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The Winter Equinox for Apple Cultists

Blessed be! Rejoice and throw off thy garb, for the Blessed Jobs has bestowed new bounty on his people!

I refer, of course, to the MacWorld keynote address–the subject of much speculation and foofaraw among Applists. In truth, today’s show was pretty ordinary manna from nerd Heaven: Intel inside, faster PowerBook, new versions of iLife and iWork, blogging and podcasting tools and photos by RSS.

Engadget appears to have the best coverage. Follow the keynote minute-by-minute:

12:27 PM – “Scrolls like butter” (laughter) Full-screen editing mode with slide-in and overlaid controls.”

It’s like you’re there.

3 Responses to “The Winter Equinox for Apple Cultists”

  1. Derek

    Probably better than being there, since you don’t have to put up with the hour-long discussion of iPod FM transmitters, widgets for OS X, and a few new iLife features before you get to the good stuff.

    Nice podcasting support in GarageBand, iPhoto, iChat, and iWeb, though. I think John Gruber was right in mid-2005: this never would have happened so fast if the word just hadn’t lucked out to be “podcasting”:

  2. Krishen

    Photos in the play by play… nice!

    I followed along at — they had a nice refresh system (AJAX-based, I think): the whole page didn’t reload (only thing that changed was new text appeared), and a simple (but effective) countdown timer until the next refresh.

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