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My Photo in a JBoss Theme

JBoss, as the geekier among you may know, is a popular open source middleware platform (and, ironically, a competitor to one of my clients). Paul Tamaro works at Novell, and he’s built a theme for for JBoss Portal web app. With my permission, he integrated a photo I took of Ernest Hemingway’s house (part of this set–don’t miss the lizard in a jar) outside Havana in the theme.

It’s not available yet, but will be shortly (in the unlikely event any of you are crazy-mad JBoss nuts) at the JBoss PortletSwap. Here’s a full size preview.

I’ve fielded a few requests for my images, from a teacher who wanted to use these impalas (impala? Apparently both are acceptable) in the classroom, to this Dell box scan in a tech magazine.