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That Bisexual Vegetarian With Questionable Hair Choices

Thanks to Robotwisdom, I was browsing through the fruitful ‘heh’ tag on Boy, that sentence wouldn’t have made any sense three years ago. I found this amusing rant on Craigslist to a cheating grad student husband:

Things I Don’t Have to Do Anymore since You Have Found a Deeply Intellectual Schmluck [ed.] Buddy:
1. Pay your rent.
2. Get you through graduate school.
3. Hear the word “deconstruction” while I’m trying to eat a goddamn hamburger.
4. Fry bacon for you.
5. Pretend to enjoy CNN.
6. Pretend to care about all things academic.

Things I will Be Able to Do:
1. Buy shoes.
2. Eat chicken, which you find disgusting.
3. Shop at a store other than Target.
4. Unapologetically watch America’s Next Top Model.

Jeremy Zawodny is responsible for lots of the ‘heh’ tagged links.

I also found this hilarious list of five suggested Flickr tags. Number one is “Rows Of Seated White Men Typing At Conferences”.

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  1. Jessica

    No big deal and I found it but just so you know, the link for Jeremy Zawodny doesn’t work.

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