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Boring Site Note: Am I Missing Comments?

Today I received an email:

I left comments on three separate posts of yours yesterday, and none of them have appeared. Initially I thought they were being moderated or something (though there was no notice), and when I tried re-submitting one WordPress got back to me and said “looks like you submitted that already.”

But they’re still absent. Maybe Akismet or your other comment spam filters are extra-aggressive? Maybe there’s a “post it in your own damn blog” filter?

Has anybody else had this experience on this site? I’m going to do some troubleshooting to see what’s what.

6 Responses to “Boring Site Note: Am I Missing Comments?”

  1. -j.

    Isn’t this a bit reminiscent of asking “everyone who can’t hear me, raise your hands?”

  2. alanah

    Darren, I think everyone using Akismet lately is seeing legit comments go into the spam folder for some reason, on and off. You can import them back, no problem.

    Strange hiccup in the system of what is otherwise an excellent filter. (It’s removed 2,400 pieces of spam for me in just the past 4 months.)

    On the bright side, it seems to have stopped doing it today, so maybe the problem is over. I’m guessing the source of the issue is WP, but I can’t imagine why.

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