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Man Killed in Catapault Accident

A student was killed when he was hurled more than 30 meters through the air from a catapault (or trebuchet, if you’re a stickler for details). The incident happened three years ago, but the inquest is ongoing:

Oxford University student Kostydin Yankov, 19, suffered multiple injuries when he missed a safety net after being flung from a medieval-style trebuchet catapult.

Mr Yankov, a biochemistry undergraduate known as Dino, was part of the university extreme sports club – the Oxford Stunt Factory – who had visited the trebuchet site in Middlemoor Water Park near Bridgwater, Somerset, in November 2002.

Yankov was apparently a member of a ‘dangerous and extreme sports club’ called The Oxford Stunt Factory. So, he was hardly some naive tourist, but it’s still pretty awful.

I found some photos and personal account of a successful, uh, launch from the same device: ” I did a couple of somersaults before I hit the net”.

4 Responses to “Man Killed in Catapault Accident”

  1. Felipe Ledesma

    I just say the pics, and let me tell you, I don´t know how somebody can try that kind of stuff… it looks too stupid and dangerous.

  2. Theresa

    The real dangerous and extreme sport would be NO net… Wimps.

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