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Off to Blogs and Dogs

Long underwear? Check (though I had to go buy it today).

Toque? Check.

Snobby attitude about the West Coast? Check.

Having just returned from a brief jaunt to Victoria, I’m off to Banff tomorrow morning to Blogs ‘n’ Dogs. Travis reports that it’s -22° C in Banff right now. Speaking as a boy who’s spent his life on the temperate West Coast, those kind of numbers scare me. I just checked, and at about 1:00am local time, it’s a balmy -28° C. What madness.

The only other time I can remember being in really cold weather was in the Czech Republic. I don’t know how cold it was, but it was might chilly.

But, you know, I’ve heard that it’s a dry cold in Alberta. Which apparently makes all the difference. Yeah, right. That sounds like another thing that’s better in theory.

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7 Responses to “Off to Blogs and Dogs”

  1. Stephen Pierzchala

    1) Lived in Victoria, BC for 10 years
    2) Lived in Golden, BC (90 minutes West of Banff) for 17 years

    -28C? Psssshaw!

    Was that with or without the windchill?

    My brother is coming to visit us from Medicine Hat next weekend. Banff is pretty and cool; Medicine Hat is real prairie cold.


  2. 'nee

    People in cold climates talk about ‘dry’ cold to make themselves feel better; it’s bullshit. When it hits -20 here, it doesn’t matter if it’s dry or wet: we all just say “it’s effing cold out”.

  3. Travis Smith

    That’s without the windchill. Windchill is a very fluid concept, and scientists still don’t all agree on its actual effects. But basically, -28 with no wind == very survivable weather, if you’re all covered up. -28 with 20kmph winds? Suddenly you’ve got a problem.

  4. double-plus-ungood

    Nope, dry cold definitely makes a difference. Lived and worked in the Yukon and NWT for three years, and when going from -40 in Whitehorse to -5 here in Vancouver, you could feel the wet clammy cold seep into your bones at the airport.

    I’ll take a dry -40 to a wet -5 any day, even with windchill.

  5. Rach

    Having just moved from Edmonton to Vancouver can definately say that there is a diff between wet and dry cold. You’d think coming from a -30 degree winter I’d be jumping for joy out here, but I find a wet -2 degrees chills me to the bone. It gets inside.

  6. Taylor and Carly

    hey, i think that dry cold and wet cold are different because a dry cold theres like nothing there you just like cough and stuff…but a wet cold is like when u have a runny nose and you cough up grose stuff even in the winter!!!

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