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What the World Loves

Today I saw The Prejudice Map for the first time. It’s the result of some silly experiments with Google. It’s meaningless, and probably reflective of the map’s creator more than any particular country.

I was, however, inspired to play along. I whipped up an even sillier map, using Google queries like “Canadians love their *”. I editorialized heavily, and the result is more meaningless than ever. It was fun to make, though.

4 Responses to “What the World Loves”

  1. Nanuk

    Can never get enough foot showers, that’s for sure.

  2. mel

    hrm… I thought that was kinda clever…but yeah, the results are a little shitty :)

  3. JB

    tried that a couple years ago with “The meaning of life”… thought it would be good to log over the years to see how (if) it changes — according to Google.

  4. Andy

    The Prejudice Map site now has a clever intro page that makes you understand the definition of “prejudice.” That’s a very cool idea that needs to be generalized: instead of watching an ad, you have to prove your intelligence before browsing a website that requires intelligence to understand. The web can become the first medium to discriminate based on intellectual ability instead of ethnicity, gender, money, etc. Moral question: is intellectual discrimination good?

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