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Ontario Woman Sued for $2 Million Over Website

Via Slashdot, I read about this charming turn of events in Ontario. A Waterloo mother of three become concerned about apparent construction deficiencies in her subdivision, and started a website to document them. Now she’s being sued for libel by the developer, Activa Holdings Inc (couldn’t find a website):

On Sept. 16, Lanteigne received news that she was being sued for libel by developer Activa Holdings Inc., one of the largest developers in the region.

The statement of claim said “the malicious, high-handed and arrogant conduct of the Defendant warrants an award of punitive or exemplary damages to ensure that the Defendant is appropriately punished for her conduct and deterred from such conduct in the future.”

Here’s a Google cache of her website (without photos, unfortunately). Her (heh) Geocities site exceeded capacity–somebody ought to host it for her. It looks like Canada could also use some anti-SLAPP legislation.

UPDATE: From Slashdot, here are the contact details for the CEO of Activa Group, Werner Brummund.

6 Responses to “Ontario Woman Sued for $2 Million Over Website”

  1. Derrick

    I think you mean Waterloo. No (K) It is a city in Ontario. Also an interesting tid bit for you, in Canada, libel laws state that the person is guilty until they can prove they are innocent. Not sure if it works that way in the States or not.

  2. Darcy Higgins

    Found your blog searching for the Reform Party – but I’m a big Green, in Waterloo.
    Met this woman twice since the lawsuit article. She’s great – a big community activist and researcher, and a regular person.


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