games. Each game, I’ve seen 6 running plays, 10 interceptions, and 80 punts. » Games with lots of interceptions you see them in NFL too. You prefer running game? well NFL it’s for you. Most of the tine two yards at a time… So you most have loved the London NFL game 13 to 10 or the Miami Pittsburg game 3-0. The NFL ruling served you good… But for others, it is not that kind of show they want to see.

    Signed: CFLman

    USA Reply:

    WOW so Keton Keith was a star in the CFL, yet he got cut by the Jets, and had one 100 yard game with the colt and then was cut. If this is the best the CFL offers I would definitely say lack of talent. If Reggie Bush or Adrian Peterson went to the CFL, they would clean up because the defense isnt half as skilled as the NFL, and they would go from making 7 million a year to 150,000 lol

    Canada Reply:

    Canadian football mat be less talented but they only have three downs to get a first down. NFL has 4 downs and three to get a first down. CFL has three downs and two to get a first to its much harder to get a first down in CFL.

    Gerry Reply:

    Wait a minute, there was a suspended STAR*** junkie who came to play in the CFL while on his forced Subbatical oh ya Rickie Williams. I thought that when I got to see him,I was going to see a show, see him run circles around our * less talented CFL players. If wasn’t for his Name on his Jersey you wouldn’t have noticed him. As far as those who criticise the CFL,if you hurry you can catch the next train to the USA. Hope you don’t get shot or not. I also noticed that most of the RED NECKS that do Criticise the CFL are not very Educated, I am sure Grade 3 was the best 4 years of your life. Please do not confuse the average Canadian with these Illiterate morons.

    RiderPride Reply:

    kenton keith only got cut cuz once he went down to the states…he got in trouble with the law and drugs. just like alotta NFL players do. Now sayin the CFL has no talent compared to the NFL is just plain stupid (Warren Moon,Jeff Garcia for example) CFL is a bigger field, only 20 seconds between plays compared to 45 seconds in the NFL. You gotta have tremendous endurance (ask Ricky Williams) to play the Canadian Game. The only…yes ONLY reason the NFL is bigger, is because the population difference between the 2 countrie. All Hail CANADA!!! haha

    Matt Reply:

    You couldn’t be more wrong if you exiled yourself to a desert island for a thousand years with the goal of being as wrong as possible. Ricky Williams did not break one single run outside in the CFL because he was too slow for the quicker linebackers. he says so himself. Different players playing a different game. Skill is paramount in the CFL, size in the NFL. Kieth had a far better ypc than anyone else on the Colts – his release was not due to his play. YOu CFL bashers never let the facts get in the way of cliche. Don’t know how you do it.

    Marc Reply:

    two words for you… Ricky Williams… he was terrible here and a star in the NFL.

  17. saskatchewan man

    wow that is not alot you try hard to win a grey cup and you do but get a sucky pay mount its stupid i live in manitoba but i am all about the saskatchewan roughriders.NFL players get so much more $$$ but they do the same thing as the CFL players sucks right

  18. jay born

    I know two cfl players personally and have met on many occasions with them and some of there friends from the nfl(former and present) if you sit down with them and ask in terms of skill between the league there is no difference. This is from there mouths….”they are both pro leagues. Lots of times a player dosent make a roster not because there not good enough but because the need for that specific position isnt needed. as one present nfl qb said the cfl has football players and the nfl has football players.”

  19. dave

    I am dissapointed the CFL has lost so much interest.I remember grey cup 1983 when the CFL was more interesting than hockey.So much hoopla,people dancing on the street,etc.After that year it was all downhill for the league.I wish to see that same level of excitement back to the league some day.

    Gerry Reply:

    Dave: I don’t know where you are from but you should come to Regina and watch the Riders, you want to see fun and Excitment WOW. Oh ya and there’s a Football game as well, the wonderfull Sask people are what make it all great.

  20. Calvin

    Nice article. Stop feeling sorry for football players that dont make the big dollars just because they will have medical problems later. We know the risk from the first time we have our bell rung when were like 12 years old THIS SPORT HURTS PEOPLE. Im a former player that didnt make the big money and if you dont want the health problems do something else.

  21. dash

    “Field goals can generally be kicked longer, and if they have to return it anyways, then what is the point of punting? You can a) still get a point out of it, and b) still give the other team bad field position, even though it was your team that wasn’t able to produce a fresh set of down.”

    If you took the effort to learn a little bit about the rules that you are attacking then you would realize that the single point is only awarded if a missed field goal is kicked through the endzone and out of play.

    Since you’re saying that the CFL is just a boring special teams game (i disagree with that statement) i’ll point out a few reasons why CFL special tems play is better than NFL special teams play. A) No fair catch. B) A Punt must be returned, you may not let the ball roll around until the kicking team recovers it. C) A punt or missed field goal that is caught in the endzone must be returned or the kicking team recieves a point.

    Those are the three reason why i love CFL speacial teams and am left feeling robbed of action when the NFL field goal/punt teams take the field.

  22. cfl

    lets all remeber that CFL players only work 6 months of the year, so makin even 30 grand in 6 months is plenty, considering most players work in the off season.

  23. Felix

    NFL player practice squad players make the average amount of a CFL starter, excluding quarterbacks. But practice squad is like an on call you can be on a team’s squad for a week, the next your fired, and then your back like 3 weeks later, only to be fired about 4 weeks later, it’s inconsistent.

    minimum wage for an NFL kicker is like 300, 000, as much as a CFL starting QB.

    Canada does not have a big economy that’s why the get paid low. The CFL is a great league, it’s second to the NFL before AFL. It is. It’s just that the economy. Canada can’t even afford to have a team in the country’s capital city.

    Marc Reply:

    Felix, you are wrong… not the economy…NHL players do ok in Canada… hey ask Spezza, Heatley, Sundin, etc… the answer is not economy, it’s supply and demand. The demand is not for football in Canada, never will be. We are a hockey country and frankly PROUD to be one.

  24. Nas

    Yes. Compared to other big leagues, CFL players are paid way, way, way lesser. And for rookies… what if you were a rookie and you broke your hip during a game or practise. There goes most of your money ($30,000) trying to fix your hip. But I still love the CFL and a whole lot funner to watch then the NFL. By the way, its sucks there is no CFL games… only fricken NFL games.

    adam Reply:

    you might want to take a look at the health policies in Canada, which are much different than in the US. we have this thing called PUBLIC HEALTH CARE, which means you don’t pay to go to the hospital. A procedure that costs $50,000 in the US, costs about $50 here for the ambulance ride.

    chase Reply:

    we dont pay for health care in canada so if he did break his hip id be free

    Marc Reply:

    Who are you guys kidding… the pro teams pay for surgeries and the players get the best Dr possible.
    Maybe after their playing careers, they pay for injuries but I suspect lots of that is covered by their collective bargaining agreements, if not it should be… maybe they need better representation. I am available for $5M per annum.

  25. yayabeeets

    I love the cfl
    i mean its obvious they dont have as much skill as nfl players
    but theyre determined.

    goooo Argoss

    and their pay is enough to work on the mortgage ,cloth the kids and eat food..
    and thats all you need in lifee.

    Matt Reply:

    No, its not obvious they don’t have as much skill!! How do you come up with that? Who is selling this Kool-Aid!! Unbelievable!! Players who have played both leagues don’t talk like this. The fact is that CFL players are more skilled. Why? because size doesn’t mean as much as skill in the CFL game. That is an incontrovertible fact. Don’t let the hype fool ya. Look at Cam Wake. At first, an NFL trained coach could not wrap his mind around the idea that a player who did not fit the classic measurables of an NFl lineman could play. Wake was more skilled than anyone but didn’t fit the measurables. He had to languish in a limited role for a year because in the NFL if you don’t fit the measurables, they really can’t fathom outside the box. Now, he is making a joke of the NFL.

    I remember Michael landsberg sating that Garcia would never be much in the NFL. I knew he would be. He just needed a chance. Landsberg was going by the moronic cliche that guides the views of most sportscasters. Landsberg might know who played linebacker for the Argos in the 60s, but, like most sportscasters, is clueless as to what actually happens on the field. It is so sad that the opinions of people toward out game are being formed by a bunch of idiots who went to broadcast school for 6 weeks.

    ChronicWeedMan420 Reply:

    Landsberg is a joke anyways, you should never listen to him no matter what.

    Marc Reply:

    Don’t get me started on that guy.. he host my favourite show, but I think this guy thinks he’s a star and buddies with all the pro athletes. He is getting worse and worse. He buddy you are a little guy (you’d get killed in any sport)that hosts a good show… get over yourself, we like the show, you are expendable.

    I think that funny guy from sportscentre (whatever his name is.. don’t really care) would be way better at OTR than Landsberg is.

  26. Coates

    What’s all this talk about their wage and breaking body parts. This is Canada, we have health care here, it doesn’t cost us 50,000 dollars to spend one night in the hospital. I agree that the wages are a little low, but it shows that these guys love football, not just money. If they don’t like the wages what other choice do they have if they want to play football, arena league, lol.

  27. Reid

    I play highschool football in calgary,
    My coach used to play for the toronto argonauts
    The reason why most of the CFL players play is because they enjoy the game.
    Many come back after their careers and help coach cfl teams, university teams and highschool teams alike. The CFL is based more towards the people who enjoy the sport and are fine doing it without getting payed seven or even six digit paychecks.

  28. bobby joe

    The cfl players are getting ripped off because they doing somithing they love but they should be paid more but thats one mans oppinion

    Marc Reply:

    I agree CFL players likely should make a little more, but NFL, NHL, NBA and other sports making similar $$ are way too overpaid.

  29. Ricky Bobby

    I say that the NFL players and CFL players are much different. The NFL players play on a smaller feild but should be allowed to play on bigger feilds. CFL players play with a bigger ball so what are they saying. That NFL players cant handle a bigger ball. Well i guess that work with what we get

  30. Joe Mama

    While CFL players in the same league as the NFL but it’s a damn sight better then say, arena football whose players make (dollar adjusted) very similar amounts. CFL players are underpaid, period, but it has nothing to do with the quality of the football. It’s a different game alltogether and to be honest, many NFL players would suck badly in the CFL. Espeically teams that push the run all day. Don’t compare apples and oranges Mr. Author – it only fuels the fire that many Americans are just plain clueless about anything other than homecooking.

  31. LUM

    “CFL players are underpaid, period, but it has nothing to do with the quality of the football”

    -It has dop do with the support of Canadian football and the sponsors, and fans who support the league. It is not high. For that reason alone, sponsors are not as interested.

    Why do you think the American teams (ie – Las Vegas) that were CFL squads failed? No American interest. Mutiple motions, points for punts OB, wider field, etc.

    It doe not generate excitement. I do think it is entertaining, but no where CLOSE to the atheletes in the NFL. Put it this way…..

    Ask an NFL athelete iof he would rather play in the NFL, or CFL. The answer is OBVIOUS. Ask that same player if the CFL is comprable to the NFL with regard to talent. The answer is OBVIOUS. Ask that SAME player (when/if he is cut) and merges to Canada if the talent is the same. The answer will be different. Why?

    Pride. Professional athletes will NEVER admit to being inferior to anyone. Soas…admitting that YOUR league (CFL) is inferior to the NFL…is admitting that YOU are an inferior athelete as you could not make it in teh NFL.

    Ask yourself, how many times do we see professional athletes trying to keep their careers alive when they are obviously past their prime? (ie – Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Joe Namath, OJ Simpson, etc). Athletes must be FORCED out.

    Even the greats. So the lame duck argument that “CFL players who played in the NFL say they are surprised and that CFL ball is just as good?” —-> lame duck argument to save face in that you cannot get an NFL gig.

    And The game is differnt in Canada. Why else would Kenton Keith rush for -2 yards vs the Houston Texas, 5 yards vs New England, 121 vs Tampa Bay (70 yards in the 2nd half….most in the 4th quarter)…yet in Canada he ran wild as a West Divison All Star?

    The wider field, fewer downs make Canada a passers league. Yet, the RB’s in that league will never be the Ricky Williams type because bull runners are not typically a stead in a league with so much field, a fewer down, an extra player…and multiple motion.

    And if Canadian Ball was really THAT good….tell me….why do not these Canadian shools play American D-1 schools? They can’t. Many of these that do play American schools play a D-3 American team because it is the level with which they are comprable.

    “it only fuels the fire that many Americans are just plain clueless about anything other than homecooking”

    If Americans are “clueless” why are the best players in the CFL “imports”? And imports that were former NFL players (Kerry Joseph who was an NFL saftey…now CFL All Star QB, or Ricky Ray who could not get a sniff with the Jets, Charles Roberts (Rays college teammate at Sac St) who was deemed too small and did not perform well in post season college all star games vs future NFL draft picks. Roberts is better for the CFL, whereas his quickness on a wider field is an asset.

    Remember, the NFL and CFL used to have an annual game. This was looong ago. the CFL won the last game. But with the development of American football…the Americans that dont make it in teh NFL that star in Canada….yet not many Canadians ever transition well to the NFL….makes it clear that the speed and brute force of the American game make it highly desirable.

    Otherwise you would not be watching the Superbowl each year in your native Canada.

    JW Reply:

    Buddy….Wanna talk about pride? Baltimore Stallions were one of the most succesful American expansion teams in the CFL. And alot of us Baltimore fans hated the NFL for taking the colts away. And we mayed sure the way made accross a big F%$& you to the NFL by unofficaly retaining the name Colts. We also sold out every home game! and you wanna talk about great CFL players playing in the NFL HELLO DOES THE NAME WARREN MOON or JOE THEISMAN, JEFF GARCIA!

    Matt Reply:

    Actually, CFL ratings in Canada are 500% higher than NFL. Sponsors are coming aboard as more and more people are appreciating a game that appreciates improvisational and skilled athletes as opposed to the size obsessed NFL. BTW, Charles Roberts was dynamite in all-star games and holds many college records. he once had 409 yards in one game. But like all CFL bashers and spouters of cliche, the facts seldom interfere with narrow views.

  32. LUM

    And believe it…..the CFL will save face when it needs to also. Why else would the league implement a rule barring any player on suspension from the NFL after the Ricky Williams “rental” did not work?

    And believe it, the CFL knows it is an inferior league. The reason you do not see CFL’ers become stars in the NFL.

    Yet….the list is long for nFL’ers who became stars in the CFL. Even unknown NFL players.
    CFL’ers in NFL
    Mark Boerigter (CFL All Star)- Hastings Coll (NCAA D-3) – Calgary, Kansas City (cut after major knee injury…could not get another NFL job though he worked out for several NFL clubs including the Chiefs, Packers, and Jags) – back to Calgary

    Kenton Keith (CFL All Star)- Sask – Jets (cut) – Sask – Colts (one year) – now in Hamilton

    Michael Jenkins (CFL All Star) – Toronto – Houston (reserve, and special teams) – back to Toronto…no longer playing.

    NFL’ers in CFL
    Jarrett Payton – Tennessee (on and off practice squad…then cut after 2 seasons) – now in Toronto, not after rushing for nearly 900 in 13 games 2 seasons ago.

    Ricky Ray – Jets, Edmonton, Jets…..Edmonton
    Casey Printers

    You get the picture. The NFL players you have heard of. The CFL’ers, not so much.

    As for a CFL’er in teh NFL…your only hope was Jesse Lumsden. The grate Joe Gibbs said it himself, in that he couldn’t keep Lumsden because he was “hurt too much”.

  33. Mike

    The NFL has better players. If any CFL team played any NFL team (except maybe the Lions) the result would be ugly.

    shane Reply:

    dumbass its two totally different games nfl would be lost playing cfl rules and cfl would be lost playing nfl. thats like saying a cricket team can beat the yankees in baseball duhh not gonna happen but nice try buddy

    JW Reply:

    agreed CFL has stuck to more of the original Sport (Rugby) than the NFL

    Canada Reply:

    you know the champs of grey cup went up againest a NFL who won the super bowl and the the grey cup camps won!!(CFL) the score….31 to17 sorry man CFL players are just better!!!

    Canada Reply:

    Do u want to go out with me???

    Alexander Reply:

    a CFL Team has never gone up against the superbowl Champions You liar. And what rules would they play? they would have to play 2 games to make it fair. one game in CFL Rules and the Other in NFL rules.

    Argos Reply:

    Grey cup champs never played Sub par bowl champs before. But CFL teams have played NFL teams

    CFL–NFL comparisons

    During the 1950s and 1960s exhibition games were played between CFL and NFL/AFL teams using a mixture of each league’s rules. The last such exhibition game was on August 8, 1961, when the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats defeated the AFL’s Buffalo Bills. This was the only time in which a Canadian team defeated an American team in the series.

    In the days when sports teams were financed almost entirely by ticket sales, the CFL and NFL were, financially speaking, on relatively equal footing. In the 1970s, CFL teams signed top U.S. college football players such as Johnny Rodgers, Joe Theismann, and Tom Cousineau. As late as the 1970s and early 1980s, when high-capacity stadiums were built in Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto, people such as Montreal Alouettes owner Nelson Skalbania continued to believe that relative parity could be sustained so long as the CFL could get larger stadiums built in its other cities and sell them out.

    However, by the 1980s it became clear that financial parity between the two leagues would not be maintained, not so much because of the disparity in attendance figures, but because of the NFL’s increasingly lucrative television contracts that now bring in a majority of the NFL’s revenue. The CFL could not hope to negotiate similar contracts with Canadian networks because the U.S. television market is more than ten times the size of Canada’s (whereas, at the time, the NFL only had 3 times as many teams as the CFL). A notable exception to this trend occurred in 1991 when the deep-pocketed owners of the Toronto Argonauts (tycoon Bruce McNall, actor John Candy, and hockey star Wayne Gretzky) signed U.S. college star Raghib “Rocket” Ismail to the then-unheard of sum of $18.2 million spread over four years. This proved unsustainable and Ismail left for the NFL after two seasons. Currently, the difference in average salaries between the CFL and NFL is significant, with only a handful of CFL players making more than the NFL minimum.

    There is a significant disparity in talent between the two leagues, though CFL teams often recruit skilled players who would be considered undersized by NFL standards. For this reason, there are few players who have played in both leagues, and even fewer who have achieved success in both leagues. Only two people have been elected to both the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and the U.S. Pro Football Hall of Fame: quarterback Warren Moon and coach Bud Grant. There are many cases of CFLers going to the NFL and having success, such as Pro Bowlers Joe Horn, Brendon Ayanbadejo and Doug Flutie. Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Marv Levy and Jeff Garcia are also good examples. On the other hand, there have also been cases of NFL stars coming to the CFL and failing to excel, such as the 2006 signing of Ricky Williams.[44] According to Williams and Jarrett Payton, who has also played in both leagues, since running backs in the CFL get fewer rushing touches they are expected to be more versatile.[45][46]

    Argos Reply:

    Mike your Crazy, BC isnt even close to being the best in the CFL if you put Saskatchewan or Montreal maybe even Calgary they could definitely show NFL teams a thing or two.

  34. shabubula

    the NFL raided the CFL in 2009 and signed a bunch of guys who were drafted in the nfl but never saw a game, like derek cameron wake. players also get a bunch of bonuses, and if you are injured you don’t pay cash for a doctor it’s free in Canada, plus the CFL union takes care of it’s players.

    the salary cap is the reason they aren’t paid more, it’s only 4.2million right now.

  35. SHA-KIM


  36. Derrick

    Hey I think the guys playing semi pro for free should get paid this money,I make this much working in a warehouse.

  37. Marcus

    I am interested in tryouts and would like to gather some additional information in reference to tryout out. I played DE at East Carolina University, but currently play NT and DT for the Charlotte Cobras in Charlotte North Carolina (US). I am agile for my size at 6”3 315 pounds, but plan to reach approx 320-325 in the next few months for additional size.

    Thanks for your time. Please forward any tryout information you have if all possible.

    Marcus Lawing
    P.O.Box 921
    Salisbury, NC, 28145

    dave Reply:

    Marcus what is your email, i have some information for you, but if your interested in DT in the CFL, you can’t be 325lbs, you will not be fast enough. The CFL only allows 20 seconds between plays, plus most of the starters in the CFL play for most of the game.

    Marcus Reply:

    Actually I am about 310 pounds now…

    Argos Reply:

    Ideally Marcus, at your height you should be at the 260 range. Most DTs in CFL arent 300+, i think Adriano Belli is about 6’5” 289

    Matt Reply:

    Every CFL team has free agent camps at various locations. You can look up teams on the web and check locations. One thing, there is one yard between down linemen so most commenters here are correct. In the CFL, its more about agility, however, a big run-stopper in the middle is always nice! Hey, if you can take on 2 blockers you make the little ends look good..!

  38. Canada

    As a former MLB in the NFL for the Eagles i know the importance of excellance. dont get into the NFL its not worth it b/c it punches holes in your memory makes you have crazy mingrains. you are always hurt you never recover from any of it even when your retired. you loose your memory and believe me you dont make that much after your manager takes money,agent,cars,traveling

  39. Marlon

    My Name is Marlon Allen….I just recently played my last year of collegiate football. I played Tight End for the Prairie View A & M University Panthers. I’m 6’2″ 245lbs. my highlight tape is on youtube (search marlon allen)

    I am interested in playing in the CFL or the NFL i’m just looking for any help i can get that guide me in the right path towards getting there. Please forward me any tryout information you have at or contact me on here. If anybody can help just let me know I thank you for reading this and your future assistance.

    Marlon Allen
    Stafford, TX 77477
    (281) – 499 – 7210

  40. james B. Hawkins

    I don’t know what universe you live in, but from where I sit, as an African/American attorney, who is temporarily unemployed. A salary of $30,000-$45,000 AIN’T CHICKEN FEED!! I know a large number of teachers, social workers, and a host of other public sector employees, in the U.S., all, I might add, WITH DEGREES, who toil for a whole lot less. And, you have the audacity to say that a guy (who usually didn’t graduate), who works for about 6 months out of a year and earns $45,000 is to be pitied! Last I checked, those salaries are right at the range most mortgage lenders require to finance a fairly decent crib!! I think a cat, who makes a CFL roster and is lucky enough to catch on and stay for a few years, is to be considered BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED to say the least!!

  41. John

    I had a great laugh at the comment posted by USA Today on his skewered comment that the Neutered Football League is a leader in new rules. WTF?!

    The CFL was first in using metal balls in its Referee flags, the CFL was first at implementing the 20 second clock. So fine, you’re a pro USA person….good for you, but dont “”forget”” that baseball was invented in England, football in Canada, basketball in Canada as was lacrosse and ice hockey. Then YOU arrogant Americans came along, plagiarized these sports, then call them yours.

    Not to mention, then your piss poor TV networks dump billions upon billions into reality TV shows, your Nazi Govt puts trillions into pathetic war efforts that we Canadians are left to clean up after you’ve left with your tails between your legs. You guys think if you have a bigger gun then you are the best..yet you cant beat the opposition in Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, and Iraq…can you spell L-O-S-E-R?

    Get a life, douche bag!

    Argos Reply:

    Dude, first off

    Lacrosse was native americans, Canadians cant take credit for it.

    Basketball was invented by a CANADIAN, in the USA, Springfield, Mass. to be exact.

    Football was plagarized from Rugby so we cant take credit totally for that,

    Baseball was started in England but theres evidence a sport was played in france first that bares similarities to baseball.

    USA didn’t invent shit, but glorify Canadians as inventive for sports either, except the great game of hockey.

    But I agree with paragraph 3

  42. CFLman

    In 2009 50% of CFLer made the NFL.

    Keton Keith was only the third ball carrier in the CFL. He was cut in the US not because of his playing, but bad behaving. He didn’t make a successful come back in Canada.

    Jarett Payton participated in NFL training camp. He never experience before the quickness he saw in the CFL. Payton was mainly use for blocking with the Alouettes even with his 852 yards in 18 games in 2007. Payton was too slow for the CFL. He was release after one year.

    Is there a genetic law, why a small football player can’t be a super player, just because he’s not big or tall enough for the NFL? Those super fast players where they go? You see them in the CFL. To stop these super fast guys you need players with equal skills.

    The NFL or CFL balls are almost the same.

    Doug Flutie after his CFL career, jointed the Bills. In 1998 was name the NFL Comeback Player of the Year. He still won some games at over forty years hold in the NFL. So, he must have learned something in the CFL! Yes the great Warren Moon, Jeff Garcia and Joe Theisman started in the CFL.

    Argos Reply:

    Willie Pile- Played 16 Games with KC Chiefs, 36 Tackles, 2 pass deflections

    16 GP with Cowboys 22 Tackles

    now plays with Argos and one helluva LB.

    CB Byron Parker, after bouncing around practice rosters and jumping back and fourth between NFL and Argos, was cut by eagles to make room for Michael Vick. Not because he wasnt good enough, he was just in a poor circumstance. This off season the eagles have begged him to come back but this time he decided to stay with the Argos.

    theres tons of talent in CFL bottom line. My family lives in Boston, Virginia, Montana, Tennessee. and they all fell in love with the CFL after i showed it to them.

    And now the NFL network has decided to air a whack load of CFL games. so once we start getting our name out in the US again we should definitely try for a US expansion again, as well as more canadian expansion.

    Matt Reply:

    I agree, Argos. Ask any of those players about how highly they regard the skill and talent in the CFL and you get the truth – not the cliche views of the narrow minded and hype trained. If the NFl goes on strike, or locked out, the CFL will really take off in the next year. It already has ratings on par with hockey and 5 times what the NFL has.

  43. CFL player

    No one makes less than 45,000 in CFL. You are only allowed 4 hours a day of mandatory work with coaches each day. Very fun, exciting game. I’m fine with making 70,000 as a rookie for 5 months of playing football and 7 months of my own offseason workout, traveling, golf, and xbox. It’s a great game and a great place for player to play that get over looked after going to a smaller college. I was in the NFL for a bit and the talent level is not much different. Ask anybody on an NFL roster, it takes a little luck by being in the right place at the right time. Not talent alone..

  44. Matthew

    Shawn how about you try basic training, then go fight in Iraq. Away from your family for 18 months, working 14-16 hours a day every day, in 120 degree heat. Your wife and kids have to shop at the clearance rack and can barely make a car payment because you only make 25k a year. You complain about only putting back 200k and dealing with pain, how about pain and PTSD and the VA were you have to wait for weeks to be seen. But hey you have one leg left so you can be a greeter at Walmart. You are an ASSHOLE. Go to any VA hospital and tell one of those guys that your back hurts and you only have a million in the bank.

  45. Craig

    I sort of found your blog by mistake, but your website captured my attention and i also thought that I would post tell you that I like it.

  46. wayne

    I feel as though our cfl is more like a college team in the usa.It is getting worse instead of better.Also the announcers on tsn don,t help either.Who cares if a player is making blocks without a helmet,who cares.

  47. Norman Bradford

    Not wishing to be clever or anything, but unless my maths is completely out of kilter, an average is just that; a given number divided by another number.
    $Can 4,300,000 divided by 42, 46 or even 60 does not equate to $45,000!!!

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