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Titanic Two: The Surface

Somebody cleverly mashed up a bunch of movies (at least ten or twelve) to produce a trailer for the sequel to the mega-hit Titanic. You may have seen it, as it’s already been viewed 143, 998 times (though, that’s a pretty small number for a mainstream Internet meme), but it’s very sharp:

One thing about this reinvent-trailers trend is that it highlights the role of the editor. I don’t think the average film goer understands just how important the editing process is to their understanding of moving images. The editor (under the supervisory eye of the director) literally makes the film. For a wonderful meditation on what an editor does, read The Conversations : Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film by Michael Ondaatje. [more]

I don’t want to spoil anything, so highlight the following text (sorry, RSS readers) to view it. That didn’t work at all. To reduce spoilage,I put this bit after the jump. Here’s a fun game: what are all the movies featured in this trailer? Here’s what I’ve got: Titanic (obviously),The Abyss, Con Air, Catch Me If You Can, Romeo and Juliet, Basketball Diaries, Hulk, Austin Powers and Enemy of the State.

What have I missed? One shot I can’t place is where you see someone’s legs disappearing into the wall of a jail cell. I first though The Shawshank Redemption, but I believe that’s a bigger hole, higher on the wall.

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  1. Shayday

    I just watched the trailer on youtube. I myself am an incredible movie lover and I had to watch it a first few dozen times to realize it was fake. I mean the part with the defreezing was my first clue. But I give him props for choosing movies most people wouldnt catch notice to. I would have enjoyed watching this movie, another addition to my collection. As disappointing as it is IT IS FAKE. The people that respond on this site asking where can they find it and other nonsense, realize it is fake.

  2. tina brown

    omg you ppl have GOT to be kidding me, those of you who say they would wanna see the movie nd that theyre disppointed that its fake..
    that movie would be shit!! titanic is THE best movie ever made in all goddamn history nd this sequel doesnt do it justice! come on ppl think ahhhhaha..
    yea okay jack comes back (miraculously lol… frozen?? youre kidding me lol) but he doesnt get to be with rose so it would suck. there.
    go titanic 1 tho ahhha

  3. tina brown

    oh an another thing..
    titanic should NEVER EVER have a sequel, the first one was so good that the sequel would ruin it
    omg i pray that NO ONE ever tries to make a sequel!!!

  4. titanic is #1

    OMG this should ttly be a movie except for the part where jack goes with that blonde grl.i mean come on it is rose or nothing.I like the part where jack is watching the musical he looks sooo friends and i have desided that the minute they make a second titanic we r going to see it

  5. panadmon

    i was fool..

    i thought it’s true..

    i wish this will be true, i really like the movie TITANIC..

  6. Why do you want to Know?

    OMFG I really wish you would make this into a movie! I dont care if you edited it or whatever but it has a nice plot , but I don’t get why he’s thrown into jail…Is it lyke a phsyco asylum or somethin? You could make millions , 5/5 stars!

  7. becky and eden


    some of the scences are so obviously new they havent been in other films!

  8. Courtney

    I was looking foreward to seeing that!!

    I cried so hard when Jack died(I personally thought Rose should’ve died, seeing as she didn’t deserve him), and I went and got my hopes up watching that thing on Now I’m crushed.
    Oh, someone is SO going to recieve hatemail.

  9. Courtney

    A lot of people have been asking why Jack would be in jail.
    I think the answer to that is that he would go crazy in modern-day society, since he’s from the 20’s.
    They were trying to protect him and everyone else, but in the wrong way.

  10. Joseph

    Dat trailer looked so real…..but come on, there cant be a sequel, look, jack comes back, but Rose is dead, and wats the point of it being called Titanic 2, if the damn titanic is even in the movie????!!!!!answer dat, my goodness they thought they could make a sequel lol

  11. sucks

    who was the idiot who tried to make fun of a tragety so widly respected. You think this is a matter that can be played with in this manner? all i have to say is respact the lives of those lost at sea to never have a chance for survival and who died a tragic and an eternal memorable death.

  12. Nony

    well ,i was disappointed that it was fake ,but who ever made this nice job man ,it’s awsome i loved it so much ,nice work man :D :P :).

  13. jay patrick


  14. Big Red

    so is there a titanic 2? or just trailers?

  15. Paul

    “Escape From Alcatraz” is the scene of the feet going through the wall. They are Clint Eastwood’s feet…

  16. Stefan

    Will anyone make the movie, please?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    The trailer is great and i believe the movie would be too….


  17. Director

    My Dad’s friend has seen this trailer and is a director and he’s already shooting the first scene!

  18. Nao i

    very good. if there was a real one, people would so go and see it. a lot of money will dish out on this film. book leonardo to make one!
    definately catch me if u can
    romeo and juliet um…


  19. asyeyui

    that looks like a disturbing movie its sad how he never get to meet her if it were real it would be better if he could have seen her just once…

  20. asyeyui

    thats the GAYEST thing i ever saw! the first movie was like all real why would they ruin it by making one that is total bullshit come on if someone is frozen for like 80 years they rnt going to majically be alive this trailer alone almost ruined the first movie for me! i think that in the first movie they should have both lived and been happy for years to come but i guesse they didnt want a happy ending in this movie :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  21. Margie

    What im confused.. so theres is going to be a movie??

  22. Eriin`betch

    fuck. im really fucking mad right now. i thought this was a fucking movie. im really fucking upset. im like crying. FUCK. damm damm damm. fuck. im really pissed. yeah. make this is a fucking movie . GOD!!!!!!!!

    `Eriin*bEtcHH` <–myspace it betches.

  23. Titanic 2

    Jack is Back:

    The other film is Bourne Supreme.
    I heard that they are DEFINATELY making it film!!!

  24. dana

    I love you kate winslet i really thought it was real omg make thedang movie

  25. maddie

    Well if the movie is seriously getting made than YAY!!!!! I really wanted it to be a movie so i’m so glad their making it one!!!! =D

  26. kylie

    i wana c this movie y dont you let it play?

    i love the titanic
    i really wana watch the movie? :(

  27. Rebecca

    they really need to make that film, has anyone shown this trailer to any movie producers or studios?

  28. casey

    i would love it to be a real movie, but how would they pull it off since dicaprio is older…im mad its not a real movie. but it was a good trailer so two thumbs WAY WAY up!

  29. maddie

    Director of this trailor talk to us and tellus if there will be a movie!!!

  30. umm

    uhh ok like on the gravestone its says rode was born 1899 and the titanic was in 1912 so tht means they think she was 13 on the titanic movie…..


  31. i want to see this movie


  32. John

    Derek “Bob Blankenheim” Johnson should make Titanic: Two the Surface I mean he lives in LA why can’t he just like ask Leo and check in with Speilberg if I even spelled his name right. He dosen’t even have to put it in theaters he can just get dvds made and sell them on Titanic: Two The Surfaces offical webiste

  33. robert

    i am a big titanic fan. i love that movie and i think it would be the coolest thing in the world if this is true and who ever made this did a really good gob.

  34. Steve

    What a great idea for a Titanic 2 , jack comes back and then he could fall in love with rose’s grandaughter and get married, rose could never come back as shes too old an surley passed on by now but Titanic 2 would make a great movie, Please make it.

  35. John

    Titanic 2 should be made! I think the guy should make the film at a low-budget i mean Terminator was a extremely low-budget film and now they have Terminator 2, Terminator 3, Terminator The Sarah Connor Cronicles, Terminator Comic Books, bobble heads, props, and all that and it all started with a low-budget film. So low budget is just as good! It could be like the Scorpion King 2 they just sell it on dvd and bluray disc NOT the theaters.

  36. John

    Hey my topic today

    Low Budget film
    Titanic 2: The Surface

    I saw the Scorpion King 2: Rise of A Warrior Today and it was a really good movie I liked it more than the original!
    Now this film was made as a prequel to The Scorpion King but they did not think it would make a lot of money so they sent it directly to DVD. Now on to Titanic 2: The Surface If the did make it I suggest directly to DVD because most people want it to be made but a lot do not want another Titanic movie but if it is made Robert Blankenheim creater of Titanic 2: The Surface Trailer he could write the screen play. If you go to IMDB if they decide to make another film it should say

    Titanic 2: The Surface (2011) (V)

  37. Savannah

    Aww man i wish it was true :*( i was getting ready to call my friends and tell them about it HA

  38. John

    No I’m afraid it’s not real but if they decide to make it real it would be cool.

  39. jack

    titanic is a story of true lovers i’m not like real jack but i feel like jack about my love i think i’ll die for her.

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