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10 Bucks for an Old Article from 24 Hours?

Jackson made an interesting discovery about one of Vancouver’s three free dailies, 24 Hours. He tried to access a story from December 27, 2005, and was presented with this page:

The story you are searching for is available in its entirety via email, fax or mail for $10.00, payable with credit card (include expiry date).

Ten bucks? For a week-old article in a shoddy local daily? A slightly more esteemed paper, the New York Times, charges about CAN $5 a story. I imagine the demand for old 24 Hours articles is near zero, but that’s still a shameful cash grab.

As for the other dailies, I had a hard time determining Dose’s archive policy. I only found articles as old as November, 2005. Maybe they just dump older stuff? Metro is equally ambiguous after a quick search.

2 Responses to “10 Bucks for an Old Article from 24 Hours?”

  1. tradervik

    I don’t think it’s a cash grab. From the sound of it, requests for articles have to be processed manually. Then there’s the payment processing and overhead. It all adds up.

  2. Gwen

    RE: Dose — you can download PDF issues of Dose all the way back to April 4, 2005, by clicking “Download DOSE” and then clicking on “Archives” (Vancouver’s, for example, is at ). Not the same as having searchable HTML archives but at least they’re all there and all still free.

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