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Peculiar Censorship on

Via the Canucks newsgroup, I discovered this strange bit of censorship that occurs in the forums. Watch the screencast for the whole story:

I’d link to the Sportsnet post, but it’s already been deleted. There’s nothing in their terms of use or forum guidelines about not discussing the competition.

Sorry about all the screencasts–I’ll grow bored of the new toy soon.

UPDATE: I got a reply to my email. They didn’t really answer my questions, but here’s what they had to say:

It is not an official policy but as these forums are on Sportsnet, we want the subject matter to be either related to sportsnet or sports in general. For forum users who want to discuss TSN, that network has their own forums in which to do so.

5 Responses to “Peculiar Censorship on”

  1. Richard

    “Sorry about all the screencasts–I’ll grow bored of the new toy soon.”

    Are you kidding? You’re a natural. More please!

  2. -j.

    Or if you want to discuss a black rod for some reason?

  3. James

    The most delicious part of the whole crapshoot is that TSN and Sportsnet are both owned by the same company. So they’re not competitors except in the facia fiefdom way that media competition exists in most of Canada.

  4. Josh

    Not sure what James is talking about but TSN is owned by Bell Globemedia and Sportsnet is owned by Rogers. But I guess that is what is fun about the internet, people can write whatever they want and others will take it as truth, even when it is wrong or inaccurate.

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