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Four Maimed at Ani DiFranco Concert

Josh sent along this amusing page from McSweeney’s featuring horrible newscaster segues:

Well, folks, that last story proves yet again how emotionally damaging incest can be. Thankfully, Mr. Food is here with an artichoke-dip recipe that proves yet again how emotionally satisfying a tasty appetizer can be.

It’s funny cause it’s true, eh?

On a related note, what did you think of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by McSweeney’s editor Dave Eggers? Having enjoyed McSweeney’s brainy humour, I had high hopes for this book when I pulled it off my parents’ bookshelf (also, I was reading it on vacation in Italy, so my options for other books were limited). However, I found it ordinary and tedious, and gave up about halfway through in favour of the in flight magazine. Given the positive reviews and ongoing sales on Amazon, most would disagree with me. What did I miss?

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  1. Eric E

    If you don’t find the relationship of big brother and little brother compelling, the whole book doesn’t work.

    What I liked about his book was the ways he would describe his relationship with his brother in passing, while recounting a story, then a similar, but slightly different relationship would show up when he describes another event. And throughout, he’s aware that the relationship is shaded by point of view, sentimentality, etc.

    That being said, I took a break from the book for 8 months before finishing it, so something about it wasn’t gripping me.

  2. Jeff

    I took a break from that book as well, during a ski trip to Lake Louise in 2001.

    Still have not picked up where I left off.

  3. Norlinda

    I gave my book away without finishing it. The writing was tedious and unenjoyable.

  4. Rebecca

    Absolutely nothing. I found it unfocused and overdramatic, and thought that Eggers was trying too hard to be clever (and not succeeding).

  5. Jeffery Simpson

    I liked it. It’s been like five years since I’ve read it so I can’t mount much of a defence for it. I was a bit disapointed that the early humour didn’t carry right through the book at the same level, but overall I liked it.

  6. rebekah

    This comment doesn’t have to do with the book, but with the “Mr. Food” reference — do you have him up here in Canada? I haven’t thought of him in YEARS. Growing up, I used to watch his bits on a TV station back in Savannah. (

  7. Darren

    I can’t say that I recall Mr. Food, though a Canadian with a better memory might. Is he related to Mr. Hat?

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