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The Strange and Wonderful World of Second Life

As you probably know, Second Life is a fascinating emerging virtual world where you don’t kill things. I’ve had trouble getting excited about MMPORGs where you do slaughter stuff, so I’m pretty sure Second Life isn’t for me. It is, apparently, extremely popular with its 90,000 residents.

Recently I glanced over a couple of interesting pieces about issues within and around Second Life. First, there’s this controversy over in-game political billboards. Then there’s this monthly economic report. I particularly like the currency report.

Certain economists get very exited about Second Life, because to them it’s virgin terrirtory–a new country with its own exchange rate against the US dollar (currently somewhere around 266 Linden dollars to one American dollar. So, better than the Yen). I referenced Clive Thompson’s article on the subject a while back, but it’s worth mentioning again.