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Time’s 50 Coolest Websites

Any time you assemble a list of X cool websites where X what Time thinks are the 50 coolest. You’re probably familiar with many of them, but there may be a few minutes of Monday morning time wastage in the rest.

I just glanced through the list, and was surprised to see cited as their “favorite way to share digital photos with friends and family”. I couldn’t tell for sure (more on this in a moment), but they don’t appear to be referring to Flickr (though the latter is owned by Yahoo). That’s simply arse, as the Intarweb largely agrees that Flickr is head and shoulders above its competition.

Through some idiosyncrasy of my computer, most (if not all) of the images on are broken for me. It’s computer (not browser or connection) specific, which is a bit puzzling. I’ve never been a big Yahoo user, so it’s never bothered me, but I occasionally wonder what gives. Here’s a screenshot (yes, I’m using an Apple 23″ Cinema Display these days–bully for me), click for a larger version:

On a related note, I’ve also never been able to directly access on this computer. I always go to, which again has broken images. Weird, eh?

6 Responses to “Time’s 50 Coolest Websites”

  1. Darren

    I’m pretty sure it’s not, because the sites’ images are blocked in both browsers, and I only have Firefox-specific adblocking software. Furthermore, the Firefox stuff only blocks on a per-case, per-request basis.

  2. Ianiv

    Must be all those illegal torrents you found on The Pirate Bay. Proof that P2P is BAD!

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist :)

  3. harp

    Flickr doesn’t have a load of storage for free which makes it not as cool as Flickr to many.

  4. Heron

    Darren, I have been seeing the same thing, intermittently, with the Flickr website. I suspect that since yahoo has (assimilated) acquired flickr that they are sharing some of the same servers and thus sharing connectivity issues as well.

  5. 'nee

    That looks like what I get from my firewall sometimes. It has something to do with hotlinking, images and ads coming from a different source than the requested HTML document.

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