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Christmas Isn’t Christmas Without a Blind Dachshund

This is Joffre. He’s a dachshund and he’s blind. He belongs to friends of mine (I mentioned them once before, in reference to Selma Blair’s one-eyed dog).

I met Joffre for the first time today, and he gets around remarkably well. Obviously his other senses are pretty sharp, so he rarely bumps into things. He is constantly drawn to sound, though. He apparently gets along better with humans than other dogs. In the dog park, his owners have taken to saying “Joffre, doggy” to warn their pet of incoming dogs.

I also discovered, which offers everything you wanted to know about blind dogs but were afraid to ask. They appear to have quite a successful adoption program.

4 Responses to “Christmas Isn’t Christmas Without a Blind Dachshund”

  1. Jose

    Hi Darren,
    It’s sad … I just found out a few days ago that my dog (now lives with my Mom) is going blind. SHe needs to take him to the vet for tests… but it was a shocker. Thanks for the link and I hope Dante is not really going blind.

    Take care … and by the way I really like your theme/design on this site. Really cool, nice and clean. Is it downloadable anywhere?

    Blog on,

  2. Elvire

    I am not dog-lover but my brother and nieces are. Anyway, this story very informatic to read for our dalmatians. Thank You.

  3. Joe

    I’am getting a blind Dachshund this Friday. I’m starting some research on how to care for him, and what special needs they need. This helped a bit where you said how well he gets around, and about where hes is attracted to noise. Thanks a lot!

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