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Fable: The Lost Chapters is an Incredibly Buggy Game

I’ve been playing games since Zork 3, and I’ve done contract work for a couple of game developers. As such, I understand that the pressure on development teams and rapidly evolving markets can result in an abnormally buggy product.

When I bring games home from the store, the first thing I do–before installing them–is visit the game’s website and download the patch (or, more often, patches) I need to get the post-release bug fixes.

I picked up Fable: The Lost Chapters on the cheap at Future Shop. It had a fair bit of buzz when released, and the critics liked it. As I started playing it, it seemed like a decent enough slice-and-dice RPG in the style of Dungeon Siege.

Then came the plague of locusts.

The game freezes and crashes back to my desktop with shocking regularity. I’d say it happens half of the sessions I’ve played so far. This would be more tolerable if the clever developers at Lionhead Studios let me save whenever I want. Instead, I may lose a half or three-quarters of an hour of progress when the machine crashes. Note to Lionhead and Microsoft Games Studios: games are meant to be fun, and this isn’t.

I’m confident in describing the game as buggy because my machine is about four weeks old with a standard Windows installation and easily exceeds the system requirements. In fact, Fable is the first game I’ve installed. Also, I can find plenty of corroborating reports online.

I’m afraid Fable is destined for the shelf, or the local Freecycle group.

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  1. Kayzie

    I managed to get through the game once. Then i decided to make a new character but after i finished training the blasted character EVERY TIME I go to a new map (Lookout to Greatwood for instance)it crashes to the desktop! So I downloaded to SafeDisk thing (its not quite a patch but its the same idea) microsoft made for its games, reinstalled the game and lowered the resolution a smidgen. That seemed to do it for about an hour but as soon as the autosave came at the end of the escort through darkwood quest it blew AGAIN!

    Long story short, try:
    – Download the SafeDisk Patch from Microsoft
    – Reinstall Fable TLC
    – and reduce the resolution (in video options)
    – PRAY!

    If that doesn’t help i don’t know what to tell you.

  2. J. Russell

    I don’t know what he’s whining about. The game is not buggy, it’s probably just the copy(ies) he bought. The same thing happened to me with Iron Storm. I bought 10 different copies, all from the same store, and they were all glitchy. I’m sure it was just from the batch they were shipped with. On another note, just because his pc was apparently a “latest model”, doesn’t mean that all the parts are compatible with the game. Again, I have a top of the line model, and I tried playing Resident Evil 4, but the game does not support DirectX 10, which is what I have. Just because it doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean you should just go out and brand it as “defective”.

  3. J. Russell

    Oh yeah, on a further note to my previous post, I have Fable:TLC, and have installed it on five machines, including a laptop with a 700MhZ Single-core Processor, 256 Ram, 40 Gig hard drive, and a simple integrated Intel Graphics chipset and it works perfectly with no glitches, graphical flaws, or lag. No problems with my new desktop either, and that has 8 gigs of Ram, 700 GB hard drive, Soundblaster X-fi Fatality Professional Gamer’s Edition sound card, Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 896MB graphics card, and AMD Quad Core Processor running 2.2 GhZ each. Again, no problems. If at first you don’t succeed, man, trade for another copy.

  4. Mia

    I think I’ve found the source of the problem and the solution!
    The problem seams to be with K-Lite codec pack (and probably with other packs to, suck as FF-show)
    I had to uninstall K-lite and reinstall Fable-TLC, I’msorry to say that my profile.bin was corrupt so I had to start over.

    Read this:

  5. D.Kim

    This game worked perfectly for me,
    P4 HT 3.0HGHZ
    GeForce 7300GT 512MB/PCIE
    DDR2 (667) 2GB 1024×2
    300GB SATA Drive

    No problems what so ever.

  6. Draylynn

    This game is incredibly buggy, Graphics wise.

    For the most part I’ve noticed areas where I crash (Witchwood and beyond) have been due to graphics, coming up with ntdll.dll errors, when infact there is nothing wrong with my ntdll.dll and it is up to date.

    My advice for anyone playing the game on high end graphics/sound cards, is around those areas, lower all graphics detail (In game or via Rivatuner for Nvidia users) and turn the sound in game off.

    This is a beautiful game, unfortunately the compatability for good systems, well, absolutely sucks, which is astounding considering nearly every other game out there is compatible with the base specs and is built with upgrades in mind.

    But hey, what can we expect from the man who proclaimed his latest OS was a piece of shit after it’s release. Good Job Microsoft. *spit*

  7. Frankie

    I have it. Played it for 13hours all together. has not crashed once and havent seen any bugs at all. so dont kno whats wrong with your versions.

  8. Blob

    Me neither, but I also have two other things to say:

    Fable 2 for comp! (soon, plz!)

    and .isos rule

  9. stephan


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  10. His Highness

    No one picked up on the surprising rate of AMD-based systems? Go download yourself a copy of AMD Power Monitor and change the power settings. Most are set to an Energy Star setting by default – you save power and AMD adjusts as you demand more. Also, fix broken codecs and get rid of ffdshow’s control of the audio. This is easily done in the configurator – newer versions take care of this for you. I have NEVER had a crash on Fable. (Oblivion is quite a different story, but I’m working through it with NVidia’s particle correction mod). If all else fails at this point with Fable, defrag, clean your registry, and go buy another game for $5.

  11. Chris

    Seems I have the opposite experience to you guys. I got Fable TLC for my xbox 360 (xbox1 game backwards compatible), and it crashes a lot, and when it crashes the entire xbox360 hangs requiring a power cycle. In addition its evident the xbox has nowhere near enough hardware oomph as a gaming pc, I got a 2nd hand copy of the pc game 2 days ago and have been playing it since. Its not crashed once, the game is smooth, no jerkyness even in oakvale and I got it on max details and max resolution, gfx card is a 8800GT. Loading times are far superior also, the loading screen isnt even on for one second between areas whilst on the xbox360 it takes 5-10 seconds between areas. The only complaint I got with the PC version is there is no native gamepad support, considering logitech and other vendors make gamepads for the PC I am somewhat baffled, but thankfully I have managed to get it running on a gamepad and its almost the same controls as on the xbox now.

    Z Reply:

    I agree with you Chris, a PC has much more processing power and is far more superior than an xbox360.
    However i am encountering the same as everyone in this chat. The game loads up fine but once i go to play it, it usually freezes and the colours distort and go black, yellow, green etc. then i am forced to exit it …sometimes i can escape by using ctrl+alt+delete, but usually i have to reboot my PC manually which is a pain. When my computer is reloaded i try to play the game again and it comes up with safe mode or normal mode. I pick safe mode but it doesn’t change a thing -.-
    I’m getting really pissed off because all i want to do is play a game that i payed good money for. I meet the recommended requirements by far, i have a 2ghz processor,2gDDR3ram and a NVIDIA 9500GT 1gram graphics card.
    I wish Microsoft would get their rear in gear and get us a patch that can fix these bugs once and for all.
    Fingers crossed people.

  12. Z

    I believe our computing hardware is to advance for Fable-TLC as it is a fairly old game -.-

    His Highness Reply:

    I continued research into these issues as I have had no trouble and discovered many programming errors exist within the load sequence. One way to fix this is to use a no-cd crack which bypasses the issues. You can go to and pick yourself up one that works just fine. I like

  13. ElEspectro

    I just purchased Fable: TLC and am having some problems. After spending hours delving into the gameplay, letting the autosave do its thing, I did a manual save, and quit to the main menu. Today, I booted up the game and loaded my manual save. It loaded, hiccupped, and then showed the autosave screen. Next thing I know, the game loads up the scene of the character vomiting…still as a child, something I had gotten wayyyyyyy past before. Same thing happened when I loaded the autosave, even though (I assume) it saved throughout the training process and at least when I graduated from Hero school. I looked at what the saves say: their time is right, and both give my location as “Lookout Point.” Does anyone have any ideas?

    Z Reply:

    I believe world saves only save exp status and not quest status. I to have had the same experience.

  14. Z

    But since your auto save didn’t work then there’s something wrong. I suggest reinstalling the game again. If it persists then do tell :D

  15. ghmiilwaa

    Just to let you all know, the problem is not with your computers, or which graphics card you use, or your sound card.

    I have a phase change cooled dual quad core (8 x 2.66) workstation with 64 gb FB-DDR2-667 memory; 4 x 500gb sas drives in raid 5; a Quadro 5800 (4gb); a MOTU HD192 for sound i/o; and a tesla C1060(4gb) computing processor.

    Sustained performance of 1.1 TF
    Sustained read/write of 1.56 gb/s

    Still can’t play this game past the loading screen.

  16. Luke

    I’m hoping someone can figure out the problem, although mine may be slightly different.

    Loading a saved game, it freezes at about 1/3 the way in. I can bring it out of the freeze with ctrl-alt-del, (just pushing them makes the game start running again), and it loads. Problem is that after that it is stuck at the lowest graphics setting.
    The menus all disappear off the bottom right corner of the screen, so I can’t fix them.
    Going to the main menu then reloading causes the same freeze again, but I can load a saved game file from the pause menu.

    I’m running Vista 64bit home premium
    with 4 gigs of DDR2 and nvidia geforce9800m gs card with 512 dedicated video memory, so the specs of my computer shouldn’t be the problem.

    I’ve also tried running it in compatibility mode, no luck.

    His Highness Reply:

    Go visit and download the no-cd crack for Fable. The load sequence is the problem. The protection on the disc is faulty.

  17. Kira

    Ha! my game works about the same. It wont let me face one or two directions in one place or another or it freezes and then continues playing without video. Right now i’v been on this game for a month trying to kill TwoBlade

  18. Ed Muise

    Hi:I just bought fable the lost chapters from EB games,and it started crashing this morning,cannot find a patch,which i thought there would be.So im reinstalling the game.And if that dont work,well back it goes to the store.Very upset.

    His Highness Reply:

    People, the game is freezing due to the loading sequence on the disc – it calls out for disc protection and then fails. If you download and run the no-cd crack, the game will work just fine – this includes saved games that are now freezing. Your system components are not the problem (unless they don’t meet the minimum requirements). I had every problem mentioned in this thread and I used the crack and no more problems. It was that simple. I am NOT a member / rep / whatever for, but if you want to play the game and are having issues, this WILL solve your problems.

  19. griff

    wow, I’ve played this game about 8 times thru, with only a minor hiccup (once I complete the game, every profile or character in the game is greeted as though they did the dead…) maybe for once, my ancient system is actually a good thing….. (my system is about 10 yo, running 2.3Ghz Athlon with only 1Gb ram on XP)

  20. silent

    I just bought the game a week ago and right away it started freezing and then crash during game play. Very frustrating as it’s obvious that from the beginning of this thread which started in 2006 up until now 2009,that there is not going to be any patch that will help any of us out anytime soon. Does anyone know where to download this no-cd crack?


    Fable played flawlessly on win 2000 for me but when I upgraded to win XP Pro I have had nothing but problems with it.

  22. Trogador

    Heh, 3 1/2 years and still the comments keep coming :)

    Somone With A Brain Reply:

    Yeah, but the guy’s such an idiot, and so are many of these other guys. If a new game crashes, it’s probably not the game xD

  23. Myrddin

    now is it not agenst the law to sale a product that 99% of people who buy it dont have the old pc to run it, its a scam, you buy there game, and it is not able to run on any modern computer, i dont know of any program you buy off the shelf and is so out dated it wont work on new computers, and when there is such software it has a patch on the cd to make it work or on there web site. if thay dont want to maintain it then dont sale it, i bought a copy about a week ago at gamestop and the box says my system is perfict for the game and it still dose not work same proploms as evrey one else, agin is there some law out there about this, just the fact the system requarments on the box match my system and it dose not work, no patch or anything its a scam and i dont plan on ever buying another prodect with lionhead on it, its like if microsoft were to sale ms-dos 5.0 and put compatible with an intel P4 computer or any other modern computer. somthing should be done ether force them to make a patch or take the product of the shelf.

  24. fullfordim

    ok, i dnt care obout how everyone is complaining about how it crashes…. i know it crashes -_-
    what i’d like to know is WHAT PATCH IS THERE AVAILABLE to get it to stop crashing!?!?
    i had this game before and lost it. this one is completly new and it crashes like *****!!! Help Please!

  25. Somone With A Brain

    Okay, there is obviously something wrong with your computer. The game can be a bit requiring, but if all the critics loved it they were obviously able to play it; and hopefuly with good graphics.
    I can’t tell you what is wrong, though perhaps it’s simply because you’ve not downloaded some patches for a graphic card or something else; how should I know, with your lacking description of the problem?

    Really, try it on another computer or two, and then reconsider what it is you’re saying.

    Also, the age of a computer doesn’t mean it should be good, and patches for drivers can come at any time really, so let’s be honest; you’re being a b*tch.


  26. Simon

    I agree with louis i never had problem with it crashing unless it was on one of my older and much crappier computers, just because its a new this year computer, doesnt mean shit unless it has the specs to back it up

    Griffin Reply:

    Its all about your graphics card, period. I had played this originally on PC when it came out and had no problem. I was using a pretty weak desktop that had a good upgraded graphics card. When I tried it again with a top of the line 2007 Toshiba laptop, it didnt work worth crap. Know why? Toshibas play off the chipset as do most laptops. In the race to make laptops weigh nothing, graphics are given up. In fact, I challenge you to find a decent laptop with good video drivers.

    Now I got my new HP desktop with a NVidia GTX 260 and all is fine again.

    Kristian Reply:

    I got a laptop with a decent graphics card, a sony viao pcs. got it off of best buy. it only has intel media accelarator hd for a graphics card. it can run l4d2 on high with pretty decent frame rates and so too does fable, also runs cod4 on med-low quality.

  27. Schalk

    Never had the game crash on me, ever. 2.4GHz P4 with 1GB RAM and a Nvidia 5600 running WinXP. I bet other games frequently crash too on your pc’sas well. Check your anitvirus and such too. Only problem i have is in one town the blacksmith doesn’t spawn. Other than that, it’s a great game and the fighting involves skill, not just clicking on something until it’s dead. Just take the time to get used to the controls. Beautiful scenery too.

  28. IchigoMait

    never had a crash on my old pc what was a OS XP SP3, CPU AMD Sempron @~1.75GHz, GPU 7600GT 512MB(had to turn down shadows, though could play Crysis on almost high) and 1.75GB RAM. And now I’m gonna play it again third times the charge on my OS XP SP3, CPU Q9300 @2.5GHz, GPU GTS 250 1GB and 4GB RAM.

  29. eVGA GeForce GTX 260 Video Card Problems | HardwareInReview

    […] Graphics Card VGA EVGA 512-P3-N841-A3 8800GTS 512. Hardrive that is 1 Terabyte HD 1T|WD 16M SATA2 WD10EACS %. [Reply]. Ballard man. March 27th, 2008 7:07 pm. I was screwwing aroung on my computer and i found out that fable was never ….. No problems with my new desktop either, and that has 8 gigs of Ram, 700 GB hard drive, Soundblaster X-fi Fatality Professional Gamer’s Edition sound card, Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 896MB graphics card, and AMD Quad Core Processor running …Read more… […]

  30. math

    sorry to say that but there no bug for me so there 4 possibilities

    1: you lie to get your money back because you dont like the game

    2: you got virus

    3: your computer is not enough powerful

    4: the patch you downloaded wasnt released by microsoft

  31. math

    oh i forgot youre game can also be used because on a cheap laptop (450$) its work perfect for me

  32. math

    i forgothen again i think its better without patch
    (for me its good)

  33. Kyle

    ive had the game now since 2008, and its never crashed. i have a low-spec computer setup (1.7ghz pentium 4, 700+mb ram, nvidia 5500 vga, built in soundcard) and the game has never crashed, looks awesome, but the video card/processor does not seem to handle the best shadow effects. other than that its pretty smooth, no sound/graphic errors, no crashing. i scimmed the previous posts, and no one said vista or whatever but ive allways had xp pro. no probs here. maybe its your operating system.

  34. Nick_ZA

    I’ve noticed that a lot of people here have AMD systems. Although I’ve never had any issues with Fable… I have had issues in other games and the AMD Dual Core Optimizer update and Dual Core Driver has helped fix any issues I’ve had in other games. Think it only makes big difference on XP.

    My system:
    AMD 4800 + X2
    ASUS GeForce 7600GT
    Abit AN8 Ultra Motherboard + On board sound
    3GB DDR400

    I’ve run the game on XP SP2 and currently I’m playing it on Win7. The first thing I did was set the compatibility for the game to XP SP3 and set it to run as Administrator. Have been playing fine on Win7 for 2 days now.

    Hopefully some of this might be helpful to some. If the Dual Core Optimizer and Dual core driver worked, please post here to let people know.

  35. Dat


  36. Smoke

    Get a no-cd, and update your computers, you need to download a lot of updates.

    I know what I’m talking about. I’ve worked with computers forever, and I’m a programmer.

    It’s like this, Windows is a spiderweb of utility functions, for instance, you have functions for writing files, functions for creating messageboxes, etc,. (There are hundreds of libraries. DLL\LIB\Etc)

    If a game calls one lib function, it may call another library, and so on, and so on.. If all your libs don’t match up(ie, not the correct version), you will have CTD’s, etc,..

    Basically, say, you have v1.0 of a library, and the game calls for v2.0, well, the function the game called probably doesn’t exist. Calling non-existent functions = bad. (And Windows is nothing but thousands of libs interacting.)

    Get it? You have to update everything, drivers, C++ runtimes, .Net Framework, run MS update, get everything matching.

    This won’t solve everything, there are hardware specific issues, things like multi-core issues, etc, but this will greatly reduce your problems. (Also, clean your PC’s, both physically(vacuum inside it carefully PC OFF), and with tools like, CCleaner, Spybot Search & Destroy, Antivirus software, etc,.)

  37. Smoke

    Was worried about post limits. :)

    Another thing to note, buy good hardware.


    1. Memory (Very important to stability\performance.)

    2. Power Supply Unit (This is a major cause of issues for people, store bought PC’s usually come with JUNK PSU’s.)

    3. Motherboards can also play a big role in overall system stability. Get a good one..

    For PSU’s, Antec has been a good brand, make sure you get a high enough wattage PSU for your system.

    OCZ makes some good memory, I’m running 2gb of some of there mid-grade stuff. (Their HQ stuff is for high-end gaming, overclocking, etc, but still, if you have the money, go for it, not much more expensive.)

    Motherboards, ASUS is pretty good, or their cheaper counterpart Asrock, I haven’t really tried any other brands, I’ve been on the same Asrock board for about 5-7 years, I forget, very solid board.

    Follow all that advice, and you should be good, and have very few issues.

    I would avoid Vista, and I had trouble with Win7, but I hear good things about it, I recommend XP\XP64, but it’s up to you. (Only get XP64 if you are tech savvy, it has issues, mainly a lack of support, so you have to know your way around a PC to make some stuff work.)

    Good luck. :)

  38. Meeow

    I play Fable TLC on this computer (!)

    Pentium III 666 MHz
    256 mb RDRAM
    Geforce 5500 FX 256 MB
    Windows XP of course.

    I had one crash. ONLY ONE. I’m at the end of the game now.
    One of the best games I ever played.
    Was not buggy for me…
    You can’t miss this game… ONE OF THE BEST.

  39. Kryanwan8

    Okay, this is fucking ridiculous. I’m running Fable on a fucking little dinky shit laptop, and you’re telling me that Fable is going to start crashing on me? It has once, and I didn’t find a patch. If this doesn’t get fixed, I’m going to demand Microsoft to give my money back for making an unplayable game!

  40. loll

    i played this game 2yrs ago and i got Windovs 7!i can’t play this gameeee

  41. Zolee

    Yeah I have crashes all the time… Always at the same places, no matter how many times i reinstall it…
    If I do, it just starts to crash at another place… quite odd :)
    Tried to defrag HD & registry, remove skinz frm XP, original user32.dll etc. nothing worx… I`ll just try 2 set the pagefile a bit higher (but I don`t think that would work)
    Comp. Spec. SP3
    1G RAM
    Pentium D Dual Core 2x3GHz
    ATI X800GT 256MB
    still no patches found (12/2010), none expected :((

  42. vakantiehuis

    Leuke site!. Er zijn nog weinig goede sites over dit onderwerp te vinden.
    Ben blij met jullie toevoeging!
    Ik kan helaas geen bookmark aanmaken naar in Firefox. :( Weten jullie hoe dit komt?

    Groetjes Barbara

    Eoghan Mag Reply:

    This game has to be the biggest rip off ever. Bought this game about 3 1/2 years ago and I’ve gone through 4 different computers and I couldn’t get the game to even load once. The second disc will not load. For the person here who said use gamecopyworld well that is all well and good for you but I could not understand a single thing on that site! I LIVE IN HOPE SOMEDAY SOMEWAY i MIGHT GET TO PLAY THIS GAME!

  43. playingfable

    ummm I don’t know what you guys are talking about… I’m playing fable without any problems. Just yesterday I’ve played through 9 hours without one single crash, freeze or anything…

    I really didn’t have any problems with fable 0.o

    config: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+
    2GB DDR2
    nVidia 6100 nforce 405 (integrated gpu!!!)

    Really, not a single problem – not one. :)

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