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Bull Gets Even

As you might imagine, I find bullfighting both detestable and utter indefensible. As such, I’m always pleased to watch video of the bull goring the heck out of a matador. Today, via CNN (apologies for the stupid, dodgy, popup video player), a bull goes one better, hopping the wall in right field to go after the fans.

If you watch the video to the end, you’ll spot a photographer with nerves of steel. Or perhaps he’s a retired matador.

2 Responses to “Bull Gets Even”

  1. Stephanie Kiernan

    I saw that video also and you’re absolutely right. What a horrible and inhumane event to attend! The poor old bull – I hate to think what happened to him next.

    PS: Love your site Darren. You do a great job!

  2. -j.

    Bullfighting is an awful, savage practice. This clip reminds me a little bit of Chris Rock’s routine about the tiger that attacked Roy Horn (of Siegfried and Roy):

    “People said that tiger went crazy. That tiger didn’t go crazy. He went TIGER.”

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