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The Entire Text of David Mamet’s Oleanna

David Mamet’s Oleanna is a fascinating, controversial play about sexual politics. It was also turned into a film starring William H. Macy and Debra Eisenstadt, which I haven’t seen.

Last night, while searching for a particular quote from the play, I happened upon some copyright infringement by somebody at Burlington County College (see the happy graduates). They’ve scanned or typed the entire text of the play, and posted it on their site. Handy, if you’re doing a production. Not so handy if you’re the playwright. Regardless, I imagine Mr. Mamet makes most of his money from film these days, so he can afford the lost revenue from book sales.

This was the quote I was looking for, by the way:

JOHN: Well, all right. (Pause) Let’s see. (He reads.) I find that I am sexist. That I am elitist. I’m not sure I know what that means, other than it’s a derogatory word, meaning…That I That I insist on wasting time, in nonprescribed, in self-aggrandizing and theatrical diversions from the prescribed text that these have taken both sexist and pornographic forms here we find listed…

It was that bit about the word ‘elitist’ that I was looking for.

6 Responses to “The Entire Text of David Mamet’s Oleanna”

  1. -j.

    I haven’t seen the film either, but I loved the play. I briefly went into a huge Mametian OCD episode where I read everything I could get my hands on.

  2. jackie

    okay, I’m ignorant, but why does Mamet use the name, “James Lingk” in GGGR?
    Someone he knows, an acronynm, . . . ?
    any leads? email me.

  3. Carla

    Hey there,
    I need to ask a HUGE favour, i am doing the play OLEANNA in my theatre scene study class, i’ve looked every where & no-one seams to have a copy of the book, i was wondering if you could PLEASE email me the text!!!!!???!!!!
    I tried getting on your page but couldn’t for the entire text!If you could i’d APPRECIATE it soOoOooo much, my email is:

  4. Cornel

    i have the same problem as Carla, i cannot find the book in my country
    Can u send me an electronic copy of this book?
    Thank you very much!

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