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We Live in a Concrete Jungle

Subsequent to the flood a couple of weeks back, the good people at ServiceMaster came by on Friday and pulled up our floor. Now we’re living on the bare concrete until we get a new (free, happily) floor. It’s a bit austere:

There’s a larger version and a different view up on Flickr.

Bonus photo: an egregious spelling mistake (I know, I shouldn’t throw stones) on the front page of the business section of the Sun.

2 Responses to “We Live in a Concrete Jungle”

  1. Patty - UBC

    gee, the concrete looks pink. Is it really that color?

    Wow! You’re apartment looks cuuuuutte…Whose the one with the talent in your family?

    I’m doing mine now and I’m obsessed with decorating! he he

  2. Darren

    Nah, the concrete is pretty gray. It’s just the light being filtered through our blinds, I think.

    Er, I think we share the decorating role equally.

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