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Qumana, Lycos and the Lycos 50

Qumana, an occasional Capulet client, announced a deal with Lycos, wherein Lycos will distribute Qumana’s desktop blog editor to their users. Here’s a link to the official release, and Qumana’s thoughts on the deal.

When I first heard about this, I was like, ‘wow…Lycos. Could you get any older school than that?’ But the fact is that Lycos has an insane number of users, so the Qumana folks are rightfully stoked about bringing them into a Web 2.0 world.

One thing I’ve always liked about Lycos is the Lycos 50. It’s a human-filtered weekly summary of top searches. They’ve been running the thing since 1999, long before the Google Zeitgeist was even a glint in Sergey’s eye.

Looking over this week’s Lycos 50, these are the names and terms I don’t recognize: Zac Efron, Naruto, Rocio Durcal and Inuyasha. Am I out of touch?

For the record, they are a teenage heartthrob, a popular Japanese anime/manga series, a Spanish singer and actress who recently pass away and another manga and anime series.