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The Monkey Tie-In King

Somebody has assembled an enormous list of all the movie tie-ins associated with Peter Jackson’s forthcoming King Kong:

Yum. There are King Kong Cotton Candy & Sour Gummies, Apple Jacks,
Klik Dispensers (like Pez),
Sweet Spin YoYo,
Power Pops,
Mighty Chew Bubblegum,
Movie Camera Bubblegum Packages, and
Light & Sound Candy Dispensers with “Lights, sound and candies all sure to keep you excited”. Nestle also has “Kong” related Crunch, Butterfinger, and Baby Ruth Bars.
Even Pepsi (in Russia) seems to be in the act – one ad visible here.

And those are just the edible tie-ins. The weirdest? Possibly the King Kong snow globe.