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Recommendations for Canadian ISPs

Jody is looking for recommendations for a Canadian Internet service provider. He wants to keep his dollars north of the border, so any of the big American names are out:

I’m thinking CAN $15/month maximum. I use WordPress, which you’re familiar with now:
PHP4+, MySQL, 10gb data transfer, 500mb disk space, Perl would be nice.

I have been moderately happy with DollarHost, which is to say that they haven’t done anything egregious enough to motivate me to switch. I know the folks at and have warm feelings about them, but I’ve never used them for hosting, so I can’t speak to their reliability.

Any suggestions?

UPDATE: Er, hang on. I’m just catching up on ye olde email, and Jody tells me that he subsequently posted about his requirements. It looks like he got a bunch of responses. So, if you’ve got anything to add, go on over there and do so.

6 Responses to “Recommendations for Canadian ISPs”

  1. Jody

    Thanks for posting this, Darren.

    In my post about this I stated that I’m considering some American companies now; their prices are a LOT better. “Traitor”. Yeah, yeah, I know.

    (That mugshot of you in the Comment Preview startled me. Jezuz.)

  2. gillian

    Aren’t you really asking for recommendations on a webhost, rather than an ISP? I believe an ISP by default just gives you a connection to the internet, rather than rent you any server space for web content (though that’s often included in some deals, at a lesser level than your friend is asking). And I don’t think Shaw or Telus give out the requirements he wants anyways, so an ISP provider probably isn’t the way to go.

  3. Jody

    Gillian: you’re correct; it’s my current ISP that’s forcing me to look for web hosting options, which I specify in my post about (see Darren’s update).

  4. Petr

    The web host that was recommended to me by a friend, and that I currently use is out of Toronto. I recommend it. I have had it for almost half a year and it provides top-notch support and a great deal of control (more than most hosts). And the prices are extremely competitive.

  5. Petr

    Sorry one more thing … I didn’t realize you put requirements till I read it again after posting (see below for comparison):

    hostingplex featurs * your requirements
    Yes * PHP 4+
    Yes * MySQL
    Yes * Apache .htaccess or .conf access
    110 GB * 20 GB monthly bandwidth
    5 GB * 5 GB disk space
    Yes * Unix script and shell access
    $3.95/month (based on 2 year contract) or $4.95/month (based on 1 year contract) * Cheap price: $15 per month maximum.

    Anyhow best of luck with the decision … cheers.

  6. Jody

    I’m a tad sorry to say that I went with an American hosting company: DreamHost. I couldn’t find a Canadian company that was competitive with their services, prices, and reputation.

    Thanks to Darren for posting my request; it was helpful!

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