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Rejected Titles for ‘Snakes on a Plane’

The Web has been a-buzzing about this plainly named new film starring Samuel L. Jackson. I’ve been kicking around titles the studio might have rejected:

  • Sharks on a Boat
  • Bears on a Train
  • The Black Guy Lives Through Act One
  • Business Class, Business Asp
  • A Viper in the Exit Row
  • Snake Bombers of Saudi Arabia
  • Untitled Screenplay Combining Phobias

Well, those are all pretty lame. I also had Air-de-Lance but that was too awful and obscure to even include in my list. Surely somebody has something better?

7 Responses to “Rejected Titles for ‘Snakes on a Plane’”

  1. Neal

    It’s a lot like the movie “Vampires on a Plane”.

  2. Travis

    I can’t take credit for all of these… but these are some possible sequels.

    Spiders on a Bus.
    Chimps on a Ferris wheel.
    Sharks on a Hovercraft
    Lions on a roller coaster.
    Fleas on a Bicycle.
    Tse-Tse Flies on a Roller Skate
    “Your Mom in A Bus Station”
    Coyotes in a Subaru
    mo0nkleys all over your bitch ass
    Bedbugs on a BoogieBoard.
    Lampreys on a Jet Ski
    Prions in a Cell Wall!
    Leeches on an UltraLight
    Sharp Objects In A Drawer
    Scorpions in a Rollerskate
    Dingos on a Pogo Stick
    Koalas On A Submarine
    Murderous Clowns Under A Bed.
    Leopards on a Segway.
    Old People at McDonalds

  3. Darren

    I think ‘Sharp Objects In A Drawer’ is the stand-out there. Though I like the pictures that ‘Leopards on a Segway’ and ‘Koalas On A Submarine’ make in my head.

  4. Neal

    Gerbils on a Jungle Gym
    Smurfs on Smack
    Chainsaws on a Choo Choo
    Dandruff on my Dresser
    Caterwauling Cats on a Careening Catamaran
    Bushes in the White House

  5. Declan

    ‘A Reptile Dysfunction’
    ‘Planes, Snakes and Terroristmobiles’
    ‘Mortal Coils’
    ‘Serpentine Draft’
    ‘Once Bitten, Twice No Fly’
    ‘Captain Cobra’
    ‘8 Snakes in a Travel Bag’
    ‘V for Viper (On a Plane)’
    ‘Flight SN4K3’
    ‘Air Snake’
    ‘Going Down in Hiss-tory’
    ‘Hissy Fit’
    ‘Passenger Python’
    ‘Sidewinder in the Sky’
    ‘Aisle, Window or Snakepit?’

    Really the possibilites are endless. Although I sympathize with the studio, its hard to combine snakes and planes in a catchy way.

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