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I’m Talking at the BCAIM Luncheon

This is an demonstration entry of my blogging prowess!

UPDATE: Apologies for the obscure post. I posted this live while talking at the BC Association of Integrated Marketers Christmas luncheon. I won’t post my slides, because they’re entirely comprised of screenshots, photos and movies. For those who attended, here’s a quick list of sites which I referred to in my talk:

Sample Blogs

Popular Blogs

  • Slashdot – CNN for nerds
  • Boing Boing – Pop culture and amusing weirdness
  • Engadget – For your gadgetry festishists
  • Instapundit – Popular political blog
  • Dooce – Probably the most popular English-language online diary in the world (I’m speculating–anybody got alternate suggestions?)

Rest of Presentation

Other Links

If I had more time, I’d have talked about some popular social software tools that bloggers use to connect and extend their relationships online. A few of these are:

9 Responses to “I’m Talking at the BCAIM Luncheon”

  1. Travis

    Hey, did you know Hop Studios helped with the Yoga Journal blogs? It’s a long, twisty but ultimately relaxing story.

    Also in Firefox, try tabbing through the comment fields — they don’t flow in the order I expected them to.


  2. BWG

    It’s one thing to be popular, it’s another to have a site with great content.

    The following sites may not be as popular as Dooce, but they’re definitely worth regular visits:


  3. Darren

    BWG: Ignoring the fact that Ray’s your brother, isn’t even a blog. I mean, I really dig Ray’s photos, but the title reads ‘Popular Blogs’.

    I list popular blogs as part of my presentation because people inevitably ask for some popular examples. You’ll note the funeral and yoga blogs aren’t exactly household names.

  4. Geoffrey

    I was at the presentation today. In fact I was at your table. Sorry we didn’t chance to meet. You were swarmed afterwards and I had a meeting to get to.

    I teach marketing at BCIT and you had a couple of slides that were really intriguing: blogging’s rate of growth on the net and the bar graph that showed search engine results pre and post blog. These were great in that they showed some tangible stats. Great stuff for students. I’d love to get my hands on these. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks.

  5. Roxanne

    I was referred here by a fellow knitting blogger and I need to post a comment about the snickering done at this said meeting toward knitting blogs…has anyone realized that knitting-related vendors are making that much more selling their products because of knitting blogs? It’s not just for “Grandma’s” or “older” women anymore…knitting has branched out far and wide to include men and young women! People ought to take a moment to look at some of the really stylish knitting garments being made today as well as analyze the knitting industry and the effect of knitting blogs. Once that’s done, they can snicker if they want to.

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