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When Will We Hear the First Fake Fan Song?

Remember the Flickr song? It’s now joined by the somewhat off-key tune “I Love My Mac” (thanks, Steve). Both songs demonstrate the torch that users carry for Flickr and Apple, and reflect well on the user-centricity of the organizations.

That got me wondering–when we will hear the first fake paean to a corporation, manufactured by the corporation itself? We’ve had fake fan blogs, why not fake songs? And why not fake celebrity podcasts? Get an actor or somebody who can do a decent imitation of a celebrity, and go to it. You’d get found out (possibly sued), but you’d probably get a ton of attention in the meantime. And attention can mean cash. I don’t recommend it, but it’ll happen sooner or later.

UPDATE: Here’s a Gmail song, with the video made machinima-style inside The Sims 2.

4 Responses to “When Will We Hear the First Fake Fan Song?”

  1. Chris

    Haven’t record companies been writing fake songs for years?

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