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Sleep Paralysis Sounds Scary

My Irish friend Sarah periodically suffers some strange symptoms first thing in the morning:

Sometimes, maybe every month to 6 weeks or so , this really horrible thing happens to me. I wake up, but I’ve been dreaming so I’m still paralysed–you know the way when you are dreaming you can’t move so you don’t act your dreams. Sometime my husband’s arm will be around me and the weight feels like it is completely crushing me. But I can’t speak or shout out and I can’t breathe. I lay there struggling for what feels like minutes desperately trying to both breathe and speak. Eventually, just before I burst, I manage to explode and I ROAR out gasping for air and shouting at him. The poor man who has been sound asleep gets the fright of his life and scurries over to the far side of the bed convinced, that yes, he did marry the scariest woman in Ireland.

Our bodies are so weird, eh? These terrifying episodes are known as sleep paralysis:

Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain is awakened from a REM state into essentially a normal fully awake state, but the bodily paralysis is still occurring. This causes the person to be fully aware, but unable to move. In addition, this state is usually accompanied by certain specific kinds of hallucinations. This state usually lasts no more than two minutes before a person is able to either return to full REM sleep or to become fully awake, though the sense of how much time has gone by is often distorted during sleep paralysis.

If I’ve immediately rendered the hypochondriacal among you totally petrified (hi, Imo!), this graph may allay your fears. It indicates that if you haven’t suffered sleep paralysis by the age of 25, you’re unlikely ever to do so. That graph comes from this fairly exhaustive site on sleep paralysis, including discussions of the common hallucinations paralyzed people experience..

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  1. stranger

    hi all, i’ve also have such problem.. but usually is when i’m reali tired n lack of sleep. 1 thing i’ve found out to sort of prevent it from happening when i know it’ll happen(ie. when i’m lack of sleep the night before)… Try sleep with your front body down with your face at the side of cos.. it really really works very well for me. Never try lying down flat on our back…you’ll experience such state for sure.. and if you do, n you know immediately after u manage to get out of that state n you wanna sleep again, try the front. Hope my tips help..

  2. Jackie

    So, need to tell you guys my sleep paralysis experience last night. It was pretty scary and it was my first time I’ve ever experienced it (I’m 25). I only had 5 hrs of sleep the past 3 days,,,and when I got home last night, I slept from 6pm to 12am before I got up to shower. But around 7pm, I felt like I was awake but there was a black cat rolling around on my chest, but I couldn’t move at all so I couldn’t get it off of me! I was thinking OMG how did a cat get in my room? AHHH. Then I tried to reach for my cell phone for light, but it was sooooooooo hard, but when i finally did, my cell didn’t have any light! Then I tried to get up to reach for my light switch,,,but that’s when I woke up & realized there wasnt a cat in my room…..

    I told my bf about it and 2 years ago he experienced it and thought his roommate was home, walking around in the kitchen, but he couldn’t get up to say Hi. When he did wake up, he realized his roommate wasn’t even home!

    Scary, I’m afraid of the dark now,,,,cuz there might be a cat around.


    “In some cases, when hypnogogic hallucinations are present, people feel that someone is in the room with them, some experience the feeling that someone or something is sitting on their chest and they feel impending death and suffocation. That has been called the “Hag Phenomena” and has been happening to people over the centuries. These things cause people much anxiety and terror, but there is no physical harm.”

    “The major difference between the two types of Sleep Paralysis is that Hallucinatory Sleep Paralysis is accompanied by frightening hallucinations, feelings of intense fear, and the strong feeling of an evil presence. Almost all cases of Hallucinatory Sleep Paralysis occur when victims are sleeping on their backs.”
    (I was sleeping on my back!)

    “There are still quite a few incidents of Hallucinatory Sleep Paralysis that report a black cat on top of the victim stealing their breath, ”
    (That was my hallucination, a black cat on top of me)

  3. tina

    I am 17 years old, going through a lot of stress. ever since I was little I always had nightmares, they mellowed down alittle. and now recently i been getting horrible nightmares, their worse then nightmares. just last night i went to sleep at 1030 and I dont remeber what I was dreaming about, or what was happening. all i remeber was being so scared and helpless. I remeber being in a bathtub unconcious and water was filling up my lungs. the next thing i remeber was being confused if i was dreaming or it was actually happening. i was struggling so hard to get up but i couldnt move a bone. i finally get up and im in my room and i feal really weak , I walk downstairs to my mom to tell her i dont feel good and somethings wrong. I faint on the floor and my body is getting dragged out of her room to the bathroom to the turned out i was still dreaming.. everytime i would really get up in reality i would struggle to get up but i couldnt. i finally made it to open my eyes and I stood up before I was able to fall back asleep. i wasnt able to breath right away. I didnt go back to bed , but I felt naucious and sick for the rest of the night. and it was only 1200 when i wokeup, so all of this happend within 1 hr.

  4. Cassie

    Really interesting stuff!! I had my first episope of SP while in hospital the day after having my 1st child. in Feb 1981 I was 23. It was terrifying as I thought something had gone badly wrong. I was fully aware but unable to move or make a sound & when it ‘broke’ my first instinct was to get a nurse – then almost immediately I felt a bit silly as I had snapped back to normality so completely I wouldn’t have known what to say so didn’t say anything to anyone.
    since then I have had many episodes – One tip that may work is to mentally chant the Lord’s Prayer. Maybe just focusing on this helps to relax the body while the paralysis clears. I do believe the fear exacerbates the symptoms. It can feel reassuring as well, perhaps a sense of protection in a scary situation.
    I have had vivid hallucinations at times. Once the bedroom door opened and I saw & heard a fire roaring in the hall way. It was so real – then in a flash I was in a dark bedroom and the door was shut.
    Another time I saw a young woman leaning over me she had a scary expression & was waving her hair near my face.
    A man walked through the room and straight through the wall.
    I had not had an episode for ages until last night – I am just now 50. I fell asleep on the sofa, supine, and the familiar tingling and buzzing in my ears let me know. I fought to get up and did so – I stood up and then felt dizzy and began to fall backwards. I was expecting to bang my head on the floor but kept on falling til I was almost flying but backwards. Then I realised I had not moved at all. I struggled to wake up – freed my hands and began to hit my face – again realising this was also unreal!! By then I was kind of enjoying it – knowing it was an illusion but ready for it to stop. I had a few false exits before actually waking up in reality. Weird after a really long time. I feel there may be a chance this could lead to astral projection & lucid dreaming however the sense of powerlessness is hard to deal with at the time. Keep writing – fascinating!

  5. Karen Maxwell


    Half way to sunrise
    I hear it draw near
    half asleep half awake
    it rings in my ear

    If I don’t head this warning
    and flee from my bed
    I’ll have accepted a duel
    with the evil half dead

    It’s weapon is sensual
    and I’m half tempted to try
    on this half human lust
    from a soul that won’t die

    My body’s like lead
    as it hovers above
    a half inch from mine
    it wants more than love

    In fear for my soul
    I fight to break free
    it’s hold like a vice
    I can’t scream, I can’t see

    With all of my will
    I shake from its spell
    and pull myself back from
    half way to hell

    I throw on the lights
    disperse energy
    “In the name of the Lord,
    Begone…leave me be”

    Is it half truths, or dreaming
    Is it dead, or alive
    Is it gone, or just scheming
    Will next time I survive

    K Maxwell

  6. karen

    i’ve been getting sleep paralysis on and off midly for around 15 years in the last couple of years its become quite frequent.i get the old hag sitting on my chest or holding me down around once a month but sometimes this can be as often as weekly.last time it was a bit different i was being punched in the head and was paralysed and couldnt wake myself, after a couple of minutes i think i shoock myself out of it fell asleep then it happened again. been trying to find something on the net, has anyone else experienced this?

  7. cuba

    That has happened to me as well. I was punched several times in the stomach one night. and i’ve had the sensation of being poked in the head. it is scary especially when you are paralyzed and sometimes when i shake myself awake and fall back asleep, it happens again

  8. Laila

    I am 22 and it first had it 4 years ago, only once.
    But this year it started again. Sometimes it’s not there for months and sometimes I get it several times in one night.
    It was not frequent so I hadn’t researched it before but last night I had it like 7 times (because every time I went to sleep right away and I discovered now as I read your comments that I shouldn’t have done so ).

    I don’t see ghosts or scary figures and I do hope I won’t!

    I just feel I want to wake up and I can’t. The only hallucination I had was today when I dreamed as if a friend was calling me on the phone and I wasn’t able to say hello clearly. In reality, I wasn’t talking at all.

    I will try your advices. It’s good to know it’s not harmful..

  9. Lyle

    I have had many of these type of dreams. Up until about age 12 I never experienced a nightmare and had full lucid dreams. I knew I was dreaming and had control. I started having these very dark paralysis dreams about 3 years ago. It is always the same. I am in whatever room I am actually sleeping in with everything in the same order, including the lighting. I am completely parallelized, I can not speak or make any noise. When my ex wife was sleeping in my bed she would also be present in my dream. There is always a dark evil figure standing over me. Sometimes choking me and sometimes just standing over me. When I wake the room is identical in every way except no dark figure but the sense of its presence remains for a few moments. I usually will get up and eat or watch TV or surf the web to get my mind busy. I am convinced these are actual encounters. I believe because of them spiritual warfare is very real.

  10. Lyle

    My Last Paralysis dream involved a different being. I had all the same symptoms as my last post, however. I kept having false wakes. about 4 of them I think. On the last false wake, waking and still dreaming but thinking you are awake. I was stuck there in bed on my back, I was trying to cry out so someone would help me but unable to produce sound. I blue young woman, translucent, came from the ceiling floated down and said “No you can’t come with us” “You must stay here!” This was the first one of these dreams where I felt completely same from the presence or visitor. I know this sounds crazy but this was 2 months ago and it stuck with me enough to do research today on this phenomena.

    I have also woke up finally screaming “You Get the Hell out of here!” Scaring the crap out of my former wife. This is my normal attitude no matter how scared I am I try to scream out to tell the dark presence that it is not welcome and to leave at once but can not speak. Thank you for reading my posts. Is it just me or are we being visited by spiritual beings in this sleep state? Please help me understand this. I need to know this is not just me and that I am not crazy.

  11. Lyle

    would any of you experiencing dark presence or attacks be willing to participate in a survey? I am curious to know if we have any commonalities. Religious, Agnostic, or Atheistic? Geographical location, and many other lifestyle specific items. This could be done anonymously and only divulge what we are comfortable with. I would be curious to know if there are certain things that are common among us and what that is. These dreams are terrifying, if they are more than dreams we have reason to be concerned. Some ammunition or tools would be kind of nice. Yes? Let me know and if so I’ll try to organize some type of intelligent and respectful questionnaire.


  12. Submitter19

    First of all I’m an 18 year old Muslim, and do believe I am quite religious but sometimes off task. Let me give you a seemingly quick summary of my episodes as well as the history behind it. Well, I moved to this new house with my family when I was ten. There, my sis saw a cat in the hallway, but we never had one. One night my uncle stayed alone at our house, he later complained that the lights went out by themselves and he heard someone walking around in the house. Another time, my grandma complained seeing a woman’s figure in the hallway and vanishing in seconds. Finally, one day we all heard a huge thud from the basement. We investigated and later found that two of the basement windows were open. We saw human hand prints and foot prints on the inside of the wall, as though someone had climbed down, but this is logically impossible! Then from that window was a trail of cat footprints that led to the window at the opposite end. Again, there were human foot prints and hand prints as though the human had climbed upward and out of the basement. This had scared me to death…the first thing that came in my mind was that we were dealing with a jinn or whatever you wish to call it.
    We moved again. My grandmother visited our house one day and she complained that she heard a young child crying in one of the rooms! We were shocked! Second incident took place in the bathroom, while I was performing ablution…suddenly near my feet I saw a short woman all black and she was on her hands and feet, shaking her head. I gasped, jumped back, and she vanished in seconds! Another day, my younger sister also complained seeing a short black figure moving very fast near the dining room. One morning, as I sat alone I heard a cat meow loud and clear 2 or 3 times, as though it was coming from behind the sofa I was sitting on, but when I checked, nothing was there. I was terrified of course and ran like the wind. Again, in another room, I heard a cat’s meow coming from the underneath the computer table 2 or 3 times as I sat there. I checked under and as before, there was NOTHING!
    Third house, we moved again. Here some of my siblings, as well as I had complained seeing dark glimpses of a person on separate days and random times, usually when we were alone. This is the house in which my sleep paralysis started…there are so many incidences, but I will just explain the major ones. During the first episodes, it was mostly like this: loud blurry noise (somewhat sounding like that robotic noise affect in the matrix when they switch worlds), the feeling that someone was on your head or on your chest, and not being able to speak. In the first one, which happened around midnight, I heard some loud noise. I seriously thought it was someone downstairs in the kitchen banging pots and pans! In the second episode, along with the symptoms described above, the room window was open with heavy wind blowing in and on the bed next to mine that was empty before I went to sleep, now had someone on it, pulling a blanket over them as I turned to look. I woke up minutes later to see that no one was on the bed and that the windows were closed. I was absolutely horrified! The episodes that followed this one were worse. Every time I would see a short woman in front of my bed and completely dark with her hair covering her face most of the time. My head would feel heavy and there would be the same loud noise again, as she stood there! They freaked me to death and sometimes I would cry…I even thought I would die! There were some worse ones that had happened as well, and in one of them, that woman jinn, or spirit, or whatever you would like to call it, was sitting near my head on my bed. Sometimes it choked me and other times it beat me. And when it was not even in the room during my sleep paralysis I could sometimes hear it breathing or coming towards me. Unbelievably, there was one incident that was interesting and definitely not scary. I would usually never miss my first prayer. In the middle of the night, during my sleep, I could see some tall figures stepping into the room all white and shining bright. One of them leaned on my bed and shook me to wake me up. It went something like this “wake up…we’re waiting for you downstairs to pray with us.” And…I did wake up to see that they were not in the room anymore, and shockingly it WAS time for fajr prayer, so I did as they had told me! I personally believe it is a jinn or jinns…it’s reasonable to say so, since the one my family members and I had witnessed in real appeared to be the same one I would see in my sleep paralysis. The scary ones still continue to happen, as one just happened to me today. Please give me your comments or any advice that you may find suitable for me…thanks very much!

  13. moesha

    it happened to me only once thank god, no ghosts or anything, just woke from a nap around 2 in the evening and was paralysed lying on my back for around ten seconds. I tried to call out to my mam but nothing came out,and i could see out of the corner of one eye around the room. I was terified! i’m glad
    there is a rational explanation, i’ve heard stories from friends about there being a spirit in the room who didn’t want you to wake up and see them so stopped you waking until they had gone!

  14. Lana

    I have experienced this “SP” since I was about 15, I am now 27, I was not raised as a religious person, but when I started going to church around the age of 15 I started having “dreams”. The dreams usually consisist of me fighting to open my eyes or “wiggle my leg”, to no avail. Just around 3 years ago did I experience the most terrifying experiences every night for about two weeks straight. When I was around 25, I was alseep one night and I heared a loud buzzing in my ear, and a force holding me down. I would awake, pray for protection and then I would be ok for the rest of the night.
    During this time, the experiences would intinsify. One night I was sleeping I heared a loud buzzing, I was trying to wake up, then I felt like I was being held down, I then heared a man’s voice tell me that “I could not get rid of him that easily”. I began to quote scripture to it, ” No weapon formed against me shall prosper”. ” Greater is He that is in me than is in the world”. I would also say “Jesus”.

    I also started to read the bible more, ( so I could have more Bible versus to throw at the “thing”). I would pray before I went to sleep, Psalms 27, 91 my favorites. I also play gospel music at night or watch the Christain channel.

    it works for me

  15. Rich Washington

    I have exprienced sleep paralysis about 2 – 4 times throught the ages of 18 – 23, but I’ve never really know what it was. I would sometimes be sleep then open my eyes to the room I am in and try to get up and not be able to move. I just recently turned 24 and I swear this dramtically increased the day after my birthday ive had it 5 times in days. A matter of fact I went through it three times today alone. The expriences are much more terrifying now. I wake up in the room I am in capable of hearing and seeing everything in the room, but I hear noises of my front door opening and closing and creepy voices. The first time it happen a man with a blurred face was standing over me and I was screaming, but no sound came out my mouth. The scariest part of these events happened today the 2nd & 3rd time it occured I heard the same noise of someone opening my door and slamming it which let me know this was happening again. I tried to fight it by picking up the phone next to me and grabbing the remote on my chest. My mind I told my hand to grab the remote and throw it and I felt the sensation of it happening but when i looked down it was still there. I flipped out as the noises of someone in the house increased. I really dont like this and im searching for some treatment. If anyone has any solutions can you please inform me. Thank you.

  16. Leany

    i just started having these dreams more this morning. ive had them before but not this often. i ve had them twice today. some person, in my second dream it was a lady, was holding me down and laughing and i was so scared because i have allergies and i can barely breathe as it is and when i was suffucating i was so afraid to be near death…

    these are really scary i hope they mdont continue.

  17. James

    Ive never even heard of this before, but last night this happened to me. I had just fallen asleep when something made me wake up, I didnt know what it was but when I tried to look around I realised I was totally paralyzed except for my eyelids, at this point I became aware of something that felt dark and menacing just beyond my view then a sudden extreme crushing feeling on my head, it felt like I was being sat on by an elephant.

    I tried at this point with all my will to fightback and cry out, but I could only scream inside, this seemed to last for about 1-2 minutes. Slowly the crushing subsided and I was able to move my head, but I just laid there too terrified to see what if anything was in the room. Im 30 years old now and I have never experienced anything like this before, im worried about whats going to happen tonight.

    Im not religous and normally dont believe in the supernatural, but this experience felt unexplainable

  18. ZM

    My experience is similiar to the lady from Ireland. During the night when my husband has his arm around me I dream of someone holding me so tight, that they are slowly crushing my ribs, I feel the pain and I cannot breathe. If I try to get away or move a bit they crush harder until I turn blue in the face. I cry and plead for mercy yet it’s hard for me to speak because I am being suffocated. On the verge of completly fainting I wake up and I find my husbands arm on me down my ribs. First thing I do is thank God it was over and then I move his arm and wish he can keep his arms to himself while he sleeps.

  19. cheese

    I’ve been experiencing the same auditory halucinations that Rich Washtington described in post 65. These also began occurring for me much more often soon after my 24th birthday (I’m 28 now). In addition I’ve also had three other scenarios that seem to be recurring. One is a heavy darkness that holds my entire body stationary from one point in the middle of my forhead with a terrifying sense of impending doom as well as the thought that this is some sort of game, and I’m losing. The other is of a black cat that somehow seems similar to the darkness. The final is of a group of sceintists (I guess kind of like the classic alien abduction).

    Regardless, I can even tell when they are happening and have been able to force myself out of the paralysis fairly quickly. These haven’t been just occurring coming out of sleep, but have also occurred while going to sleep. With last night’s attack, I could hear the sound of my small oscillating fan change tone, as well as the noise in my head changing. I fought it for a bit, trying to not fall into the paralysis, but no matter how hard I tried, it eventually happened. The halucination was instant. I was staring around, then the paralysis kicked in, and as soon as the paralysis kicked in the black cat was sitting 1 foot away on my bed looking directly at me. I tried to reach out and touch the cat, but fear grept me and instead I forced myself awake.

    I think the next time it occurs, I’ll see about riding out the experience.

  20. D Spencer

    im 26 now and i have had these experience since i was 16 years old.
    It normally happens in the evening when i fall asleep , then i wake up because someone or something is putting their hands on my throat, i try to move but i can, i try to scream but no voice comes out, i can also feels hans holding me down , it lasts for a few minutes then it goes away. Its a very scary feeling when this happens because you can’t do anything about it.
    I get this about once a year but when i was younger it use to happen about 4 times a year.
    I have also noticed that when i have had these experience i have been sleeping on my back.

    The last one i had was about 6 months ago, but this time it was different.
    I was paralysed, could not speak or shout, although i could see my husband sleeping next to me he was unaware. I saw a girl aged about 15 years old with long black hair sitting between us and she was looking at me. She looked as if she was drowned in he water or something, it was very spooky and scary, i never saw her again.

  21. knowthetruth

    I used to have these and when i started to read aytul kursi and certain verses from the koran they dissapeared, its jinns attacking you at night. move house – that can help sometimes, better still read aytul kursi 3 times and last few surahs in the quran. These scientists think they know everything, theres a whole paragraph on them in the koran – so lucky im a muslim and know the truth!.

  22. reinard

    Sleep Paralysis!!wow iam so glad to hear iam not alone!!i thought i have a demon inside me.all of us i c have about the same iam not gona say alot,exept is there any thing that can help?or any one who can help?because its very freaky,and u cant try too explain it too some one who doesnt know whar u are talking about.they will think u,re nuts!!!!

  23. Kelly


    I have had sleep paralysis almost every day for over ten years now. Many of them result from lucid dreams that I wake myself from.

    The frequency of these experiences have allowed me some freedom to experiment to try and figure out what was happening to me.

    For those of you that see dark figures and have external evidence that they are not exclusively hallucinations I would suggest the book The Bondage Breaker by Niel T. Anderson.

    For the sake of brevity let me just say that I believe sleep paralysis is a natural disorder but there is strong evidence that both hallucinations and demons may be involved under various circumstances.

    I have come to this conclusion from both a survey of various cultural traditions as well as medical literature and personal experience.

    I’d be happy to answer any questions that anyone might have.

  24. Johnny

    I seemed to (suffer) alot from S.P at 24 for about a year in 2004-05. Genrally happening two to three times a month. Various forms, a man climbing through my window, dark figures in the corner of the room, a drilling sound, being pressed, hugged,jumped,walked and tapped on the head on by something invisible. Even felt something walking on my bed and the matress moving( is that common with anyone?)After a while i taught myself to go with the flow and they gradually disapeared. Had my first episode last night for around 3 years. However sometimes freakily funny i can be at times i hope i dont make a habit of it to often. P.s apart from last night even though i have lived in various different households in the last 5-6 years, it only ever happend in one room in one house?

  25. graeme

    “a drilling sound, being pressed, hugged,jumped,walked and tapped on the head on by something invisible.”

    This is a good way to describe what has been happening to me….

    Along with: fuzziness/vibrating/ a pin’s and needle like feeling in my head?

    Can anyone relate?

    Also when all this is over and I am awake (even hour’s after) I feel as though a strain has been put on my brain…

    Thinking back, I think it happened to me when I was really young (maybe 9) I remember screaming for my dad repeating “i can’t move, I can’t move” i never understood why till now…

    It would be nice if this could work as some kind of closure (fingers crossed!)

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  27. muslim girl

    Please someone help me, I honestly feel so scared.

    I have had this sleep paralysis thing around 3 times. I have felt blasts of air pentetraing into my body where i cant breathe So i tired sleeping on my side, about a year later I haerd a voice and a voice in my ear. It always happends around exam time and its the worst time it can happen I really stresses me out and I just cant get over it until a few months. When I forget about it it happends again. I am muslim and I belive its a Jinn. I just dont know what to do. I pray to Allah it does not happen to me ever again. And may he help us all.

  28. ana

    ok hello.. im really freaked out. Well, for one thing iv felt all that before.. and im used to it so much that it rarely bthered me.. i would usually tyr to make my self fall asleep by ignoring the feeling, and telling my self to wake up in the dream ( dont believe …if dont want) and i could sorta make it better… but then one night while i was trying that a really scary dark man voice came up.. i can remember what he said. but i know it was bad, but at the same time i was like no this a dream or w.e,, and i tired really really hard to wake myself up.. and finally i did. but then my whole body really hurt… no the weird thing is if i take pics in my room i can find orbs!!!???

  29. Stacey

    Does anyone feel absolutely drained after an episode of sleep paralysis?
    The last one I had lasted 10 minutes. My husband watched me try to move and caressed me and lifed my body to try and bring me out of it.
    Afterwards I was exhausted!
    (My shoulders were drawn up tight too and alll my muscles were rigid)

  30. Sharon M

    I have also encountered SP many times and it petrifies me, i have seen a black cloaked figure. One night my husband was actually awake next to me and could hear me rapidly breathing. He saw what he describes as a black head hovering over me.

    Last night, i heard a buzzing sound and felt vibrations in my head. My body started spinning round elevated from the bed. I was too scared to open my eyes at this point. When i was on the bed again i opened my eyes to see a translucent face right in front of mine. I was really scared, trying to scream out, i shut my eyes and i was able to move again. This morning i feel physically drained.

    I feel that there is defiitely something evil in the room with me when this happens!

  31. krazyapplehead

    I have always experienced symptoms of what you called “SP”. As a child, I would wake up from sleep but be unable to move. However, it merely felt like a strange sensation that I would force myself to overcome, to eventually wake up.

    Over the years, however, it has been less benign. In what was a minor nuisance evolved to fear–this indescribable fear that would descend upon you–you felt as if you needed to wake up, or you would die. The worst experiences happen to me when I am sleeping in a particular room in my house. In what graeme describes as a “drilling” noise, (I originally thought of it as the sound of a tape being rewinded but drilling sounds more accurate), this..this something..would rush itself into me, while the drilling noise was being played. And then when it stopped, the noise would stop. I felt as if the ghost or something was trying to possess me, or invade my body. It happened 3 times in one session of SP, where this thing dove into me while this drilling noise played…

    I am fully conscious while all of this is happening, and the only thought I have is “Oh God not again…” I try to move my head, or specific body parts to snap myself out of it, but it is like being strapped down, or having some force pull you down. I feel weak, unable to overcome the force…
    all this is happening while there is a 3rd force, this great sleepiness that tries to overcome me while I am experiencing this hallucination and being pinned down by this force. However, I feel that if I fall asleep, I will never wake up, or that these experiences will just repeat itself.

    After reading these entries, my experiences of SP do not sound nearly as terrible as some others. I suspect that there is another reason behind these experiences, because I find that the medical explanation “SP” behind it is inadequate–the explanation for the hallucinating aspect is played down way too much (I am NOT crazy-i am a rational human being). I don’t see myself as a superstitious person, but SP is so widely experienced by people, and medicine is still primitive and cannot explain all the phenomena in the world.

    Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be sleeping in that room again.

  32. graeme

    i had a phase of this a few months ago, haven’t had a recurrence since (touch wood).

    i find it bothers me less now, since there is other people in my boat and scientific reasoning behind it, it worries me less! (i don’t believe that anything supernatural is happening here – a man standing over your bed could just be a left over of your dream) which is really odd on my attacks as it doesn’t worry me anymore it causes my attacks to last longer. This is due to not panicing when the attacks occur (which is the causes me to “snap out” of my sp attacks)

    i do feel drained the next day and a little slow! i would love to know more about it as it just proves that we know so little about ourselves – It really is amazing (and scary, haha)

    graeme Reply:

    also krazyapplehead said when he was sleeping in a different room in his house, i believe a different room can provoke this also (a different setting can disturb sleep maybe?)

    i have never seen anyone in my room however i have felt the presence (this could merely be explained by your feeling getting pinned down, suddenly you think “well who is holding me down?” and since you brain is still in a state of sleep it creates a nightmarish person)

    one odd thing i find is that I only remember bits of what happened, however when it reoccurrs i think “this is so familiar” and remember everything

  33. emma hewlett

    hi guys.wel im an qvarqge womann of 33 years. since i was a little girl i had very spiritual expeareances.i have been petrifide at times. the thing that pins me down, i know is an evil spirit. guys i know it is.ive seen it and i made it angry. anyway i have become less scared of it. ive been dragged from my body,cos i wa fighting against it any way it dragged my soul from my phisical body, and slung me all over. my soal wa been dragged accross the ceiling. i hav seen the horrird minor demon. guys these spirits have never been human. there is and always been a spiritual dimention. the demon is just a evil black shadow that pins us down in our sleep,n sumtimes rapes us and makes us even orgasm. anyway guys i,vee had enough of the weardo. im off t c a catholic priest t get this devil t leave me alone. call me if u suffering 2. emma hewlett. please ring me,

  34. vicky

    i experienced this last night for the first time, first i was dreaming that i was going to get a glass of water but when got to my door it suddenly hit me that i was actually still laid down,but really thought i was doing that.This happened a few times & iwanted a drink but couldnt bring myself to get up n do it, then as i lay on my back i had my arms bent up & it felt as though an extremely heavy pressure was onmy arms & i was tring my hardest to push my arms up then i attempted to sream out-help me but only a very slight whisper came out.Felt helpless,then i just woke suddenly siting up and felt really hot.The pressure seemed to come over me from the left side then was fully on my arms.Didnt hallucinate but did feel as if it was someone holding me down.thought i was getting terrified to go to sleep ever again so can anyone give me any tips to stop this from happening again.I went back to sleep about an hour after and nothing!

  35. stellak

    Okay, this happened to me throughout my life. Began in childhood around 11. It would happen when I let go and made myself feel light as a feather, no stress. I would fall into a rather deep sleep and this tended to happen….on time I floated.

    I would wake up in the middle of the nite, can’t move, can’t speak, tried to move my head but my neck is held down with the rest of my body. There were times when I felt something tugging at my blanket…this was not a dream because it always occurred in my bedroom, same blankets, chirping outside my window….changed beds, once I could see the bunk bed above me.

    I would begin to pray…I sensed something evil. I prayed by repeating Jesus’ name.

    Eventually, I would shut my eyes really hard, prayed, and fell back asleep. My friend experienced it…and she decided to look…to see what was in the room…and she gather her will to lift her head and saw an albino man.

    As years passed, I did not have many occurences. I was 26 yrs. old, and moving out of my parents’ when I thought about these occurences….I told myself it has been almost five years, if it happens before I move out I will choose to look past my feet and look up….

    I finally have permission to see the evil that was present, and it was a man in my bathroom. looking at me (half of his body was covered by the wall (looking at me in a sinister way) shaven head, dressed in black.

    I began to pray, shut my eyes, and went back to bed.

    I heard this is sleep paralysis or Astral something, but I find it compelling because many people have brought this up in passing with the same feelings of evil, praying with Jesus, etc. Very weird.

  36. miguel

    its happened to me at least 2 times in my childhood i would wake up in the middle of the night pointing at the door in my dream that there was someone there while still asleep i knew i was asleep but my mind was literally at the door trying to open it its a really bad feeling its all in your dream you just recall that when you wake up and that makes you feel like you were being suffocated and you couldnt move for people that have hallucinations just close your eyes or try to otherwise you will be scared to death

  37. Hayyley

    I’m 16, and i’ve been dying to experience sleep paralysis ever since watching a documentary on Discovery channel. And yesterday night, i think i really did!
    I was sleeping facing the ceiling, and i remember suddenly awakened by a huge sound of running engine over my head. I felt very cold (but that’s probably because of the fan), and the sound of the running engine was so loud that my head and ears were staring to hurt, and i felt pressure over my entire head. I tried to move and call my mum, but realised that i couldn’t move at all! I was trying to order my brain to make me move or something. Then after several minutes, the sound just died off, and i could move again! It was pretty interesting XD

  38. jackieo0o0

    I’ve been getting it for about two years now. What’s weird is that sometimes I can see part of the room and part of my dream. For example: I’ll think that I’ve gotten up and walked across the room (which is usually what I’m struggling to do) and I’ll also see the pillow that my head is still laying on. I always feel urgent to wake up because it always feels as though someones in the room with me – someone evil. I’ve even felt like this evil someone was sitting on my chest before. Sometimes I can see this thing maybe down the hall or as a silouette, but not very often and never can make out details. The evil presence is always there though. Its creepy, but doesn’t bother me unless I’m home alone :p

    P.S. I was prescribed xanax for awhile and it seemed like it made my sleep paralysis worse.

  39. jackieo0o0

    Oh yeah and I have to talk about one experience that really freaked me out. I was sleeping at my boyfriend’s house in his bed. I was in the middle and he was on the outter edge. I usually go into sleep paralysis as I’m falling asleep but this time I had been asleep for hours. I “woke up” and could hear this super raspy, heavy breathing. It sounded like a female and I don’t know why, but I know it wanted to scare me. It sounded like it was standing next to the bed by my boyfriend, but I knew it knew I could hear it and knew it was there. It was the only time I’ve ever managed to call out from SP. I got out a funny-sounding “hey” and my boyfriend woke up and shook me awake. He said he was freaked out because he could feel my emotions – my fear. He thought it was probably cuz our heads were touching… weird. I explained to him that I was having sleep paralysis and what was happening. Before I could tell him that it was a demon and female, he told me that hes had a sucubus for years and explained his reasons for believing so. It was one of the creepiest things I’ve ever experienced and I will never forget it.

  40. sarah

    i get sleep paralysis all the time its scary i feel theres someone in the room with me flying over the top of me i have learnt to breathe slow and wait for it to pass but it still scares me it first happened wen i was 6 i thought i was dead lol its a horrible experience and im sure my boyfriend finks im makin it up as he neva sees it lol

  41. Brendan

    this happened to me the night before last (last episode was about 5 years previous).i cant find the words to describe to friends & family just how awful this is.There was a girl standing by the bed holding ny handmy other hand is on my back but no matter how hard i try i cannot push or get her to move.I also find myself trying to scream my wifes name but to no avail.
    absolute terror is probably as close as anything to describe it

  42. stella

    I ‘ve had this symptom growing up–now I am 30. I lived in a condo with my parents from 12 yrs to 26 and there was a cemetery across the street by the way.

    Prayer seems to be everyone’s first instinct. I recall each time waking up, not moving, but hearing the birds chirping, etc. Or, if I woke up paralyzed with my head turned to the side..I could see my alarm clock. Once, I was paralyzed but could move my hands..I felt something tugging at my comforter by my feet–very creepy. My response has always been pray, pray, and pray.

    With age, the occurences decreased, but if I thought about them it triggered them. Anyways, the last few months before my wedding I promised myself that I would allow myself to “look” if this were to happen. I had a feeling it would not happen in my new place–it hasn’t in 3 years. Well, a few weeks before my wedding it happened. A sleep paralysis. I built up the courage struggled to lift my head, while in prayer, and looked. A bald man stood in my bathroom. He stared me down. He was in black..all black with a peacoat. My friend who suffers from this said she saw an albino too. I forced my eyes and my head down—my head didn’t really lift. This scares me to this day. I can’t get the image out of my memory

  43. Andrew

    I enter this state on purpose often, its a good way to encounter vivid dreaming but its also very dangerous.

    Do not be fooled people you are experiencing the difference between the physical world we see with our eyes and the world our soul exists in, if you sleep with the TV on notice if the tv is on during this or if there is any real source of light or if its ambient light, notice if you can see the people in the room if there are any.

    If you get to a point where you see no light, can hear no audible noise, can see no people, and you feel you are being attacked… fight for your life and show no fear.. fear is what feeds the attacker whatever it is. As soon as you are actually able to sense taking offensive action you will feel shutters as if you can’t hear the thing roar but you feel it.

    I’ve done this many times I know for certain people can die in this state from not breathing. Its tied to sleep apnia and if you cannot control it then do not sleep on your back and don’t fight sleep or stay up too late.

    I have left my body and wandered town, strangely you see nothing but inanimate objects and starlight, however if you hover over where someone is you can feel that person’s prescence.

    The feeling you feel is something that is sensing if you are aware of it, if it senses you sense it or if you react to it it will try to scare you to death literally.

    Remember when you can see people, your not completely seperated and you can either by deciding not to care to be scared or by working yourself up into a state of terror really fast wake up or go into sleep.. either way your physically aware as opposed to spiritualy aware.

    I would imagine if your body perishes that only then can you see the things you sense, not something I am willing to do myself however I will continue with these encounters as they are very empowering after a point. It seems when you are in control your life’s karma is good, when you are under attack your life is under attack, and when you are in terror your life is also in peril or at least in alot of stress. And you can affect one by the other either way, if your in the dumps and have a good empowering experience then the next day you will have a good day. So it is under your control, do not fear the unknown remember one day we all die its just something that happens do not let fear of death rule your sleep paralysis experience.. remember that you are still in control and you can wake yourself up at any time… all you have to do is not give up to the attacker.

    I’m sure people will mock me, but you who experience this try what I suggest before you judge it. Others have and they too have the same control of the experience.

  44. Dawn

    i dunno what to do about this it happened to me today when i fell asleep in histroy. i could only make a low moaning nosie bc it makes my body tngle everywhere i can move nmy fingers and thats about it. i couldnt move so i kept fighting against it and trying to get up i kept thinking “ok im going to lift up now” and everytime i would try to it wake up it wouldnt work. I can think cleary but i just cant move. and this happens all the time to me. It doesnt matter how i sleeep and i never knew that there were other people that this happened to i thought it was just me. and then sometimes when im laying on my side i can feel someone under me pushing up and it moves down my body and then i can feel someone climbing onto my bed and pushing down on it. i wake up breathless and i feel like i am going to die its so scary. i havent told anyone about it though and im not sure if i should.

  45. Natalia

    My first SP was about 5 years ago and I’ll never forget it. I woke up paralysed and there was a black demon in my room. (I’m absolutely not religious and don’t believe in ghosts). He was very tall, he had a black cloack on and his face was black fog. The air around him was icy. For ages he was just staring at me from the middle of the room and he knew I was terrified. I can’t explain the terror I felt. Then he came next to my bed and suddenly put his face really close to mine. He started choking me. I think I blacked out here because the next thing I remember is floating in the top corner of the room. My body was still on the bed but my mind was not in it. I know it sounds crazy but this is what happened. I was a mind without a body and it felt very peaceful. When I woke up I was shaking for hours and I had to vomit. It was horrible. For me the hallucinations are the worst not the paralysis. Maybe because it’s not a new feeling anymore..I don’t know.

    stella Reply:

    When I got the courage to lift my head (my will allowed me), I saw a tall, pale bald man in a black coat or wearing all black staring at me a few feet away!!!

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