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Suggestions for Temporary Outdoor Lighting

This Friday night, between Moose Camp and the Saturday sessions, we’re having an impromptu BBQ in Stanley Park. I know, a bit crazy, but we’ll see who turns up.

We’re planning on having it at a covered picnic area at or near Second Beach. Boris seems to know what and where this is–I can’t picture it (if anybody has or finds a photo, that’d be great).

We’ve got most aspects taken care of, with the exception of lighting. There’s likely to be little or no natural light, so we need to rig up a cheap, removable lighting solution. Ideally, this would be something like two floodlights connected to a couple car batteries, or something equally low-tech. Any suggestions?

Oh, and tiki torches are out. It’s a public park, people.

9 Responses to “Suggestions for Temporary Outdoor Lighting”

  1. Darren

    Ianiv: Apparently you can’t reserve these areas in the off-season, or so Boris tells me.

  2. Rach

    You can get two halogen lights complete with stand at Home depot for $50.00 but as for the power supply, I’m not sure.

  3. Alastair Bird

    How about those Propane lights that we all used to use as kids when we were camping? They throw an amazing amount of light for their size, and they don’t cost that much. Probably better from a wet-battery-electrical-short-zap point of view as well.

  4. Lisa

    Follow the coastline from English bay toward Stanley Park and you’ll hit Second Beach. Or, here’s a map from some other event:

    There’s a park there with a pool and swingsets too.

  5. William Tomkinson

    I suggest for lighting:

    A a power inverter (burnaby company Xantrex owns the North American Market, or did, They make the ones at Can Tyre). This would be hooked up by extension cords to lights of your choice. Once one was pooched, take it to a running car and replace it with another.

    Second choice is a few hurricane lanterns. These can be bought for dirt cheap at army and navy or perhaps in china town. Fill with kerosene or lamp oil and trim them wicks!

    Third option, go to United Rentals or Cat the Rental store and rent a whisper quiet Honda generator (or similar). Light em up baby!

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