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Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0

Joe (one of our clients) has written a little comparative analysis of Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0:

  • Web 1.0 was about reading, Web 2.0 is about writing
  • Web 1.0 was about companies, Web 2.0 is about communities
  • Web 1.0 was about client-server, Web 2.0 is about peer to peer
  • Web 1.0 was about HTML, Web 2.0 is about XML
  • Web 1.0 was about home pages, Web 2.0 is about blogs

He has about 15 such points. Here are a couple more, off the top of my head:

  • Web 1.0 was about lectures, Web 2.0 is about conversation
  • Web 1.0 was about advertising, Web 2.0 is about word of mouth
  • Web 1.0 was about services sold over the web, Web 2.0 is about web services

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101 Responses to “Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0”

  1. Neal

    Here are some more. Some are more true than others:

    Web 1.0 was top-down. Web 2.0 is bottom-up.

    Web 1.0 was edited and produced. Web 2.0 is raw.

    Web 1.0 was banner ads. Web 2.0 is Adsense.

    Web 1.0 was text. Web 2.0 is video.

    Web 1.0 was professional. Web 2.0 is amature.

  2. Neal

    Web 1.0 was dial up. Web 2.0 is broadband.

    Web 1.0 was IE. Web 2.0 is FireFox.

    Web 1.0 was information. Web 2.0 is opinion.

    Wait a minute, enough fun and games. Let’s get real and take off the rosy-colored glasses.

    Web 1.0 was information. Web 2.0 is propaganda.

    Web 1.0 was Microsoft. Web 2.0 is Google. Web 3.0 is ATT and NSA, working to protect us.

    Web 1.0 was American. Web 2.0 is international. Web 3.0 is Chinese.

    Web 1.0 was a tool. Web 2.0 is a lifestyle. Web 3.0 is an addiction.

    Web 1.0 was a tool for the few. Web 2.0 is entertainment for the many. Web 3.0 is an opiate for the many.

    Web 1.0 was the newspaper. Web 2.0 is the TV. Web 3.0 is the Matrix.

    winston Reply:

    “Web 1.0 was American. Web 2.0 is international. Web 3.0 is Chinese.”

    web 1.0 was british, actually

    Avikash Reply:

    “Web 1.0 was American. Web 2.0 is international. Web 3.0 is Chinese.”

    web 3.0 indian lol

  3. Darren James Harkness

    Web 1.0 was content. Web 2.0 is promotional material.

    Web 2.0 is Web 1.0 with shiny new packaging.

    Web 1.0 inspired some interesting writing and ideas. Web 2.0 inspires some pretty interesting diatribes and criticism.

    meow Reply:

    U SUCK

  4. JohnB


    Web 1.0 was about a professional who cared about details like spelling; Web 2.0 is about an amature [sic] who can’t spell.

  5. JohnB


    Some days are diamonds; some days are stones.

    I was originally going to suggest: Web 1.0 was didactic; Web 2.0 is diarrhea.

    I softened it to Web 1.0 was discovery; Web 2.0 is drivel. But that was too flacid.

    I settled on Web 1.0 was fact; Web 2.0 is facile. But that really didn’t make my point. Neal’s comment, which would never have made Web 1.0, was sufficiently facile that it stood as a stirling example of what wasn’t before but is now.

    And, yes: my comments are all Web 2.0 (but at least I recognize that).

  6. DJR

    Web 1.0 was never called Web 1.0 until someone decided to slap a nice buzzy wrapper around a bunch of existing technologies in an effort to give the illusion that the dot com bust was a result of technology failure and not business failure, leading the next wave of technologists to run around patting themselves on the back convincing one another that “Web 2.0” is their creation and that it’s revolutionary.

  7. Neal

    JohnB, thank you for pointing out my error. Your own post is an inspiration, a “stirling” [sic] example of generous and gracious discourse.

  8. Bobby

    Web 1.0 was about “buying the democrat”.

    Web 2.0 is about “owning the democrat”

  9. JohnB


    Well at least one person (you) got it.

  10. prabhu

    web1.0 is charles and diana
    web2.0 is abishek and aishwarya

  11. saket

    web 1.0 was arun.
    web 2.0 is saket.

  12. ole

    web 1.0 was aloneless
    web 2.0 is common
    web 3.0 will be aloneless+common

    just think how…

  13. Paul

    These all info are beeing very usefull for everyOne.

    and my line is

    Web 1.0 was ‘OLD’
    WEB 2.0 is ‘NEW’

  14. Puki

    web 1.0 is when monkeys using tools
    web 2.0 is when monkeys shows u the finger.

  15. Tim

    Web 1.0 was me pondering a response, Web 2.0 is me actually writing one.

  16. Stormchords

    Web 1.0 was a bubble
    Web 2.0 is a Bubbl(TM) (beta)

    Hahaha this is so true!

    What I would like to add is:

    Web 2.0 is social networking
    Web 1.0 was social exploration

    Why I’m saying this?
    I have the impression that earlier, when there were no real networks but places like forums and communities, everyone was open to meet new people and also learn more from each other, build real relationships across the world.
    Whereas now, it’s just a lot of closed networks like Facebook or MySpace where I can have 2000 friends but I actually know well only 50 of them…
    And rarely do we start getting to know each other like in the old days, in a “pen pals”-like manner.

    What do you think?

  17. What Is Web 2.0? :

    […] with the website, and you merely sat there and read. One quote I read that sums this up is from Darren Barefoot, and he said, “Web 1.0 was about lectures, Web 2.0 is about conversation”. You really […]

  18. web1.0was

    web 1.0 was dominated by poor browsers (internet exploder cough cough!) web 2.0 is like getting kicked in the groin a thousand times by rubbish sites like myspace and bebo which are incredibly poor and deserve to be set on fire by a random guy who is like wtf and im like wtf and you are all like wtf then theres a balloon pop which scares an old lady who falls into a can of whoop ass then plays gta 4 and invents a social networking website called my (waste of) space

  19. Conna

    i honor the debates happening here :)

  20. brad

    web 1.0 was exploration; web 2.0 is exclamation
    web 1.0 was a new neighborhood; web 2.0 is the know it all neighbor keeping up with the joneses.
    web 1.0 was substance; web 2.0 is fashion. Substance will always remain valued, but fashion is so ugly it must be changed every half hour.

  21. jimmyChronic

    web 2.0 is about what we are doing right now, right here! with 1.0 my opinion did not matter, no1s’ did. U say its can that be if every1 can challenge and speak out?

  22. Usman Khan

    1- Web 1.0 is a static web.
    Web 2.0 is a social web.
    2. Web 1.0 is page based
    Web 2.0 is record based.
    3. Web 1.0 is edited by owner of the website.
    Web 2.0 can be edited by any person.

  23. Daniel

    Web 1.0 was Monkeys, Web 2.0 was Man, Web 3.0 Strong AI.

    The web is and evolving source, forever changing and growing.

  24. Daniel

    “Web 2.0 is a marketing term, and I think you’ve just invented Web 3.0.”
    Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

  25. D

    How long do we have to wait before this web 2.0 bubbl pops?

  26. Anonymous

    “web 1.0 was exploration; web 2.0 is reclamation” is what i think you meant to say.

  27. Bilal

    web 1.0 is salma hayek.
    web 2.0 is rihana.
    so it’s a simple web 2.0 is a new strategy where u can creat your own links and images…..

  28. Jess

    Web 1.0 was under construction
    Web 2.0 is beta

    Web 1.0 was “oh my god, that’s so cool!”
    Web 2.0 is “OMG DAT IZ SO KEWL!!11!”

  29. Sakster

    Web 1.0 was “Window Shopping”
    Web 2.0 is “Breaking and entering”

    Web 1.0 was “No Freedom”
    Web 2.0 is “No privacy”

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