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I’m WordPress Enabled, and Comments are Fast

As sharp-eyed readers may have noticed, I’ve switched the site over to WordPress. There are some subtle differences, but all-in-all it’s the same site for the casual visitor. We’ve still got a few tweaks to make and bugs to fix, but the site is largely back to normal. If you spot anything untoward, let me know.

And heck, try a comment, they’re actually at normal speed again. Hurrah.

Here are a few bugs I’m aware of:

  • Remove the site search from the individual archive pages, or at least fix the background colour.
  • The anchor link for ‘leave a response’ in the boilerplate text at the bottom of each entry doesn’t work for some reason.
  • The pages no longer come flush to the bottom of the browser.
  • UPDATE: As this post highlights, the icons in bulleted lists are jacked.
  • And maybe I’ll finally get around to writing those other static pages like CV and portfolio.

For posterity and those considering a similar conversion, a few notes on the process:

  • For whatever reason, my installation of WordPress could only handle imported files up to about 750 KB. My main MT exported file was over 10 MB, so that meant a tedious process of splitting the file into many pieces for importing into WP.
  • I use class=”left” in my little thumbnail images for positioning and style. WP stripped this out of every single image, which pretty much sucks. I’ll correct them as I find them.
  • WordPress respects line breaks inside blockquote tags. Not actually br line breaks, just breaks in the line. So, that screwed up an as-yet-undetermined sub-section of all the blockquotes. Yes, that also sucks.

Thanks to Christine and Tzaddi at Bluelime Media for their excellent template work, and thanks to various people (Richard, Gill, Aaron and so forth) who helped with various stupid questions along the way.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

UPDATE: Incidentally, I closed yesterday’s quick and dirty survey. If anybody cares to see the results, here they are.

13 Responses to “I’m WordPress Enabled, and Comments are Fast”

  1. Alex Harford

    There is a PHP server setting for maximum size of uploaded files:

    ; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files.
    upload_max_filesize = 50M

    ; Maximum size of POST data that PHP will accept.
    post_max_size = 50M

  2. Jordan

    out of curiosity Darren, what instigated the changes from moveable type to wordpress?

  3. Matt

    You know, I *never* noticed lag with your old comments.

    Still looks great, though. :)

  4. Tony Chung

    Regarding your img class=”left” issue, might I suggest you use the same style definitsion for “img.left” but instead call it “.entry img”? That way your thumbnail problem is fixed across the board. Only when you post extra pictures would you have to use manual formatting, for which I see the template already provides styles.

  5. Jeff

    I noticed HUGE lag with the old comments on this site, so glad to hear of the change.

    Keep up the good work!

    PS: Darren, your photo was visible in the weekend edition of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix. It was pasted to a wall (among other photos) behind the Bryght creator.

  6. bobby

    Well done Darren. Onwards and upwards!

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