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What’s Your Favourite Game of All Time?

Last month, Wired published a little pie chart showing the results of a reader survey asking that very question. The favourites were:

Tetris – 23%
Other – 18%
Scrabble – 16%
Pac Man – 12%
Super Mario Bros. – 12%

Poker – 11%
Doom – 8%

Yowza, those are old school. For me, I think it’d have to be the venerable (but not quite Pac Man-venerable) Ultima 3. It’s probably my favourite because I spent more time playing it than any other game. Or maybe it’s because it was during my adolescence, and I was just discovering what games could offer. Runner-ups include Ultima 4 and The Bard’s Tale.

What’s your favourite game of all time?

15 Responses to “What’s Your Favourite Game of All Time?”

  1. Jeff


    Have not played HL2, so no idea if I would find it better or not.

  2. Eric E

    Halo for Xbox, Final Fantasy III, Civilization II, Pole Position (arcade), Galaga (arcade), Mario Kart 64, Donkey Kong Country (SNS). Ah, the memories…

  3. Jarrett

    Civ II and III, AoKings, Jetfighter, US Navy Fighters, Seawolf, Red Baron, Lords of the Realm…

    Not quite so old-school, but pretty close…

  4. Julie

    As a kid, capture the flag. As an adult, it’s got to be one of these: scrabble, hearts, donkey kong country, or the lost city of atlantis (computer game, I think that’s what it was called). Oh and I really liked Riven and Silent Hill. I freaking hate Tetris.

  5. Krishen

    Dark Castle (and the sequel, Beyond Dark Castle) on my Mac Plus! Ha. Heck.. let’s go further back: Transylvania (I, II, and III), Alpine Adventure and Cross Country Canada on the Apple //e :)

  6. Patty

    Julie (other commenter) reminded me of “capture the flag” which was a wide game, and we played variations of that theme on camping school trips. Some were quite elaborate with spies and secret messages as part of the scenario.

    For board games I loved the game “mastermind”, I totally ruled at it.

  7. Matt

    In terms of pure nostalgic reverence, my favourite is probably Robot Odyssey I for the Apple II. I spent years of my life working my way through it.

  8. Jack

    Probably Taipan or Castle Wolfenstein/Beyond Castle Wolfenstein on the Apple ][+. Thank goodness for OSXII for Mac OS X.

  9. Maktaaq

    I’m glad someone said Rogue, that was one of my favourites. Aside from addictions to the usual Microsoft Office suspects, mine included the tile-matching Mahjongg, Tetris and Donkey Kong.

  10. Sean Hagen

    The Prince of Persia series for the PS2. Definitly the best three games I’ve ever played. Although the second one wasn’t all that good. The dialog of the Prince in the first game is simply awesome, though.

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