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Green Party Unveils Platform

As regular readers know, I voted Green in the last election. I’m leaning that way again, though I’m leaving myself open to other options for the moment. Regardless, I thought I’d point out that the Green Party released its platform today (thanks, Jim). Apparently there are 216 specific ideas outlined within. Here’s what they have to say on ‘fair taxes’:

  • Reduce taxes for Canadians earning less than $45,000 per year.
  • Establish an all-party task force to study corporate tax rates between Canada and the United States, taking into account the differences in and provision of various social programs.
  • Close all loopholes that permit the establishment of offshore tax havens by Canadian companies.
  • Establish a new Parliamentary Budget Office to provide independent public estimates of government revenues and expenditures. Simplify reporting in order to identify how government initiates new policies, the creation of budgets and the design of programs through to the actual results achieved.

I’ve said it before, but I really dig the Green Party’s ‘socially progressive, fiscally conservative’ approach.

3 Responses to “Green Party Unveils Platform”

  1. Antoin O Lachtnain

    I don’t think that sort of anti-tax-planning law will really work. You can’t really stop a company from establishing an off-shore entity to recognise its off-shore income. If you try to stop it, it will just move its whole income off-shore. The reality is that governments don’t get to determine tax rates – they have to set them in a way that is competitive.

    Looking at other parts of the paper, I can’t see how a party can be in favour of trade on the one hand, but against NAFTA on the other.

    Why don’t they propose a tax on consumption, particularly a carbon tax?

  2. Richard Akerman

    I wish the Greens (and the NDP) would get off their “give us proportional representation so we can get members in parliament” kick. I am all in favour of a good mix of socially liberal / fiscal conservative, and I like a lot of the green policies, but I’m reluctant to Go Green if they’re going to push proportional. I think proportional would be a disaster.

  3. Chris

    I’m almost embarassed to admit, but my biggest problem with the greens so far is fairly superficial although I wonder if that makes it any less important for most people. Two things: 1) they continue to portray an image of neo-hippie tree huggers whose members you would never want to place at the head of any organization let alone a government. 2) they have yet to find candidates/leaders who are in any way compelling or seeming of leadership quality. Once again, this is superficial but do you think they could at least wear a suit to an all-candidates meeting? At least it would show that they’re serious about the job.

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