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Top 30 Travel Books

Travis points to World Hum’s countdown of the top 30 travel books (meaning literature, as opposed to guides):

This month marks World Hum’s five-year anniversary. Whew. Even we can’t believe we’ve made it this far. To celebrate, we asked some of our favorite writers and contributors to help us come up with the top literary travel books of all time—the kind of books that transcend travelogues, that inspire distant wanderings, that change lives.

They’re down to #9. Though I quite like travel literature, I’ve only read two of the 22 books they’ve listed so far. Maybe I should make it a project to read the whole list?

2 Responses to “Top 30 Travel Books”

  1. Budget Travel

    I am not sure if this constitutes as a travelling book or not actually but I highly recommend Marching Powder. Sorry forgotten the author. Nice Blog!

  2. Lisa

    Darren – Which ones have you read?

    I haven’t read any of the ones listed. I did just finish an interesting one on China, though. It’s called “The River at the Centre of the World.” The author (Simon Winchester) travels up the Yangtze from Shanghai to Tibet in 1995 — two years before the dam went in.

    Winchester is a rather pompous Brit — the book starts with several paragraphs on the wonder of his checking his email, on AOL, yech. But he illustrates interesting things about China, in particularly its relationship with foreigners.

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