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I Can’t Decide If This is Awesome or Stupid

Once again via Waxy, I watched Chris Bliss do what can only be called interpretive juggling to the Beatles’ “Golden Slumbers”. I really can’t decide whether this is cool, or just sort of lame.

Chris Bliss is a comedian, and you can check out some more clips on his site.

Bonus video, because it’s Friday: Penn and Teller do the old cups trick. Except they use transparent cups and finish off with a potato. Thanks to Penn Fans for that one (is there a Teller Fans site?).

And speaking of Penn and Teller, don’t miss the riveting mini-game Desert Bus from Penn and Teller’s never-released mid-nineties PC game, Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors. You can also hear Penn Jillette discuss this masterpiece (MP3).