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What’s Yahoo Up To?

Because I’m not strong on business analysis, I try to stay out of the who-buys-who-and-why game. I didn’t mention, for example, that Yahoo bought Delicious last week. Yahoo seems to be acquiring or partnering with a bunch of social software and Web 2.0 tools.

Brian Lam has done some thinking on the subject, which seems to make sense:

Yahoo seems to be telling these people that they can start out with a web presence (with no visible branding from Yahoo in the domain or in the site) that is preloaded with all the bells and whistles of a Web 2.0 bleeding edge digerati guru right away.

Great. Now what will all the trouser-rubbing Web 2.0 bleeding edge digerati gurus do? Web 3.0, of course.

2 Responses to “What’s Yahoo Up To?”

  1. Krishen

    In case there’s anyone else out there who doesn’t know what Web 2.0 is… I looked it up, and it turns out to be a whole lot of buzz-speak. Call me cynical but I think [head of the series of computer books] Tim O’Reilly is inventing terms to help drive his appearance as an expert (he also coined the term “alpha geek” in 2002 to describe influential early adopters — but at least that had a good definition).

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