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Seventeen Year Old Wants to Eat Flickr’s Lunch

Over at the always informative TechCrunch, there’s an article about Zoomr (hmm…the site is down–too much traffic, methinks), which it describes as ‘Flickr on steroids’. It’s built by Kristopher Tate, who is all of 17 years old:

Any photo can have an audio annotation, although recording functionality is not yet built into zooomr and so you must do this from your camera or an audio program and upload it separately. Zooomr has a built in flash player to listen to the annotation. You can also associate any person with a photo (something you can’t do on flickr, where you can only tag a photo with a person’s name if you like), and there is very tight integration with Google maps to allow geographic information to be included with a photo. If a lot of photos are geo tagged in a specific place at the same time, zooomr assumes they are part of an event even if the photos are all from different users.

That sounds nifty. Check out the nice looking screenshots.

At seventeen I was cruising up and down Ambleside Drive in my rich friends’ cars, trying to win Ultima VI and stage-managing a production of Grease. Oh, and me and my nerdier friends created a grad video. Ah, my lovely, wasted youth.

5 Responses to “Seventeen Year Old Wants to Eat Flickr’s Lunch”

  1. bree

    I really disliked Zoomr when I checked it out a week or two ago. It does have some features Flickr doesn’t but the interface is clumsy. Most of the site is a direct ripoff of Flickr, but it’s much less easy to use. I don’t think Flickr needs to be too worried yet.

  2. Andy

    Maybe if zoomr can get tags to work, at least for “ambleside” and “vancouver,” Darren can update the link on this post and we’ll know what he’s talking about. Or maybe the random assortment of waterscapes and people was supposed to give me an impression, in the artistic sense, of Ambleside in Vancouver. The quick-blog-scanner-yet-geo-curious-cartesian in me was expecting to see a nice photo of a road.

    I thought Darren didn’t like tagging. Which brings up a question I often face: if you have a clever concept that is implemented so poorly it is unusable, should you still use it in the presence of less clever alternatives?

  3. Arthur

    Isn’t flickr own by now? Flickr only got sold to There isn’t much to worry about.

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