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Is ‘The Legend of Simon Conjurer’ a Real Movie?

In the comments of another entry, Neal pointed me toward the website and the incredibly hokey trailer for a movie starring Jon Voight called The Legend of Simon Conjurer. He observed that ‘the trailer and the website seem kind of odd, like it might all be a hoax or a spoof’. I tend to agree. Consider the following:

  • The metadata In the source code of the trailer page is for the movie Munich.
  • The website, trailer and poster all seem to be send ups of B-movie plots and devices.
  • The site doesn’t provide a release date.
  • This article from the New York Daily News describes Jon Voight personally calling the journalist, very unusual behaviour for movie promotion.
  • Currently, there’s surprisingly little buzz about the film online. Google only offers about 500 results and Technorati has 26 (with a bunch of duplicates). That, of course, may change.

It all smells like a hoax to me. Here’s one of the few legitimate articles I could find about the film. If anybody has theories or more information, let’s hear it.

19 Responses to “Is ‘The Legend of Simon Conjurer’ a Real Movie?”

  1. Marc

    This doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but there is an extensive IMDb entry on the movie. They could be mistaken, of course.

    I note that John Voight doesn’t figure prominently in the cast listing.

  2. Richard

    Notice that the “written and directed by” credit at the end of the trailer is left as a question mark.

  3. Neal

    I think this is a real movie after all. If you go to the Crystal Sky website ( you’ll see that they specialize in over-the-top B movies (aka indies). These films are being churned out all the time, we just usually don’t hear about them.

    And I admit I am intrigued by Simon Conjurer. Sounds better than Snakes on a Plane.

  4. spotty

    get a load of this. Some code is cryptically disguised in the dr. crazx books on the legend of simon conjurer wedsite. crazy stuff. This girl on the web told me that if you put the code together properly it leaves out all the trash from your life and crazy good things start to happen to you. She said all this good karma started happening.
    I really don’t believe it. But who knows. Like the mystic kaballa or something. “all you need is moral life” she said that is part of the code to be found hidden in the letters of the books.

  5. Ms. Rika

    I acutally saw this movie about three weeks ago. It was one one screen in a theatre in NYC. I actually caught it by accident, having heard nothing about it. It is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen spliced together. Perhaps thats the reason for the lack of media buzz: embarrassment. Apparently Jon Voight was supposed to show for a meet and greet after, but bailed out. He is in VERY heavy makeup for this film.

  6. Alan

    I, too, have read very few things about it. On one site, someone reviewed the movie saying that it was a very bad movie but they liked it because it was so bad. But why hasn’t it been released on DVD? One other thing to do: go on the website and look at “The Buzz” section. In a new window, go to google and search for the magazines/news sites/critics that are listed. NONE OF THEM EXIST.

  7. stephanie

    why would someone create a fake movie and go about promoting it?

    i agree, it seems odd, but i don’t see the harm in it either…

  8. Rudy

    Hi there it is a real movie. Ho do I know this? Well I was one of the extras. Parts were shot in Kelowna BC Canada, the Okanagan

  9. DJ JOO

    Its a real movie. I know this becuase I am a family member of the director/writter.

  10. Richard E.

    This movie is obviously a hoax, but just a VERY elaborate one. First of all, the actor in this film looks less like John Voight, and more like Martin Short when he plays Jiminy Glick. Who ever put this piece of crap together just did a very good job. Websites like Wikipedia and IMBD do have information on the film, but they can also be given poor information. As for people saying they’ve seen the movie (or were even IN the movie) they are just feeding the hoax. Don’t believe anything about this movie until you see it for yourself, folks.

  11. jim c

    the movie’s real and gloriously terrible. it opened up on one screen in NYC on june 2nd, 2006. i scored an extra poster from the movie theater and have a newspaper ad from a local weekly paper hanging up in my office. i hope this piece of trash gets released on DVD. i’ll be first on line. it’s probably one of the best worst movies i’ve ever seen!!

  12. Chris

    I worked on it in Kelowna.

    It was shot in many places around the world actually. The story about the production seems about as weird and unbelievable as everything else about it, yet I saw it with my own eyes.

    I haven’t even seen it. After working on it I didn’t see it going anywhere.

    John Voight was in more than makeup, he had to get to set early to put on the face and body, and long days for him. He enjoyed the area, and the people, dunno about the film.

    Yah it may be hard to believe eh, but it really is real!

    aenematron Reply:

    I went to the same NYC show some of these people did. Seeing the trailer was what started it. It looked so bizarre. And it was playing in the theater next door to my apartment building. The wife and I walked out after about 15-20 minutes. A day or so later I saw Jon Voight on 2nd Ave and 12th St. (right near the theater) shilling for the movie to passersby. I kid you not. I wish I had approached him but I was too embarrassed having already gone to and walked out of the movie he was promoting.

  13. Rudy S

    I worked on this movie in Kelowna BC and met and chatted with Jon Voight wearing his prosthetics for the movie. I was on the special effects crew. Peace!

  14. Jaymz

    I worked on it in Kelowna BC I assure you it is real… lots of movies get made that the public may never see. I believe it got hung up in distribution, but VERY REAL! NOT A HOAX!

  15. sCREWed

    I worked on it when it was in filmed and subsequently shut down in Los Angeles. Horrible experience. SAG protested with the crew…it was crazy. Remnants of this strike are probably still online but the film had a different name then and Im blocking the name out now. I have to say though, despite the degrading experience that it was and the bullying by certain production crew later, most of the actors were very lovely to work with.

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