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Wedding Proposal of the Year

The Moxie Cinema’s blog is one of my favourites. Today, they write about a great, original wedding proposal that occurred on their premises. The prospective groom arranged for a private showing of Say Anything, his girlfriend’s favourite movie:

We gave Jeff and Michelle some complimentary concession goods and started up the film, with Michelle still none the wiser to what was about to unfold. Jeff, however, was way ahead of the game. He had copied the first hour and seventeen minutes of the movie, and then, during the famous scene when John Cusack holds the boom box above his head, Jeff spliced in himself, complete with a brown trench coat, holding a boom box above his head. Then the words: “Michelle, will you marry me?” splashed across the screen. I drew up the lights, Jeff dropped to his knee, and Michelle screamed with excitement.

How great is that? I like a proposal that depends on an 80’s teen film for its success.

3 Responses to “Wedding Proposal of the Year”

  1. -j.

    Wow, that sounds *way* more romantic than my idea of splicing myself into Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach…

  2. Steve Kirks

    The Moxie’s in my locale and I try to get there as much as possible. Dan and Nicole are even *nicer* in person and the flavored toppings for popcorn rock. The theater’s quality is first-rate and to be envied by others.

  3. Michelle

    This is “the Michelle” that was proposed too. I don’t know how my fiance found this site, but he did. It was pretty romantic, boys! Thanks for putting up our story. :-)

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