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I Want a Customer Service Blog Aggregator

Call me kooky, but I find wacky customer service stories pretty amusing. Maybe it’s because I spent years working at Tourism Victoria, the Horseshoe Bay Boathouse and Recreation Oak Bay when I was in high school and university.

I was pleased, then, that Tod pointed me to Public Radio Slave. He’s a phone answerer at a public radio station and must handle weird and wonderful calls from listeners. Here’s an example:

“Hello, I was just listening, and I heard the announcers talking about who won the medal in the figure skating.”

“Yes, that was the last story on All Things Considered.”


I’ve always said that I’d rather read a corporate blog by a burger-slinger at the drive-in window on Friday night than the McDonald’s CEO. Somebody should build a site that aggregates and rates all the blogs written by customer service workers.

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  1. Razib Ahmed

    “Somebody should build a site that aggregates and rates all the blogs written by customer service workers.”
    Yes, I agree with you and hopefully there will be a comprehensive Customer Service Blog Aggregator by any major blog networks.

  2. BMW Sydney

    Hi Darren,

    In principle, I agree with your comment of stories from CEO’s v. Burger flippers, but in Australia at least the current (Guy Russo) and former (Charlie Bell) CEO of McDonald’s both started off as burger flippers!

  3. Virgilio Paralisan

    The most dramatic customer service stories are coming usually from the most mundane things simply because people have demonstrated that the greatest experience in customer service comes from simply doing the most decent and most compassionate acts to help someone get over a “pain”.

  4. deanna

    customer service and marketing skills seminar at sears attorney law building in irvine with mike and steven and the sears promotion series searsatty

  5. Ben Cousins Bio

    I’m currently reading ‘Predictably Irrational’ by Dan Ariely and he draws an excellent distinction between a customer’s social relationship with businesses and their strictly commercial relationships with businesses, and how dangerous it is for businesses to blur the two, especially when aiming to provide good customer service.

  6. gabi

    the promotion for customer care and feedback from the focus group with gloria lee irvine will be at the uci conference center 2nd floor 8 am

  7. Jon

    I actually have a site,, that is a place for people to submit customer service experiences, both positive and negative. It doesn’t aggregate from other blogs, but it is starting to grow with customer service stories. The site is new, but perhaps you can share some of your own. There are plenty of funny customer service stories, and it would be great to have a huge collection in one place.

  8. John

    Hi Darren,

    I’m collating some stories on customer service and customer service experience and wondered if you ever found an aggregator?



  9. Hino Trucks

    Here in Australia, Choice magazine does a good job of aggregating customer service experiences in a variety of industries.

    JDPower seem a reliable source for Automotive customer service.

    Any other recommendations of existing services?

  10. Car People

    In the Australian automotive industry, I’ve been surveyed by the FCAI (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries) several times regarding customer service in the auto industry but I’ve never found any results provided by them.

  11. Book Editing

    You make a good point. I think I’d prefer to read a corporate blog by a burger-slinger at the drive-in window, too.

    If he/she is aware of his/her surroundings, it would provide some fascinating stories about human behaviour and customer service.

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