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My Grandparents’ Garden

After my grandmother passed away, I found this in my grandfather’s workshop. There were a bunch of them, at least 15 or 20–one for each year. They’re plans for my grandparents’ large garden. These images are two sides of the same piece of cardboard–maybe from the packaging of my grandfather’s shirts? One side is dated 1975–the other doesn’t have a date. I’m not sure whose writing this is–I need to ask my Dad. Click for larger versions:


2 Responses to “My Grandparents’ Garden”

  1. Dean

    That kind of stuff is just so cool. I have a diary my dad kept in 1941-43, before he joined the Army. And I have an old plan that my great-grandfather, a surveyor, did of Coalmont. It was imperfect for some reason and was thrown in the trash, but my great-aunt rescued it and handed it down to me.

    These things are much better than a watch or a grandfather clock.

    I think the writing looks like a man’s. It looks a lot like something my father would print.

  2. Miranda

    I love finding random things that were written down in another lifetime, and even more so by someone I know. It’s so strange to me how random pieces of the past survive, and it is an opportunity to reflect and think about what the writer was thinking and doing at the time it was written. Very neat find.

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