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Live From an Eagle’s Nest

Via Digg, you must check out this incredible streaming video from a webcam in a bald eagle’s nest on BC’s Hornby Island. It’s 5:45pm right now, and there’s currently an eagle sitting on what looked to be two eggs. The picture is pretty sharp for a webcam.

I want to know who the crazy mofo was who climbed up there to position the camera. Thanks to Infotec Business Systems for supplying the feed.

3 Responses to “Live From an Eagle’s Nest”

  1. JohnB

    *Very* nice catch, Darren. Excellent quality, even has sound.

    While I was watching the absent bird returned, switched positions and is now nesting on the eggs while the partner has left to, presumably, forage.

    Glad you posted this, Darren. Thanks.

  2. Dainellle

    i havn’t seen the eagles yet, but it sounds really cool. Do you have night vision?

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