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Kris, Robert and the Booth Babes

I don’t exactly know why Kris and Robert are at E3, the biggest gaming convention of the year, but they’re bastards for it. They’ve both taken some cool photos. Included among these are 15 in which Kris can be seen in the company of sundry booth babes. I thought this one in particular was highly Freudian.

6 Responses to “Kris, Robert and the Booth Babes”

  1. MC

    Ah yes. I have asked myself “why?” as well. The truth lies within. Booth Babes will get young, free and fabulous *innocent* dudes to do just about anything. Even go to E3.

  2. Sean Hagen

    I really wish I was at E3. Not just for the booth babes. Also because I’d like to see all the new and fancy games that get shown.

    And for the booth babes.

  3. Richard

    Kris actually forwarded me the link but I didn’t click on it until just now reading your weblog, Darren, while at a session about women in blogging.

  4. Robert Scales

    LA was a double play: First we were there to podcast and provide some coverage on behalf of NMBC and DMAA. The second reason was to meet with one of Raincity’s client China Access 2008 in preperation for our upcoming trip to Asia next week.

    I was also meeting with some of our clients such as and setting foundation for an office in LA later in 2007.

    But yeah you are right, we are bastards! ;)

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