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I Watched Something Explode on the Way Home

While walking home today from the excellent Shopgirl (possibly more on that later), I was prevented from taking my usual route by a young woman in an orange vest wielding a walkie-talkie. She assured me that, past the array of ambulances and fire engines, there was a car full of explosives. It turns out they were shooting a scene (a ‘stunt preformance’ as one sign proclaimed) from the Jon Avnet film 88 Minutes starring Al Pacino.

I diverted around the block, and stood with the other looky-loos. A few mninutes later, the car exploded in a sizable ball of flame, and three people (I didn’t really note, oddly, if they were recognizable actors or stunt people) raced out of the 7-11 towards it.

The Vancouverite has a couple of photos from Saturday’s shooting. There was a guy near me with a camera, but another young, vested production assistant asked him to stop taking photos. He protested, and she explained that the cop standing nearby would escort him away if he persisted. That got me wondering what the legalities of this situation are–is one allowed to take photos of public spaces when they’re used as film sets?

Here are some other photos and notes from 88 Minutes locations around the city.

2 Responses to “I Watched Something Explode on the Way Home”

  1. Aaron

    My buddy took pictures of the set for the Pitt/Jolie movie being filmed in Alberta, and I posted them HERE

    Nobody saw us take them, and so far, so good.

  2. Jason

    I don’t know about the legality of the “intellectual property” of the movie set, but allowing flash photography could certainly screw up a movie shoot.

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