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The Perfect T-Shirt

Via Goto Reviews, a UK thinktank is gathering intelligence on the perfect t-shirt:

The Perfect t-shirt is something of a controversial title: until every material, tool, energy source, transport method and person involved in the project has an environmental footprint of zero and an impressive social record, the t-shirt will be responsible for some kind of impact.

They’re more about social responsibility than a neck that keeps its shape, but I can get behind the effort. What I can’t get behind is their goofy pseudo-blog.

Permanent links to individual entries, RSS feeds and comments are pretty important aspects of a blog. I’m not saying they’re necessary, but if you’re creating a blog in the first place, why wouldn’t you include them? I see these pseudo-blogs all the time–they have the look and feel of a blog with none of the plumbing bits.

They’re better than no blog at all, but I always wonder at the shortsightedness. It’s like they’re built by web designers who have never seen a blog before, and are just duplicating some other site their client showed them. Additionally, I suspect there’s no easy publishing interface on the back-end of most of these sites. That simple-as-email aspect of blogs makes all the difference, and fosters the immediacy in the author’s voice.

When I’m talking to people about blogs, they often ask who can create one for them. I tell them if their web designer can’t install and skin MovableType or Word Press, then they need to get themselves a new designer.